Fashion for Overweight Men

Fashion for Overweight Men – 15 Fashion Tips for Fat Guys

It’s not a common occurrence when fat guys would even consider fashion for overweight men. However, as an overweight man, I take great care in how well I dress, and so should you. 


It doesn’t matter how much you weigh, what body type you have, or even if you have a beer belly and man boobs, being well dressed is important. Your clothes can help improve your confidence and make you feel much more comfortable at work, on casual occasions, especially when you want to approach the opposite sex. 

The tricky part is that there are lots of clothes and styles you could try, but knowing which ones are fashionable is something that seems to elude big guys. This article will give you some of the most important fashion tips for fat guys that you MUST always keep in mind. These tips will ensure that you look your best when you go out.

So let’s get into them:

Best Fashion Tips for Fat Guys:


Opt for Fitted Clothes

Most big guys tend to wear clothing with the extra room since we most likely have man boobs and beer bellies. However, clothing with an excess material room makes you look sloppy and fatter than you might be. As such, you should always try to avoid wearing baggy clothes where possible and opt for more fitting clothing. 

  • This means you should buy your exact size and not a size larger. 
  • Sometimes you might even be able to get away with wearing clothes that are a little tighter as that will force you to lose a few pounds.
  • You should also try to tuck your dress shirts instead of leaving them out, as that reduces the perceived surface area. 

Choose your shirt styles carefully

When selecting your shirt styles, opt for button-up shirts with larger collars and V necks. Shirts with wide collars balance out the size of your neck and face. And V neck shirts help extend your face and neckline’s perceived shape, so your head will look slimmer.

  • Both types of shirts make a great option for any occasion.
  • The broader collars help mask how fat your face appears. 

Consider wearing Straight Pants

Straight-legged pants balance the proportions of your lower body and allow you to look slim. If possible, opt for medium-rise pants without seams, as doing so will reduce the bulky look you typically see. 

Moreover, if you are a little more daring, you can opt to wear moderately skinny jeans to show off your shoes and style. But you will have to pair skinny jeans with a jacket or a large shirt that hides your stomach.

  • Wear high waist pants where possible over any other type of pants. 

Three-Button Blazers and Suits with Wide Lapels

For suits and blazers, you want to get ones with three buttons as those to do a better job at hiding your actual stomach size. A 3 button suit also helps lengthen your torso and reduces how wide your stomach may be. 

  • With three-button blazers or suits for big guys, always button up the middle button.
  • Try to avoid blazers with thick shoulder pads.
  • Opt for thicker lapels that match your size.

Choose the right Colors and Fabrics.

Fabrics matter a lot in the fit of your clothes and how you appear. When the fabric is thick, like in the case of hoodies, sweaters, or cargo pants, you may appear larger than you are in reality. Moreover, since you’re a big guy, you will likely sweat more than a normal person, so thick fabrics will worsen this issue. 

  • So I always recommend going with lighter fabrics like cotton, polyester with a spandex mix, linen, and other natural fabrics. These help keep you cool and fit well on any large body. 
  • If you are choosing between striped clothing, always choose vertical lines instead of horizontal as vertical tricks the eyes and make you appear taller. In contrast, horizontal lines make people pay more attention to your width. Still, you’ll want to avoid patterns as much as possible as they often don’t look great for most big guys except in the cases of subtle patterns. 
  • Wear darker tones in the places that you don’t want people to pay attention to and lighter tones in the areas you want people to focus on. So if you have a beer belly and man boobs, opt for darker shirts. However, moderation is key, so it’s never a good idea to stick to only one style. You’ll want to switch it up sometimes with other slimming colors. 
  • Always go with solid colors over heavy patterns to draw less attention to your larger portions. 

Match Your Style with the Right Accessories

I recommend going larger where possible for accessories since it is always better than going with slim and small. 

  • Belts – I’ve already picked out the best belts for fat guys that follow the right criteria to make you look stylish. However, you’ll want to avoid thin belts and tightening up your pants so much that it looks bumpy. And you also want to tighten the belt at your waist instead of below your stomach. If possible, you can opt for a no-buckle belt or suspenders that will eliminate most of the issues fat guys have with belts. 
  • Watches and Ties: You want to get a watch that is large enough for your wrist, I typically recommend fat guys go with at least a 46mm watch. You want to avoid skinny ties and go with moderate sizes that have a wider bottom for men’s ties. You should also try to do a wider knot instead of a thin one.  

Wear Nicer Shoes

Try your best to avoid the typical shoes that fat guys wear, so things like wearing running sneakers with dress clothes or work clothes are big no-nos. I’ve compiled a few good dress shoes for fat guys that you can check out. However, you want to avoid large bulky shoes when you are dressing up. 

The Bottom Line

How to dress as an overweight man is highly subjective for the most part. However, the rule of thumb is the same as mentioned above in that you wear closer fitting clothes instead of baggy clothing. Clothes that look good on fat guys take time to find, so take a few months to put together your wardrobe by following the guidelines.