Best Underwear for Fat Guys

Best Underwear for Fat Guys – Most Comfortable Boxer Briefs for Fat Guys

As a big guy weighing over 340+ pounds, finding the best underwear for fat guys had always seemed like an impossible challenge. Most times, I'd end up with really tight briefs that squeeze my waist; other times, they chafe my legs, and most often, they just don't fit and make my balls hurt. Furthermore, I have really sensitive skin, which is common among overweight people. 

So if you're a big and tall person like I am, it's highly likely that I'm not the only one experiencing these dilemmas with underwear. Luckily, a few great brands consider most things and made some really attractive options. However, they don't always fit big guys and can have you searching their catalog for months. 

In this article, I've put together the best underwear for overweight men that I've found after months of trial. These options stretch more, offer sizes up to 7XL, and are extremely comfortable to wear all day. Plus, there are plenty of color options that you can find. And if you are particular about brands, I've made sure that these options won't shame you if your shirt lifts and people see the brand of underwear you rock. 

Best Underwear for Fat Guys:

  1. Fruit of the Loom Men's No Ride Up Boxer Brief
  2. OCOATTON Combed Cotton Boxer Briefs for Big and Tall Guys 
  3. QUAFORT Men Tummy Control Brief Shorts for Fat guys
  4. Hanes Men's Big Boxer Brief for Big Guys
  5. Andrew Scott Big & Tall Men's Cotton Boxer Briefs
  6. Harbor Bay by DXL Big and Tall Underwear
  7. Knitlord Luxury Bamboo Boxer Underwear for Fat Guys
  8. Fruit of the Loom Men's Breathable Underwear
  9. Calvin Klein Men's Boxer Briefs Big and Tall Cotton Classics

Fruit of the Loom Men's No Ride Up Boxer Brief

Fruit of the Loom No Ride Up briefs
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Everyone knows Fruit of the Loom as one of the top underwear brands around for decades. They've made loads of good quality briefs and undershirts, so it's expected that they'd also have the best underwear for fat guys, which I think is their No Ride Up Boxer briefs. These boxer briefs for big guys are extremely comfortable and are built to last!

With the Fruit of the Loom No Ride Up briefs, you get two options and 25 style selections. The first option is what they trademarked as a Coolzone Fly that features a breathable mesh fly that does provide some ventilation for your groin. In contrast, the second style is the traditional fly that makes it easy to go when you need to. 

These boxer briefs are built with 90% cotton and 10% polyester, so they offer a good deal of comfort. They feature a non-binding waistband that fits snuggly and won't move once you pull them up. However some big guys that wear jeans for men with large thighs might find them a little too tight in the leg area because of the No-Ride-Up legs. For me, it wasn't a big deal, and it made them perfect to wear on days when I knew I would be walking a lot. 

If you wear up to a 3XL in briefs, these are an excellent option for any fat guy to consider. They are durable, fit well, and don't cost a lot, considering that they are brand-name boxer briefs for big guys. 

OCOATTON Combed Cotton Boxer Briefs for Big and Tall Guys

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These OCOATTON briefs are the best option for the overweight guys! They offer sizes up to 7XL, which is one size higher than most other brands. So regardless of your circumstances, you should be able to find a nice fitting brief from this brand. 

With the OCOATTON Combed Cotton Boxer Briefs, you get a pack of very comfy underwear made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex. This allows them to offer a very snug fit that won't lose shape, develop a stretched-out waist nor shrink. Moreover, they also offer no ride-up legs, so you can wear these without worrying about chafing. 

They offer an open fly design and are sold in a pack of 6. So if you're a very big guy and need sizes up to 7XL, these are the most comfortable and best-fitting options you'll find anywhere. 

QUAFORT Men Tummy Control Brief Shorts for Fat guys

QUAFORT 4XL briefs
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When I first saw this underwear for fat men, I immediately scoffed at the design, thinking that no man would ever wear them. Let's face it, women are the only ones that should own shapewear, and no matter how manly the models posed, I couldn't get into them. But that all changed when my brother got married, and I needed to tuck my belly so I'd fit in a tux. 

I reluctantly bought one of these body shaper briefs for big guys, and all I can say is that I wished I had done so sooner. These are the best men's underwear for a fat belly, and they make you look like you dropped 40 lbs overnight. The best thing about them is that they go very high, so they compress most of your belly, making them perfect briefs for fat guys with a large stomach. 

The crotch section of this underwear also fits very comfortably and has an open crotch design. It is built with 88% nylon and 12% spandex, so it feels nice and premium on your skin. And the quality is good enough that you won't have to worry about these fat guy underwears losing form after a few wears. 

Moreover, the sizes run up to 4XL, and you can get it in either white, black, or navy. 

For anyone with chafing issues, a large beer belly, an upcoming function, or who wishes to look as neat as possible, you'll find no better underwear than the QUAFORT. 

Hanes Men's Big Boxer Brief for Big Guys

Hanes big boxer briefs for fat guys
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These Hanes big boxer briefs for fat guys are another classic that fits comfortably. They are made using 100% cotton, so they feel very soft on your skin. And you can get quite a few color options to suit your style. 

These underwear are available in sizes from XXL to 6XL so that most big guys can find the best comfort for their size. I found these briefs perfect for men with big thighs. However, they don't last as long as I would like since it's made with pure cotton. After a few months of wearing and washing them, they'll conform to your body shape and can start feeling loose. But how long do you wear your underwear before throwing them out?

So I still think they are a good option for bigger guys. And if you need larger sizes, you can go with these Hanes Big & Tall X-Temp ( that run up to 9XL that fit better than the regular Hanes boxer briefs for overweight men. 

Andrew Scott Big & Tall Men's Cotton Boxer Briefs

Andrew Scott's Big boxer briefs
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The Andrew Scott's Big and Tall boxer briefs are another excellent option to consider if you want a high-quality cotton brief. These boxer briefs for overweight men are built with 100% cotton. Moreover, they fit comfortably, and you can get them in sizes up to 8XL. 

The thing I love the most about these boxers is that they are very affordable. Most times, it's hard to find sizes above 3X that are affordable without skimping on quality, and these are one of the few. 

Harbor Bay by DXL Big and Tall Underwear

Harbor Bay XL to 6XL briefs
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These Harbor Bay briefs are the best option for fat guys that I found. They are sold in sizes from XL to 6XL, and you can get them in 4 colors. And you can get them in a pack of 3 of each color. 

The feature on these briefs for fat men that stood out the most to me and made me recommend them is the large leg opening. This design allowed these briefs to fit very comfortably, and I was impressed with how they feel. They are made with 100% cotton so that they won't chafe you, nor will it ride up like cheaper options.

Harbor Bay also paired these briefs with a wider waistband so they will fit snugly, even for guys with a large stomach. And I loved that even after months of washing and wearing these, they haven't stretched out and didn't shrink either. 

Knitlord Luxury Bamboo Boxer Underwear

Knitlord Bamboo boxer
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If you want a premium feeling underwear that will last a very long time and still feel like they are brand new, these are the ones to get. They are built with 95% bamboo fiber and 5% spandex. These materials ensure that they feel super soft to the touch and fit perfectly for any size and body shape. 

The Knitlord Bamboo boxer underwear for big guys come in a pack of 5 nice colors. And they run in sizes up to 3XL, which is perfect for people with a waist size between 44" - 46". 

In terms of comfort, you'll have a very hard time finding anything that feels better than these. And if you normally chafe or have issues with underwear pinching and binding, you won't have those issues with this one. 

Fruit of the Loom Men's Breathable Underwear

Fruit of the Loom underwear
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The Fruit of the Loom underwear features a cool, breathable design thanks to their Tri-Cool Technology. This design allows these to be one of the best underwear for obese guys that sweat a lot in the groin area. Moreover, they are offered in sizes up to 5XL, and you can select from a wide array of colors. 

They are built with 91% cotton, 5% polyester, and 4 % spandex, so they fit snuggly. And they won't lose shape even after wearing and washing them for months. 

The best thing about this underwear is that they have a wide leg design, and thanks to the spandex, it prevents them from riding up. It also has an open crotch design and 1.5-inch waistband that won't squeeze your waist but will be tight enough that they stay in place. You won't go wrong with anything from Fruit of Loom, and you will love the quality of these boxer briefs. 

Calvin Klein Men's Big and Tall Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein Boxer briefs
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The last among the best underwear for fat guys fall to the Calvin Klein Boxer briefs. These are in no way less worthy of your consideration than the others. However, after wearing and washing them a few times, they had minor shrinkage. So I had no choice but to leave these for last. 

Calvin Klein's had always been my go-to brand in underwear, and these are very good options for general comfort and everyday wearing. They are made with 100% cotton and have a nice elastic waistband. You can get these from XL to 5XL in a two-pack. The only downside is that they aren't very cheap, considering that you only get 2 in a pack. 

But if you like the Calvin Klien brand, these would be the most suitable option for overweight men who need large underwear. 

Things to Consider when Buying Your Underwear

For big guys, there are a few issues that we've got to consider when buying underwear that will fit us. Here are the top points to note:

Size & Material

Since we're overweight, we naturally can't wear the typical briefs for men. So when selecting underwear, it's crucial to get ones that use good materials that can handle our large size. Most typical underwear use material that will shrink after a few wear, so it's important to stick to high-quality materials. Look for the highest % of cotton, spandex, and bamboo. If you see polyester options, I'd highly advise avoiding those as they won't last long. 

You should also go with products that offer multiple-size options instead of a single size. That way, you can always find the right size for your body if you end up liking the brand and style of brief. 


I recommend getting underwear with a high waistband that will allow you to tuck your pouch. Other types of underwear that sit below your waist will make you look sloppy. So if it's possible, stick with high waistband boxer briefs. 


Fat legs rub, and this is something you cant avoid UNLESS you get the best underwear for fat guys from this list. With the options, I found you won't ever have to worry about chaffing as they all have some feature that prevents this issue. If you end up looking elsewhere, try to get underwear with no slide legs or ones with a large opening to fit your thighs. 

Wrapping Up

We're all of varying sizes and have different styles that we like wearing, so it's hard to conclude which is the absolute best. However, the options on this list are the best underwear for overweight men to choose from as they come in plenty of styles and sizes. 

I won't tell you which one is best for you, but I loved the feel of the Knitlord Bamboo underwear. I had always worn Fruit of the Loom underwear, so I still consider those the best, but the other options are just as good. Moreover, the Fruit of the Looms doesn't always have the sizes for all big guys. 

So I included a few good options that you can choose from to find the best underwear to fit your big and tall body.