How to Know If you Need Big and Tall Clothing

How to Know If you Need Big and Tall Clothing – Big and Tall Sizes Explained

Knowing the right size clothing you need is always hard to figure out as a big guy shopping for shirts or pants. There are just too many size categories out there from regular, big(xl), tall, to big and tall sizes. It’s almost impossible to choose the right one with so many options if you don’t understand the sizing of them. 


How you dress is important, you always hear the saying “first impressions lasts,” so you should always dress well. Dressing well is done by choosing the right fit in clothing, and finding the right fit is done through measurements. In this article, I’ll give you all the guidelines you need to understand the meaning of big and tall. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to go out and find the best clothing for your size. 

Let’s take a look: 

What is considered Big in clothing sizes?

Big sizes are typically built to have larger neck, shoulder, and chest measurements than regular clothes. The clothes that fit big guys apply to people that are less than 6’2″ tall and have a neck measurement of 17, chest measurements of 46-48, and a waist size of 42-44. These are your XL or 1X clothes’ average measurements, whether in pants or shirts for big guys. 

You can spot these clothing sizes by looking for the “XL” on the labels, which stands for “Extra Large,” and the sizes increase in numbers after XL. So you’ll normally see XL or 1X and then 2X,3X,4X, up to 8X or 9X. 

Moreover, big size clothing goes from 1X to 8X and has a measurement of 28 for the neck size, 74-76 for the chest area, and 70-72. See a sample size chart for Big Sizes below:

What is Considered Tall in clothing sizes?

Like big sizes, tall clothing is measured by your height and considers your neck, chest, and waist measurements. Whenever you find tall clothing, you will see it has a label of LT or XLT and then 2XT up to 6XT. This clothing size is usually reserved for men that are taller than 6’3″ and have neck sizes between 16-24, chest measurements of 42-68. a waist measurement of 36-62.

You can check out the Tall Clothing Sizing Chart Below:

What are Big and Tall Sizes in clothing?

Based on the definitions of big clothing and tall clothing, you should have realized that big and tall is a combination of both. Big and tall clothing takes both your width and height measurements and combines them into a single measurement. So Big and tall Clothing will only fit you if you are over 6’3″ and need to wear clothes larger than 17 inches in the neck, 46 in the chest area, and 42 around the waist. 

Big and tall clothing will have a denotation on the tag or in the size boxes that start from XLT and goes up to 6XLT. 

You can see the measurements from the big and tall sizes chart below:

What is the difference between big and tall sizes?

The difference between big and tall sizes is that big sizes consider how wide you are in the chest, waist, and hips. In contrast, tall sizes are determined based on the length of your arms, torso, and legs. While big and tall clothing combines both of these measurements to provide the right sizes for your height and wide body. 

This means you might be considered big, but may not be tall, so you won’t need big and tall clothes and should go with XL to 8X clothing. At the same time, you may also be tall but not fat, so you don’t need big and tall clothing denoted by an XLT tag. Rather, you would need clothing with the tag XT, 2T,3T based on your height. 

Another difference is that some tall clothes will fit fat guys, but big clothes may not fit taller guys due to their arm or leg length. 

You can see the measurements for Big and Tall on the size chart below:

The Bottom Line – Do you need Big, Tall, or Big and Tall Clothes?

Knowing what size clothing you need is now easy to find out based on your size and height. Just follow the basic measurements shown on the size charts above and keep them in mind while you shop. Most stores and store clerks won’t have or understand some of these measurements. So it’s up to you to remember them when you go out to shop. 

If you’re having a hard to finding clothes to wear, you should check out this guide I wrote that shares all the best places to shop as a fat guy and the brands to seek. With these tips, you shouldn’t have an excuse to go out looking sloppy or wear uncomfortable clothes anymore. 

If you have any questions, drop a comment.