Best Office Chairs for Overweight Person

Best Office Chairs for Overweight Person – 400 Lb Weight Capacity Chairs for Fat People

Regardless of what line of work/profession you're in, sitting on an office chair the whole day can be tiring. As an overweight person, I've struggled with discomfort and backaches way more than the average person as I sit around a desk all day for work. 

This pain has led to lower productivity most days, as I'm just thinking about the pain instead of working. 

Furthermore, most office chairs aren't durable enough to support heavy people. As a result, I've had to find the best office chairs for overweight persons so that I could work all day comfortably. Now, after months of research and testing, I've found the best office chairs that any obese person should consider buying. 

If you've found yourself in a similar situation as an overweight person and need a comfortable office chair for heavy people, this article will solve all your problems. 

The best office chairs for overweight persons can increase comfort, reduce aches, and increase productivity. And I've personally experienced this both as an employee, and later on, as an employer. 

As an overweight guy, one of the biggest differences I saw was reduced hip pain and backaches. Furthermore, the reduced discomfort made me better at my job. 

Today, as an employer, I've spent several years researching and trying out the best office chairs for heavy people. I've had to consider everything from comfort and height to mobility and price. And I'm glad to share the information I've gathered over the years. I hope it's as much help and value to you as it was and is for me even now when I decide to replace my old chair. 

Best Office Chairs for Overweight Person:

  1. OFM High Back Office Chair 810 LX 
  2. Steelcase Leap Fabric Office Chair for Obese
  3. Flash Furniture Hercules Series Executive Office Chair
  4. Big and Tall Office Chair 500lbs
  5. Flash Furniture Big and Tall Office Chair

OFM High Back Office Chair 810 LX - Best Executive Leather Chair

The OFM Core Collection Avenger Series is among the most premium office chairs for overweight people available today. It's easily the best leather executive chair on this list. My favorite feature is the stitched and supple leather that sets it apart from most other heavy-duty office chairs. Moreover, the bonded upholstery gives it a nice and upscale appearance. 

best obese office chair
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And trust me, it's not just the looks. The plush cushioning cradles your body regardless of size and shape. If for no other reason, you can always get it as an upgrade from an existing chair. 

The maximum weight it can sustain is 500 lbs, which is good enough for an office chair for heavy people. The padding comes in a segmented form so that you can feel each 'cushion' on your back. And it has a 360° swivel and a gas-lift seat for adjusting the height. These features make it great for subtle movements while still working. 

The seating size is 23.75 x 21.50, which is ample space even for bigger bodies. The padded armrests are also a nice touch because your forearms and elbow get as much padding as your back. 

Overall, the OFM Core Collection Avenger Series 810 LX is a cut above the competition in class and appearance. Moreover, it delivers great comfort thanks to the 5-inch padding that supports your body weight. I've seen it work well in schools, offices, or home studies. The best part is it adds a dash of upscale class to any room at home or work. 

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair - Best Ergonomic Office Chair

office chair for heavy person
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If your top concern is productivity through comfort, the Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair is the ultimate choice. This office chair for overweight people delivers efficiency in every way. And best of all, it'll remove any discomfort that can distract you from work. 

This office chair has a max weight limit of 400 lbs, which is plenty for any heavy person. 

The thing that sets the Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair apart is the sheer adjustability of individual features. If customizing your seating is something you enjoy, you'll love this model! You get adjustable seat depth and lumbar adjustments. So, it's a great choice for big and tall people who have backaches from uncomfortable chairs. 

In addition to these benefits, it comes with a firmness control for the added lower back support. If these weren't enough, you could adjust even the arms based on your preferred sitting position. It also has a recline-tension adjustment that allows you to lean back in comfort when you want to relax. Moreover, the reclining angles can lock in five positions, so you don't have to worry about it swaying out of place. 

The perks of the Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair is not just the features, though. It's also designed for durability, so you can sit on it all day for many months without it losing shape. Also, they include a 12-year warranty on this chair. Such a long warranty is a testament to how confident they are in the quality of this chair! 

Personally, this is the best office chair for overweight persons as far as ergonomics are concerned. It's a chair I wouldn't trade for any other if I want to get work done. 

Flash Furniture Hercules Series Executive Office Chair - Best Big and Tall chair

office chair 400 lb weight capacity
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Some office chairs come with great features but lack the overall size needed for a bigger guy. I've struggled with this in some chairs because the torso area is just too short. The solution I found was the Flash Furniture Hercules Series Executive Office Chair for fat guys. 

At first, the dimensions seemed like any other executive chair. But the real difference came when I used it. The proportions are balanced enough to get even bigger guys to sit and recline comfortably. 

It even has 3 inches of foam padding that makes it very soft and comfy to sit on all day. The exterior is a combination of polyurethane and leather for durability and comfort. The back has lumbar support and a contour that can accommodate any body shape. But my favorite feature is the high back design that reaches up to 49.5 inches in height. Added to this are the 35-inch seat depth with a chair width of 28.5-inch. These dimensions make it tall and wide enough for any overweight person to work conveniently. 

One of the most common problems/issues I faced in other chairs was the issue of height. Even the best features become useless when you can't recline because the back doesn't come up high enough. As such, the Flash Furniture Hercules Series Executive Office Chair is the answer if you want an office chair with a high back for big and tall people. 

There are many other 'Big and Tall' chairs you'll find available. But few of them match this office chair. 

Big and Tall Office Chair 500lbs - Best budget Chair

office chairs for fat people
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The best office chairs for overweight people often come with size, comfort, and great features. But this means they can also be expensive. This Big and Tall Office Chair with a 500 lb weight limit brings together most of these features but at a budget-friendly price. 

What sets it apart from other cheaper models is that it doesn't compromise on quality and comfort. So, if you're low on cash but still need a heavy-duty office chair, this is the best model, in my opinion. 

The Big and Tall Office Chair 500lbs is built with commercial-grade components, which means it's built with durability in mind. The breathable design ensures that it doesn't lose shape or contours. This design is especially great for heavy-set people like me who can deform a soft chair in one sitting. 

The 360° swivel-base and nylon casters make it great at mobility—the seat measures 27.4 inches across and 24.4 inches inside. And the height of the chair can go up to 22 inches. This height wasn't tall enough for my preferences as a guy that stands at 6'5," but given its price and other features, it's not a deal-breaker for me. 

The Big and Tall Office Chair 500lbs also comes as a BIFMA tested product. The BIFMA (Business & Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association) ensures industry standards and environmental regulations for these chairs. That's pretty impressive to me. If you're working with a tight budget, go for the reliable Big and Tall Office Chair 500lbs, and you can always upgrade later. 

Flash Furniture Big and Tall Office Chair - Best Body-friendly Design

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If you're like me and lose or gain weight every few months, you understand that sometimes you can't judge the best item for your weight. As such, office chairs that were perfect in one season can become small in the next. This prevents you from investing in a high-quality chair that may become too big or too small later. 

With this office chair for heavy people, you'll never have to worry about this issue as it features a mesh design that hugs your body. 

Although the most stand-out feature of this unit is the body-friendly mesh back design, there are other excellent features too. 

Both the back and seat are made from durable nylon material. This means you get more comfort in every square inch of space. Moreover, the 47.5-inch height is tall enough for bigger guys like me. This office chair is 31.5 inches wide and 28.5 inches deep. Plus, the weight capacity sits at 500lbs, which is good enough for the average big guy. 

It also has the distinction of being an office chair with excellent reviews. And that's a great sign that it's already doing well in offices around the country. 


As I've continued my search for the best office chairs for overweight persons, I've realized that each of these chairs offers a unique benefit. Furthermore, they all perform really well in comfort, style, features, and durability. As someone who has gained a lot more weight than he's lost, each of these office chairs has helped me work and live better. And trust me, if they helped make my life better, I have no doubt they'll help you too.