Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults – Top Rated Electric Scooter for 300 lb Man up to 385lbs

Just a few years ago, most people would think it's physically impossible for a heavy adult to ride a scooter. Those days scooters were mostly for kids or required so much effort that the average heavy person would find it too tedious to use. Not so these days, thanks to the best electric scooter for adults.

Before electric powered gear, scooters could hardly endure the weight of someone over 200 lbs. But with the advent of battery-powered scooters, we can now enjoy extreme mobility for commuting even if we weigh up to 350 lbs or more. However, this brings up the issue of finding the perfect scooter for your weight range.

You'll be glad to know that I've already done the research for you by reaching out to brands, personally testing my top recommendations, and talking with other heavy adults on their experiences with the electric scooters I've found. 

I've made sure to split them into groups so that you can find the one that is perfect for your weight range. So in the rest of this article, you'll find electric scooters that are suitable for persons weighing 380 lbs down to 220 lbs for the average heavy adult.

Each of the options on the list is classed as heavy-duty electric scooters. Moreover, they all offer the best specs in class, so you can expect each will have :

  • An excellent top speed 
  • A large enough battery to provide decent mileage capacity
  • Very good suspension to withstand a heavy adult weight.
  • Decent amounts of brake stopping power to slow you down in critical situations.  

Let's jump into the list and comparison table. I've also reviewed each item individually to give you a clearer picture of their features and why you might want to consider a specific model over another. So make sure to check them out. 

Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults:

  1. OUTSTORM Folding Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults 
  2. EMOVE CRUISER Heavy Duty Electric Scooter
  3. EMOVE TOURING SCOOTER for Large Adults
  4. Swagger 5 Scooter for Adults 
  5. Drive Medical Zoome Three Wheel Electric Powered Scooter for Obese
  6. Turboant X7 Pro Heavy-Duty Electric Scooter
  7. Hover-1 Alpha Electric Scooter
  8. Segway Ninebot ES2

350 - 380 lbs Scooters

There are only two options for really heavy persons over 350 pounds that I think is worth considering. 

OUTSTORM Folding Electric Scooter for Big and Heavy Adults - Highest Weight Capacity 385 Pounds

The Outstorm folding heavy-duty electric scooter is the top option for very heavy adults. It has a maximum weight capacity that supports riders up to 385 lbs. And it packs a tonne of great specs that makes it one of the more premium options you will find. 

electric scooter for heavy adults
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With the Outstorm scooter, you'll get a 25AH battery paired with a 3200w Motor that delivers speeds up to 56 MPH and can take you up to 53 miles on a single charge. This type of performance is hard to come by in an electric scooter for large adults. And it will require you to wear the correct gear while using it. What's more, it only requires 7-9 hours of charge time to deliver this insane performance!

This Folding Electric Scooter for big and tall people also boasts many other impressive specs that you'll love. It features electronic brakes with regenerative charging and has a nice digital speedometer that you can use to set one of the three-speed modes. It also has two power modes that you can toggle between and is even equipped with a cruise control feature so you can fully enjoy riding the full range automatically.

With a scooter that can travel up to 53 miles, it's natural to expect some comfort level that will allow you to get through such a journey. However, most other scooters don't offer the type of comfort options that you get with the Outstorm Folding heavy-duty electric scooter. 

On the Outstorm folding electronic scooter, you get a pair of rugged 11" tires that are great for tackling any rough or smooth terrain comfortably. For the suspension, it features a high-impact PU suspension that offers enhanced shock absorption. Moreover, it has enough power to take on steep terrains and grades no more than 30 degrees. 

To further boost the comfort, they've even included a Free detachable seat that you can install if you prefer sitting while using the scooter. 

Why I liked It:

  • It comes with fins.
  • Big guys weighing up to 365lbs can ride this wakeboard.
  • If you're looking for speed, this is the best board to consider.  

Other Key Specs to love:

  • This model comes with four (4) LED Headlights.
  • It has a Manual Shut Off Key.
  • It has Front and Rear Brakes.
  • The scooter has a Horn and Compass.
  • It has a Light-Up Colored LED Deck.
  • This scooter has a Foldable Stem and Handlebars.
  • This scooter has a very good Front and Rear Spring Suspension.
  • It has a standard Taillight 
  • The Outstorm Folding Scooter has a charging time of 7-9 Hrs.
  • The Max Weight Limit is good for large adults: Up to 385 lbs.
  • It has a kickstand. 
  • You'll get two spare brake pads and two manual keys.
  • Its user manual is very easy to read and understand. 
  • It comes with two power adapter chargers. 

With specs this great, and such a high durability level, there's hardly anything not worth loving on this option. As such, I firmly recommend that you give this one a shot if you weigh over 350 lbs. 

EMOVE CRUISER Review - Best Electric Scooter for Heavy person Overall

The EMOVE Cruiser is another excellent electric scooter for a 350-pound adult or two adults riding simultaneously. Granted, it's not only meant to be ridden by very overweight persons but any heavy adult in general. This brand is well established and has garnered a very good reputation from its performance and customer service. 

I own this scooter model, and it's truly a dream to own for commuting anywhere. I've fallen in love with it and try to find all reasons to get on it as it's just the perfect mobility tool for a big guy! So let's talk about why I think it's great and why you'll love it. 

The EMOVE Cruiser offers the ideal balance of everything you need in a commuting gadget. The first feature that makes it stand out is that you can fold down the handlebars and stem. This foldability level will allow you to pack it up inside your car boot or take it on a train, bus, or even tuck it under your bed or table.

The EMOVE Cruiser's performance specs are top-notch, too, with a single charge being able to let you travel up to 62 miles. So if you only commute short distances, a single charge will last you quite a while. And even if you plan to do long commutes, this is still the best scooter to get. 

Click here to see what other customers think about the performance of the EMOVE Cruiser. 

It features a 52V 30AH LG battery, which is even larger than the OUTSTORM scooter's battery. The only difference is that the time to a full charge is a little longer, requiring 9 to 12 hours. And it doesn't have quite the same amount of power either, as it can only tackle a 20-degree grade with someone weighing 150 lbs. 

I weigh 347 lbs, and I've tackled grades at 13 degrees without issues so far, granted it wasn't at max speed. But for the average terrain, you get great power with a 0-15 time of just 3.4 seconds, and I've reached speeds between 27-30 MPH on flat terrain. This level of performance is pretty good for commuting around town and weaving through city traffic.

The thing I love most about this scooter is that it features very good tubeless Pneumatic tires and has a large 21 "x10" deck that is enough to shift around on. Plus, it has a decent suspension that allowed my almost 350 lb body to jump on it without issues. You also have the option to get a seat and install it onto the scooter, which will make commuting less tiring.

The Voro EMOVE cruiser also has a front headlight, side deck lights, rear brake lights, and turn signals. So it's fully qualified to be used on the road. It features an LCD cruiser control, a kickstand, and a finger throttle that you can swap out for either a twist throttle or thumb throttle. Moreover, the scooter also has an IPX6 certification under IEC standard 60529. Best of all is that you get 12 months of warranty.

These features make the Voro Cruiser one of the most premium and exceptional electric scooters for a 350 lb heavy adult. 

EMOVE TOURING SCOOTER Review - Best Option for Large Adults Under 330 Lbs

The EMOVE Touring is the little brother of the EMOVE Cruiser, but it packs quite the punch at a much lower price. With this scooter, you get peak power performances that are a cut above other scooters in this tier. Moreover, it is sturdily built to be able to withstand riders up to 330 lbs in weight. 

While the EMOVE Touring isn't as powerful as the two before, it does offer enough power to tackle a 15-degree slope with a 150 lb rider. It has a decent range of 25 miles and has a good acceleration of 0-15 MPH in 4.5 seconds. So as long as you don't constantly push it at full throttle, you'll have a great range for daily commuting. And you'll be confident knowing that theirs lots of reserve power for when you want to go fast. 

This model's other specs aren't a slouch either with its 8" pneumatic front tire and 8" solid rear tire with the motor, which is tied to their triple suspension system. With this setup, you have a sturdy front stem suspension, front dual springs, and rear dual springs. 

It also features a drum and regenerative brakes that does two things. The first is that its drum brakes offer excellent longevity and will require minor maintenance. And the second is that the regenerative brakes take advantage of the kinetic energy provided while slowing down to add back some battery life to the 48 V 13AH LG battery. The battery has a 3 to 4 hour charging time so you can be on the go faster. 

The EMOVE Touring also features one LED stem light and two deck lights that effectively light up your path. It also has a rear brake light; however, it doesn't include turn signals. 

The manufacturers of these scooters for big people also made a few changes to the EMOVE Touring to allow for installing a seat by extending the deck, making it sturdier, and improving the clearance. They've also installed waterproof cables for all the electronics like the light switches and horn. As a result, we now have an incredibly lightweight heavy-duty electric scooter for commuting with an IP54 water resistance rating. 

If you wanted a foldable electric scooter for heavy riders below 330 lbs that is easy to take anywhere and perfect for commuting at a budget price, this is a great option to consider.

SwagTron Swagger 5 Electric Scooter Review - Best Budget Option for Heavy Persons up to 320 Lbs 

best electric scooter for 300 lb man
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The Swagtron Swagger 5 is another excellent scooter for heavy adults that weigh up to 320 pounds. It features a foldable design that allows the stem to collapse so that you'll be able to pack it into your car, take it on a bus, or slide it under subway seats. Moreover, it has a 250W electric hub motor that allows you to travel 18 MPH and tackle inclines of up to 20 degrees. 

The battery of the Swagger 5 has a 3.5 hour charge time and allows you to travel up to 11 miles depending on your weight and how you ride it. It comes with two rubber wheels that are made with 580 Never-Flat honeycombs. This will allow you to commute daily without ever having to worry about punctures. 

What you'll love the most about this product is the incredibly low price. At this price point, you're getting an incredibly durable scooter that can withstand most heavy persons. So if you're on a tight budget, this is the option that I highly recommend getting. 

Drive Medical Zoome Review - Best Electric Scooter for 300 lb man

Drive Medical ZOOME3 Recreational Power Mobility Scooter, Red
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The Drive Medical Zoom is the best mobility electric scooter for obese persons with impaired mobility. It offers a 300 lb weight-bearing capacity and can reach speeds of 15 MPH. If you want a comfortable option for commuting, then this is a good option to consider. 

It features a three-wheel design with a large seat and platform for you to stand on without ever worrying about balance. It has large 16" x 2" front wheels and two 4" x 2" rear wheels. This setup offers impressive comfort and good performance to tackle most terrains. 

The Drive Medical Electronic scooter offers a range of 20 miles and tackle inclines of up to 10 degrees. Moreover, it has a turning radius of 22", which is very good for going shopping. Plus, it is equipped with a front basket to store your items. 

Turboant X7 Pro Review - Best Designed Heavy-Duty Electric Scooter

The Turboant X7 is a unique take on what an electric scooter for heavy adults typically looks like. It features a modern ergonomic design with smooth edges that make it truly stand out from the rest. Moreover, it has a max load capacity of 275 lbs, which is sufficient to handle heavy adults on the shorter side. 

With the Turboant X7, you get a budget electric scooter that comes in just below 500 dollars at the time of writing this review. This price is subject to change depending on the discounts the manufacturers are running. However, it's a very good deal when you consider the specs you get with the X7 Pro.

The X7 Pro offers an excellent travel range of up to 30 miles and can reach top speeds up to 20 MPH. This speed and distance are achieved with their lightweight 10 AH battery pack, which is smaller than most others, but the performance it packs is incredible when you compare them. Furthermore, it only requires 6 hours of charging time, which's much faster than the earlier options. And to make it even more impressive, you can detach the battery for charging or charged with it on the scooter. 

It uses 10-inch Pneumatic tires and is equipped with a triple braking system that provides good stopping performance. And thanks to the small footprint with a weight of 33 lbs and neat foldable design, you can take it anywhere with you. 

Hover-1 Alpha Electric Scooter - Best Scooters for Adults 250 lbs

heavy duty electric scooters adults
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The Hover-1 Alpha offers great power, durability, and distance for a very low price. It's been well received by other heavy adults as one of the best electric scooters for adults 250 lbs. This reception is due to the scooter featuring an impressive build quality such that it can withstand people weighing up to 264 lbs. 

It features a 36V 6AH battery that requires a charge time of 4-6.5 hours and can reach up to 18 MPH. This battery also allows you to travel up to 12 miles on a single charge. 

I loved this scooter because it has a compact folding design and small 10" air-filled tires that offer good comfort. And it only weighs 36 pounds, so you can easily pick it up and take it up a flight of stairs or walk around with it for a while. Moreover, it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to music or podcasts while commuting. 

With these specs and the price point, I think it's an excellent electric kick scooter for heavy adults. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What electric scooter holds the most weight?

The scooter that currently holds the most weight is the Outstorm scooter and the EMOVE Cruiser. Both scooters are impressive electric scooters for commuting in the city and have a weight limit of 382 lbs and 350 lbs, respectively. So if you are an overweight person, select either of those two options. 

What is the weight limit for an electric scooter?

There is no set weight limit for an electric scooter as each manufacturer designs its products to have a set weight limit. Depending on the model, you'll find plenty of scooters with a maximum carrying capacity between 220 lbs (100 Kg) up to 600 lbs (272 Kg).

What's the most powerful electric scooter?

The most powerful electric scooter in the world is currently the Dualtron X2, capable of reaching up to 65 MPH or 88.5 Km/h. The Dualtron X has a max weight limit of 265 lbs, so it could make it to the list. But this scooter is a high-performance machine that's only for serious adults. You can check it out here. 

What is the weight of an electric scooter?

The average weight of an electric scooter is between 20 lbs to 150 lb.

Can an electric scooter go uphill?

Yes, electric scooters can easily tackle climbs between 10 degrees to 35 degrees on high-end e-scooters.

Can you ride an electric scooter on grass?

Yes, you can ride most scooters on grass. However, we recommend getting a scooter designed for off-roading or scooters with 10" pneumatic tires. 

Can you ride electric scooters in the rain?

E-scooters are almost always water-resistant with a very good IP rating so that you can use them in the rain without any complications arising.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know which ones are the best scooters for big guys, I highly recommend you check out my other articles that go over whether you need a license to ride a scooter and carrying a scooter on a plane