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Best Places to Shop Big and Short Mens Clothing – Fashion Brands

If you’re like me, being vertically challenged and horizontally blessed(obviously fat), you most likely suffer from being unable to find clothing for your size. The lack of good brands and fashionable clothing is one thing I hate the most about being a big guy. Luckily, I’ve spent a few months digging deep and researching the best places and brands for fat guys to shop.

As a big guy, I know that the most important factors when shopping for my size are the fit, comfort, and the look (think trendy). And with that in mind, I skipped the basic brands that don’t have much in style and dedicated sizes and focused more on what matters. So you can rest assured that these brands are the offer the best stylish clothes for big guys

Okay, now let’s get down to business: 

Best Brands for Big and Tall Guys

If you’re wondering what brands have big and tall clothing suitable for fat guys that will allow you to look fashionable, here are my top recommendations.

ASOS Design

Most of you would’ve already known about ASOS, but for those that don’t, this site is one of the top places to go for the latest fashion trends. Best of all, they have a wide variety of clothes for fat guys that go up to 6XL. The clothes that I’ve bought from ASOS generally fit well. Moreover, you can get great choices straight from the top brands like Nike and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Polo Ralph Lauren

If you’re looking for Polo T’s, there’s no better brand to look to than Polo Ralph Lauren. They’ve been famous for making the best quality oxford and polo shirts for years. And thankfully, they also have quite a wide selection of shirts for big and tall guys


Looking for neat, high-quality athletic clothes for big guys? Champion is one of the brands that you have to check out. They feature plenty of stylish clothes for big men with sizes up to 6XLT.


Levis is a well-known denim brand that everyone should already be aware of once you’ve shopped online. They have a large selection of fashionable jeans for big guys and options that run up to 6XL. Most of their jeans are very high quality and will make for a good addition to your wardrobe. 


You can get almost anything for big and tall guys from Nautica. They have Polo Shirts, dress shirts, swim shorts for big guys, pants, sweaters, and whatever else you might be looking to buy. So the next time you are looking for large-size clothes, do check them out. 


This brand gained their popularity from their premium quality khaki clothing. Over the years, they’ve developed other fashionable clothing and quite a few plus-size options.


With how large Nike is as a brand, there’d be no way they wouldn’t be on this list for trendy plus-size men’s clothing. If you aren’t aware, Nike has a wide selection of big and tall clothing that will work well for fat guys. As such, I highly recommend checking them out as they are one of the best clothing brands for big guys. 


This brand has been around since 1947 and is a classic in any wardrobe. However, most overweight persons don’t realize that they have a large selection of stylish clothes for big guys. You can get anything from jackets, shirts, jeans, pants and a wide variety of shorts for your size. 

Where do big guys buy clothes?

If you’re wondering where to go shopping for stylish clothes for big guys online, then the websites below are the ones you should always visit. 


This website provides every type of clothing a big guy could need at a reasonable price. They are one of my go-to options whenever I’m looking for big and tall clothing. What I love most about this site is that everything you can think of will be available in your size, so from XL to 6XL. 

They also have many designer clothing from brands like Lacoste, True Religion, Polo Ralph Lauren, Levis, Michael Kors, and others. So if you’re looking for stylish clothes for big guys, you’ll certainly find a few here. 


Like DXL, Kingsize is a site dedicated to the big and tall with a little over 100 years of history. They have a wide selection of trendy clothes and comfortable options with sizes up to 9xl. And most importantly, they are a US-based company that offers high-quality pieces.

You can get shoes, underwear, shirts, jackets, suits, accessories; you name it. The site is easy to use, and they also offer impressive customer service. 


This site is a relatively younger one, but I did manage to find some stylish clothes for fat guys through it. It was started by Bruce Sturgell, who had issues finding fashionable clothes for large men like us. Through his challenges, he started providing some nice items that you’re sure to love. 

Chubstr.com also offers information and resources to read to learn more about being fashionable as a big guy. So do check them out when you can. 


Bahdrhino is another excellent place for fat guys to shop for clothes as they also specialize in big and tall clothing. You can find lots of nice branded clothes and other fashionable pieces that mostly go up to 8XL. The site was started in 2015 by Andrew Killingsworth and grew rapidly since then. 


Everyone knows Amazon, and while they don’t specialize in clothes for fat guys, they do have quite a wide range of items to find. You may have to dig deep to find some high-quality pieces, but the variety is there. And you know that they have the fastest delivery times, which is great if you need something immediately. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you know where are the best places for fat guys to shop and the best brands to look out for, you have no excuses not to step up your style. As big guys, we don’t have to look sloppy when we go out. So take a few days browsing these sites and see what you can find.