Best Big Man Recliners with 500lb Capacity – Most Comfortable Big and Tall Recliners for the Largest Men

Did you know that uncomfortable chairs can cause everything from back pain and poor circulation to fatigue and digestive problems? That's right. As someone who has struggled with weight issues, these recurring problems have plagued me most of my work life. The best fix I've found is to invest in a Big Man recliner specially made for us heavier folks over 350 lbs. But not all of them work in the same way, so today, I'll take you through the best big man recliners available right now.


Regardless of how the day went, I always come home to find a super comfortable throne-of-sorts waiting for me. And most bad days usually start looking up when I get some rest on one of these big man recliners. Not only are they a source of comfort, but the subtle health benefits I've experienced over the years have made them well worth the purchase. 

So, I thought, 'Why not share what I've learned over the years?' With that in mind, I hope to help you get the same ease and luxury with a good recliner for heavy people while staying within a reasonable budget. 

I got into recliners after several years of spending long hours on uncomfortable work chairs. Today, my workplace has better quality office chairs, but the recliners I've owned over the years continue to add comfort and value to my home. If you're on the heavier side like me, trust me when I say you'll want one of the best big and tall recliners with 500lb capacity.

Best Big Man Recliner with 500 Lb Capacity:

  1. Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King Recliner
  2. Mega Motion Easy Comfort Heavy Duty Recliner
  3. Lane Home Furnishings Wall-Saver 4501 – 190 Recliner 
  4. Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior Recliner
  5. Mecor Lift Chair Recliner for Big Guys

Lane Stallion Recliner - Best Big Man Recliner for Big and Tall People

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As I like to call it, the' Big Man is my pick for big and heavy people over 350 lbs. I got the Lane Stallion a few years back when I was much heavier, and it simply blew the competition away. My weight was close to 400lbs, and there were very few heavy duty recliners that my body could fit in. 

The Lane Stallion Big Man recliner gave me that extra space without compromising on comfort and features. It comes with an extended length of 75 inches, which is more than enough for a big guy (or woman) to relax-on comfortably. 

The wall-saver design allows you to push it close to the wall without having to worry about reclining space. The extra-plush kidney pillows also give you that extra bit of comfort as you settle in. And the horseshoe back accommodates any size or shape your body may be in at present. 

The reclining mechanism comes with 7-gauge steel that's meant for heavy loads, so you don't have to worry about durability and support.

The best reason to get the Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King is that there's no comparison with other smaller reclining seats or sofas for obese people. If you're big and heavy like I was a few years back, this one's probably the best choice for you. Plus, the wall-saver is a handy, space-saving feature if you have a smaller apartment or room.  

Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior - Best Features in one Heavy Duty Recliner

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Recliners keep evolving based on design and innovation in the market, and I've always wanted to try new features. But I couldn't afford to keep buying a new recliner to try out every new feature. 

Thankfully, the Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior fixes this problem by offering you multiple features in a single purchase. 

To be clear, you get several features in other single models too. But only a few of them integrate them in such a functional and workable manner as this one. 

The Mega Motion Easy Comfort comes with a 3-position (full, partial, & closed) recline that runs entirely on electric controls. The hardwood construction and heavy-duty steel ensure both durability and easy lifting. 

The control wand has an ergonomic design, so you don't have to deal with levers and handles. With integrated battery backups and convenient side-pockets, it's just a feature-packed mega recliner.

Now, if you're lazy like me, the electric controls and full 3-position alone should win you over. But with the additional features, it's just a class apart from the other items on this list. If you have to invest in only one of these, I'd recommend this one.

Lane Home Furnishings Wall-Saver Recliner - Best pick for style and aesthetics

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Over the years, I've realized that these big man recliners can't just be about comfort and features; you need some style too. I realized this much later, but I hope you don't make the same mistake if you want a recliner for the living area. 

Of course, you'd want a model that not only looks good but still covers those basic needs. That's what Lane Furnishings 4501 – 190 delivers. I've had the Wall-Saver 4501 for a few years now. And every time I've had a guest over, they're immediately impressed with the aesthetics. 

The reclining mechanism rests on 7-gauge steel, and the arm has bolts that ensure that this unit comes built for durability. But nothing beats the rich suede that looks as good as leather and the plush hand that adds class to the whole look. 

The overall upholstery and fabric of these chairs for big and tall ensure that you can put this recliner anywhere, and it'll make the space look good. The structure reclines back to a nice 79 inches, which gives you almost the same space as a king-size mattress.  

Lane Home Furnishings have been in business for over a century now. And they've perfected the art of comfort, style, and upholstery in all their products. The 4501 – 190 is the ideal example of this, and it comes at an affordable price too. So, it's a win-win solution regardless of what type of recliner you have in mind. 

Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior Recliner – Best Lift Recliner

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The Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior Walnut B is another recliner packed with features and delivers them well. If I had to pick one of the best features, it would be the lifting mechanism, which works like a charm. Getting yourself up from a recliner can be a tough task for heavy-weights like me. And this feature is best delivered in the Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior Walnut B. 

As far as lift recliners go, there are few models out there that do it as well as the Mega Motion Easy Comfort Walnut B. 

This recliner also comes with full-electric controls that make it incredibly convenient to control the mechanism. The 3-position style is always a welcome feature in any recliner, and the Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior Walnut B gives the best type. 

It also comes with integrated battery backups, so you don't have to worry about the electric controls dying on you. Also, the hardwood/plywood structure makes it more durable than other plastic options. 

The Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior Walnut B comes with a year's warranty for home use and a lifetime warranty on the metal frame. If you include the curbside delivery, it's a sweet deal for a product that will mostly stay put at home. 

Just get this one if you want a recliner that makes your life easier and more convenient.  

Mecor Lift Chair Recliner - Best Budget with Features

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The Mecor Lift Chair recliners for heavy person is another model that's packed with features but comes at a price tag you won't believe. There were times when I wanted a decent recliner but couldn't afford the high-end brands. That's when I stumbled on this bad boy. It has every recliner feature you'll need but comes at a fraction of the price.  

The dual motors on this recliner for big and heavy people will allow you to control the back and footrest individually. The exteriors are made of PU leather, and the internal mechanism comes with a composite board of the highest quality. The surface is waterproof, so it's really easy to clean and maintain. My favorite features are the USB port, vibrating nodes for massage, and the lumbar-heating support.

I still have trouble believing that all these features can come in one recliner at such a low price. So, there's no doubt that you get a great deal with this model. The Mecor Lift Chair Recliner is the hidden gem in the lumps of reclining coal that have flooded the market today. If it's your first purchase or you're low on budget, this one's the go-to choice for you. 


Remember, these are the best big man recliners with 500lb capacity, according to my opinion and experience. I've tested and tried a whole lot of these products. It started because of back pains in lousy office chairs. 

But today, I like to think of myself as a specialist for recliners, to say the least. 

The bottom line is that each super size comfort recliner has added a new dimension to how I see and experience comfort in my home. While I intend to keep all the ones I have right now, if I ever have to get a replacement, I'm going for one of these without hesitation.