11 Best Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter for Obese People – 500 lb Capacity to 275 Lbs

best heavy duty mobility scooters for obese persons

If you feel overwhelmed by your steadily increasing weight and decreasing ability to move around, then you need a Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter. This equipment is the perfect solution to help you regain, maintain, and enhance your mobile independence. In this article, I'll cover the nine best mobility scooters for fat people.


I'm a big person myself, and I've been body shamed and looked at with scorn for years in public. The worst part is when your own family starts to consider your increasing weight a burden too heavy to bear. 

I know.. 

I've lived to experience it. And it hurts!

I understand the pain of not being able to go out with my kids to the mall or grocery shopping. Or even just taking a stroll in the park and experiencing nature led me to take matters in my own hands to claim back my freedom to move! This struggle led to hours of research and consultations with experts on this subject who helped identify the best heavy duty mobility scooters with high weight capacities for obese persons.

The mobility scooters for heavy people we've selected include the model I own and love and eight other heavy-duty options! Their prices range from as low as $500 to $3000 and include 500 lb capacity scooters to 300lb ones. Moreover, the large mobility scooters we've found and tested come in varying options from 4 wheel drive mobility scooters to 3 wheel ones and portable models.

With all the heavy-duty mobility scooters we've found, I'm sure you'll be able to find the perfect one for you. So stop caring about other people's thoughts on fat people on scooters and regain your mobile independence with one of the scooters below:

Best Heavy-Duty Mobility Scooters

With this shortlist of the top 9 best mobility scooters for fat people, you can take the guesswork out the equation.

  1. Pride Maxima - 4 Wheel HD Scooter
  2. Pride Mobility Raptor R3-1700 Recreational Electric Scooter
  3. Drive Medical Cobra Gt4 Heavy Duty Power Scooter
  4. Drive Medical Panther Captain Seat 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter
  5. VICTORY 10 LX with CTS Suspension S710LX
  6. Phoenix 4 HD Heavy Duty Scooter by Drive Medical
  7. BUZZAROUND EX Extreme 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Long Range Travel Scooter
  8. Pride Mobility S74 Go-Go Sport 4
  9. GLION SNAPnGO Travel Mobility Scooter

Pride Maxima - 4 Wheel HD Scooter Review - 500 lb Capacity Mobility Scooter

Redesigned! Pride Mobility Maxima Ultra HD 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter, 500 lbs. Weight Capacity, Model SC941 (Garnet Red)
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The Pride Maxima is my current favorite heavy duty mobility scooter. It has been around for many years and is one of the most recommended scooters online. I've owned one for two years, and I never regretted the day I bought it.

With the Pride Maxima scooter, you get impressive performance and sturdy construction that shows that this scooter is built to last.

It is a 500 lb capacity scooter that not only looks great but has many features that I love. 

With the Pride Maxima scooter, you get seriously impressive levels of comfort, thanks to the thickly padded seat. The maxima four-wheel mobility scooter gives you a large 18" - 22" seat plus power seat options that grant you five inches of extra height. Moreover, you do get armrests that further improves the comfort offered by this model.

Another thing I liked about the Pride Mobility Maxima 4 Wheel scooter is the turning radius and driving range. Typically, 4 wheel scooters have a smaller turning radius than 3 wheel mobility scooters. However, the Pride Maxima 4 wheel scooter has a turning radius of 54". I found it adequate to maneuver through the tight spaces of my home, so you won't have any issues either.

And with a driving range of 16 miles at a max speed of 5.25MPH, you can shop all day at your local mall without worries. To this day, I love my Pride Maxima Mobility scooter and recommend it to you too if you weigh over 400lbs!

Drive Medical Cobra Gt4 Heavy Duty Power Scooter - 450 lb Weight Capacity

The Drive Medical Cobra GT4 is the second runner up in heavy-duty mobility scooters online. It is a 450-pound weight capacity mobility scooter that comes equipped with plenty of features. Moreover, it's designed will have people thinking you're riding on a mini-Cadillac.

Drive Medical Cobra Gt4 Heavy Duty Power Scooter, 22 Inch
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The 22-inch model Drive Medial Cobra gt4 offers a stylish appearance that features alloy wheels, led lighting on both the front and back. This heavy-duty power scooter is an excellent option for overweight persons due to the wide adjustability of the tiller and seats. The tiller of this mobility scooter offers infinite adjustment that will allow you to find the right position based on your seat setup. Plus, the seat provides adequate recline levels and movable armrests that will make it easy for you to get on and off it. On top of that, this heavy-duty four-wheel mobility scooter has a fantastic turning radius of 82"!

Drive Medical Panther Captain Seat 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter - 425 lb Capacity

Another great 4 wheel heavy duty scooter is the Drive Medical Panther. This model has a more standard look and a little fewer features than the previous model. But it is a thousand dollars cheaper and has some features we loved more than the Drive Medical Cobra GT4.

With the Drive Medical Panther Mobility Scooter, you get infinite tiller adjustment and a 20-22 inch wide fold-down captain's seat with a reclinable backrest. The seat on the Drive medical panther also includes an adjustable headrest and armrests and can swivel around to allow you to get on the scooter easily.

Drive Medical SFSCOUT4 Spitfire Scout 4 Mobility Scooter, Red/Blue
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My recommendation for the Drive Medical Panther scooter comes from seeing how they perform personally. They are incredibly durable multi-terrain mobility scooters. And thanks to the 14 x 4-inch wheels, and rear anti-tip wheels, you can even go off track with it. I've seen it ridden comfortably on grass, gravel, and even dirt tracks thanks to the robust suspension system.

Couple the suspension with a top speed of 8 MPH, climbing angle of 7.5 degrees, and a turning radius of 53 inches you get a scooter that is hard to beat! And it even has side view mirrors and a small basket at the front.

Pride Mobility Raptor R3-1700 Recreational Electric Scooter - 400 Lb Weight Capacity

The next high weight capacity mobility scooter I recommend is the Pride Mobility Raptor. I love this scooter for its impressive features reasons, and I'm sure you will too. With the Pride Raptor Scooter R3-1700, you get a traveling range of up to 31 miles at a maximum speed of 14 MPH.

That's almost double the model I have!

However, there is a tradeoff in the weight capacity of this scooter. The Pride Raptor R3-1700 heavy duty mobility scooter is rated to withstand a maximum of 400 lbs. So we only recommend it to users below that weight limit. But it is an excellent scooter for fat persons nonetheless.

RAPTOR Pride Mobility Recreational Scooter w/ Electric Safety Brakes
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In terms of features, the Raptor R3-1700 Recreational Electric Mobility Scooter has a turning radius of 60". Coupling the turning range with the 3 wheel design of this scooter, you get a mobility aid that is well versatile in maneuvering through tight spaces. It measures 24.75 inches wide and 59 inches in length, so it offers excellent legroom. Plus, this heavyweight mobility scooter also has a seat to deck height of 19".

The Pride Mobility Raptor also includes full led lighting even on the turning signals and brake lights. And for comfort, it features a limited recline seat with manual adjustments to fold it flat and adjustable armrest width. Besides, it offers a secure storage compartment under the seat.

VICTORY 10 LX with CTS Suspension S710LX

The Victory 10 LX is our top choice for a 400 lb capacity mobility scooter. And while the overall design might be basic, it does offer excellent features at a fantastic price point.

The Victory 10 LX is a multi-terrain mobility scooter that can tackle many roads. It offers a 16.16-mile range and can travel a maximum speed of 5.6 MPH. Pair that travel range with the 10" wheels and a turning radius of 60" you get a robust mobility scooter for obese persons.

VICTORY 10 LX with CTS Suspension S710LX 4-wheel BLUE Color
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With this model scooter, you get a high back seat with flip back armrests. Moreover, the width of this scooter measures 22.25," so broad persons should fit comfortably. It also features the standard led headlight and rear light plus a single side-view mirror.

Phoenix 4 HD Heavy Duty Scooter by Drive Medical

Drive Medical Phoenix HD 4 Mobility Scooter, Red/Blue
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The Phoenix 4 Heavy-Duty Electric Scooter by Drive is our top recommended scooter for a 350lb person. This model features a maximum driving range of 15 miles and a max speed of 4 MPH. It also has a turning radius of 54 inches, so it will be good enough to maneuver through tight spaces.

Overall this model is a pretty basic large mobility scooter. It includes 9" wheels, padded swivel seats with flip-up armrests and a large carry basket at the front. Moreover, it comes with a simple and easy to adjust tiller.

So if you weigh 350 lbs or less, then this scooter is a great choice.

BUZZAROUND EX Extreme 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Long Range Travel Scooter Review

The BUZZAROUND Heavy Duty Long Range Travel Scooter is another remarkable scooter for big persons. It has two U1 batteries that allow it to have a range of 18 miles and a max speed of 5 MPH. Moreover, with its 330 lb weight capacity, the BUZZAROUND EX Extreme 4-Wheel Heavy Duty mobility scooter is a great buy.

BUZZAROUND EX Extreme 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Long Range Travel Scooter (20-Inch Seat, Red)
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I liked the Buzzaround EX 4 for its impressive comfort, suspension system, and build quality. With the EX 4, you get a comfy height adjustable seat with flip back armrests. To further improve your comfort level while riding the Buzzaround EX4 mobility scooter, you get good front and rear suspension.

It also comes with 9" wheels on the front and the back and has a turning radius of 56 inches. Couple that with a 4" ground clearance, you'll be able to go from pavements to grass with relative ease.

Pride Mobility S74 Go-Go Sport 3

One of the all-time best electric mobility scooters is the Pride Mobility S74 Go-Go Sport. This 4 wheels heavy duty electric mobility scooter has a weight capacity of 325 lbs. So if you weigh less than 325 lbs, the Pride s74 Go-Go is an excellent mobility scooter to get.

Pride Go-Go Sport 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter - Motorized Electric Medical Carts for Seniors, Handicapped, or Disabled Adults
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On the GoGo Sport 4 electric mobility scooter, you get a sturdy 4 wheel scooter for overweight persons. It features a comfy chair with flip-back armrests and a large plastic basket at the front. The seat of the Go-Go Sport 4 Wheel mobility scooter can also swivel around to allow getting on and off easy to do.

This mobility scooter also offers excellent driving ranges up to 14 miles and a max speed of 4.70 MPH. Plus, it has a turning radius of 50.5" and ground clearance of 1.50". The setup on this scooter will reassure you of an incredibly sturdy mobility aid that will let you travel just about anywhere.

Key Specifications

Weight Capacity: 325 Lbs
Turning Radius:
Travel Range: 15 Miles
Top Speed: 5 MPH
Incline Rating:
Seat: Padded with Flip-back armrests.
Wheel:8 Inches Honeycomb tires.

GLION SNAPnGO Travel Mobility Scooter

If you plan to travel a lot and need a portable heavy duty mobility scooter, then the GLION SNAPnGo is the best option to buy. This scooter is one of the top travel mobility scooters available online with a user weight capacity of 300 lbs. It is also lightweight and easy to fold up and put in your vehicle or roll it around with you.

With the Glion SNAPnGo, you'll be able to travel 15 miles on a single charge. It has a top speed of 5 MPH and a turning radius of 3 ft. Furthermore, it has 8-inch wheels that all make it sturdy enough to get you over many terrains in comfort. 

Glion SNAPnGO 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter–Lightweight and Portable Electric Powered Scooter for Adults-EZ to Assemble/Dissasemble-High Tech Long Range Lithium Ion Battery with Charger and Basket Included
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The GLION SNAPnGO Travel Mobility Scooter has a comfortable seat with flip back armrests. Plus with 3-speed settings, a digital display with various readings, you will be able to travel around at ease with this portable heavy duty mobility scooter.

Key Specifications

Weight Capacity: 300 Lbs
Turning Radius:
Travel Range: 15 Miles
Top Speed: 5 MPH
Incline Rating:
Seat: Padded with Flip-back armrests.
Wheel:8 Inches Honeycomb tires.

The mobility scooters listed above are all the best models I've found online from my personal experience. And considering their features, I can safely recommend them to anyone that weighs over 300 lbs. So if you need a mobility scooter for someone obese, then the models here are all you need.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter for Obese

If you decide to look elsewhere for a mobility scooter that is adequate for obese people, then there are a few things you need to consider.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity is a critical functionality to consider when buying a mobility scooter for heavy people. If you select one that isn't heavy-duty, you may end up breaking it or having less performance than stated by the manufacturers. I've listed the weight capacity of the heavy duty mobility scooters reviewed in this list. So make sure you select a model that can support your weight.

Where will it be used?

There are no ultimate multi-terrain scooters I'm aware of online. Therefore, knowing which model to select is crucial so you can correctly identify the right one for your usage areas. The bikes we've identified all have some level of off-road capabilities, but the first three we recommend are well equipped to do multi-terrain traveling.

Wheels & Suspension

After you've identified where you'll be using your scooter, most often, the next thing to pay attention to is the wheels. Without proper wheels and tires, you will not be able to travel on some terrains like gravel, loose rocks, or particular areas of the park. If you only want a scooter to move around in the mall or sidewalks, then you can select any scooter from the list above.

If you want to drive your scooter through grass, gravel, sand, or any other terrain, then you need wheels & a suspension system that will be able to absorb shock. You'll also need a mobility scooter with wheels that are at least 10 inches.


You will want to make sure that you select a scooter that has wide enough seats for your body size. Having seats that swivel and can be adjusted is also critical to the comfort you experience when riding on varying terrains.


I've experienced riding scooters that suddenly stop and left me in embarrassing situations. So you need to make sure that whichever model you choose has enough travel range to get you from point A to B. Typically, heavy-duty scooters can travel up to 10 miles. However, the ones listed in this article all surpass the 10-mile usage range.

Turning Radius & Stability

If you've seen other fat people on scooters struggling to maneuver through tight spaces, then it's due them not selecting a model with enough turning radius. You may have also heard or seen videos of some falling off their mobility scooters. So to save you from that, I've only recommended scooters with a high turning radius and exceptional stability. I recommend that if you weigh over 350 lbs, you only choose a 4 wheel mobility scooter.

Turning Radius & Stability

Scooter assembly is a big deal for persons that aren't strong enough or lacking experience in setting up a mobility scooter. If you aren't handy in setting up things, you may have trouble, so I recommend getting a model that is easy to assemble. You also want to pay attention to the portability of the model you wish to get as some of them have weighty parts.

The best portable mobility scooter is the GLION SNAPnGO. With that model, you will be able to take it with you on almost any trip easily.

The Bottom Line

Mobility Scooters are essential equipment to help overweight people move around freely. Of all the mobility aids available online, they are the best for obese, seniors, and persons with physical injuries. I've had mine for two years with no issues. 

It has helped me become more independent and allowed me to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors. So you will directly benefit if you select one of the best mobility scooters for obese people I listed in this article.

If you aren't sure which model to select, get the model I own, which is the Pride Maxima - 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

You can't go wrong with that model. So buy it with confidence and regain your mobile independence!

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below, I'd also love to hear your experiences and help you find the right model for your body weight!