Best Jeans for Men with Big Thighs

Best Jeans for Men with Big Thighs – Perfect for Gym Buffs and Fat Guys

There's really nothing like a nice pair of denim that can make you both comfortable and laid-back on almost any occasion. Barring a black-tie event, jeans work for most other situations. However, as a big guy, I've often had trouble finding the right fit and size. And if you're a heavy guy like me, you also must have trouble finding pairs that can fit your big legs. However, the best jeans for guys with big thighs are available at the click of a button.

There are several benefits to getting the right pair of fat-guy jeans. For one, these items are so durable that you don't have to buy any more in the near future. Second, with the right fit, you can look presentable enough for a date, family get-togethers, or just a drive around the city. And of course, there's no material that can last as long as a reliable pair of denim.

I began scouring online stores because most of the common jeans don’t really fit me well. It’s taken several months of ordering and trying out. But I’m glad to say I’ve found some of the best ones in the market. And today, I’m glad that I get to share these options with you.

Best Jeans for guys with Big Thighs:

  1. Lucky Brand Men’s 221 Original Straight-leg Jean
  2. Levi’s Men’s 559 Relaxed Straight Jeans for Big Thighs
  3. Lee Men’s Modern Series Extreme Motion
  4. Levi’s Men 513 Slim-Straight Jeans for Men with Thick Thighs
  5. Wrangler Authentics Men's Classic Relaxed Fit Jean

Lucky Brand Men’s 221 Original Straight-leg Jean - Best Handcrafted Denim

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One of the best things about Lucky Brand is that their jeans are authentic through and through. This is not to say that others aren’t. But Luck Brand takes their jeans through the whole process of ripping, sanding, and hand-washing. It’s about the best handcrafted jeans for men with big thighs you can find in the market today. And for any jeans enthusiast with big legs, I suggest their Men’s 221 Original Straight-Leg Jeans.

The 221 Original Straight-leg Jeans is made of 98% cotton, and the other 2% is elastane/spandex. The straight fit ensures that people with wide hips and bigger thighs can wear it comfortably. I personally like the straight –leg because I look more 'in-shape' in these jeans. Also, each piece from Lucky Brand is handcrafted with the highest quality craftsmanship and detail. The jean's price is slightly higher than the other denim pairs here. But you get one of the best quality denim with Lucky Brand.

Lucky Brand offers over nine colors and several sizes to choose from. I prefer the 38W x 34L, which comes in a nice Delmont Blue. The size is just right for me, and the blue goes well with most other clothing items. But the other variants are just as classy. And you should have no trouble getting a look that you prefer.

Levi’s Men’s 559 Relaxed Straight Jean - Best Jean for Comfort

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Even a passing fan of denim knows the name Levi’s. And that’s because they’ve been in the denim business for more than a century now. They’ve used this experience to create some of the most comfortable and durable denim jeans for guys with big thighs in the market. And the Men’s 559 Relaxed Straight Jean is the epitome of this comfort. Regardless of what size you are, this one’s bound to provide a snug and cozy feel on your legs and thighs.

This one also comes with 2% Elastane and the other 98% in cotton. Cleaning and washing are also pretty simple. They recommend using liquid detergents. And you'll have to turn it inside-out to wash and dry properly. The extra space in the seat and thigh means that heavier guys like me can wear it without any issues. In fact, the additional space provides more comfort for big thighs. The top part sits just below the waist, so it's comfortable around the hips too.

If comfort is your number one priority, it doesn't get better than the 559 Relaxed Straight Jean. One thing I've noticed about Levi's is that they're not big on style. But make up for it in durability and comfort. So, you should have no qualms about getting this pair, because it comes at a very affordable price too.

Lee Men’s Modern Series Extreme Motion - Best Stretchable Jeans

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The Lee Men’s Modern Series Extreme Motion is built for movement and flexibility. It’s a really versatile pair of denim because you can do almost anything in them. Other ordinary jeans can restrict your movement a lot. But this one easily lets you move your legs around. So, whether you’re out on a regular day or backpacking in the wild, this pair works everywhere.

The stand-out feature of this jean is its material composition. It has about 85% cotton. And the rest is polyester (13%) and elastane (2%). This combination makes it more flexible and stretchable than most other jeans. It comes as an athletic fit, and it easily sits below your waist.

The waistband is also more elastic than other designs. So, you can easily sit, bend, or lie down without any discomfort. The tapered opening at the bottom also allows it to go along with any outdoor shoe.

The comfort stretch that this pair of jeans provides is almost unparalleled. And if you're someone who needs flexibility in your pants, this one's a perfect choice for you. Personally, I wear it to almost any outdoor occasion that comes my way. And so far, the Lee Men's Modern Series Extreme Motion hasn't disappointed once. I’ve played mild sports and moderate physical activity with this one on. And it’s always a comfortable and versatile experience with the Lee Men’s Modern Series Extreme Motion.

Levi’s Men 513 Slim-Straight Jean - Best Slim Jean for Big Thighs

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I'm not really a big fan of skinny jeans that hug your legs like there's no tomorrow. As a big guy, those jeans look ridiculous on me, and they're not much for comfort. But the Levi's Men 513 gives you a compromise that's both comfortable and looks good. I didn't think this pair would fit me well when I first ordered it. Surprisingly though, it's one of the better-looking jeans in my wardrobe today.

First things first, Levi's Men513 isn't a skinny jean. It's still a straight cut, but with a slim seat and thigh. So, you get the comfort of a straight-leg and the sleek look of a slim cut. Also, it has 98% cotton and 2% elastane. So, it has a standard combination of strength and stretch. The waistband sits below your waist without making it uncomfortable.

As someone with big thighs, I don’t normally recommend slim fits when it comes to jeans. Also, those skinny fit designs have never been all too comfortable. But Levi's Men 513 is an exception. Moreover, it’s not an entirely slim-fit design. It’s a healthy hybrid of straight-cut and slimmer thighs. So, you’ll be able to have normal comfort but still look pretty good on the fly.

Wrangler Authentics Men's Classic Relaxed Fit Jean - Best Budget Option

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Jeans can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and quality. But if there's one thing that makes a pair worth buying, it's the price. The Wrangler Authentic Men's Classic Jean is a design that offers great quality without charging a fortune. It's one of the most affordable denim pairs in the market today. And it still delivers a lot of comfort and style. I own three of these designs already. And, each one has been as good as the last.

The Wrangler Authentic Men's Classic Jean is designed for machine washing. So, cleaning is pretty convenient. It has a relaxed fitting. This makes it a good choice for almost any body shape. For bigger guys like men, the relaxed seat and thing fit make it an ideal choice.

And it's comfortable enough for virtually any occasion. Furthermore, the reinforced stitching ensures that it stays durable and damage-free. It comes with Wrangler's classic five-pocket design. So, you get two front scoop pockets, one watch pocket, and three back patch pockets.

Most of the cheaper jeans usually compromise on the make and quality. But Wrangler gets it right with the Authentic Men’s Classic Jean. It’s affordable but not at the cost of quality. So, it’s still one of the most durable and high-quality pairs available today. If you’re not sure which pair to go for on this list, I’d suggest starting with this one.


As a lifelong lover of denim, I’ve spent quite a long time trying out new products and revisiting old designs. Although it’s taken a long time, I’m glad I’ve invested in different types of denim. For one, I get to have a versatile collection that suits every occasion. More importantly, I get to share these insights on the products and materials for you too. I hope it saves you the trouble of doing your own research and product testing.

My wide waist and big thighs have made most generic jeans unsuitable. But the ones mentioned here have all worked really well for me. So, if you’re someone on the heavier side, they should work great for you too. There’s a denim pair on this list for everyone out there. Whether you want comfort, durability, affordability, or flexibility, you’ll get an option here. So, go ahead and place that order. You can thank me later.