Best Extra Wide Calf Rain Boots

Best Extra Wide Calf Rain Boots – Comfortable Wide Calf Rain Boots for Plus Size Women

Once the dreaded rainy season arrives, it will be time for rain boots and umbrellas again. Whether you're taking the kids out, walking the dog, or running an errand, we definitely need those rain boots to keep the rest of our legs dry. Finding the right rain boots can change the way we go about our day. And the best plus size rain boots (wide calf) are the ones that we (bigger ladies) can wear.

I've really grown to appreciate how the right rain boots can change our lifestyle. Whether it's a family's day out or making a school run, it all becomes way more convenient. It could even mean avoiding a cold just by stepping into the rain.

As someone with wide calves, getting the right rain boots has always been tough. Most designs are made for ladies with normal sized calves. But there are products made for those of us with heavier legs and bodies. The trouble is that they're not all that easy to find sometimes. So, I set out to find what seemed like the best ones available, and I've narrowed down on these great products.

Best Extra Wide Calf Rain Boots:

  1. Jileon Ankle Extra Wide Width Rain Boots
  2. Jileon Mid Calf Rain Boots
  3. Kamik Women’s Miranda Rain Boot
  4. Extra Touch Wide Calf Rubber Rain Boots
  5. Sloggers Women Waterproof Rain and Garden Boot

Jileon Ankle Rain Boots Extra Wide Width  - Best Ankle Boots

wide calf rain boots
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These wide width boots are one of the most comfortable rain boots available today. Not everyone is a fan of tall boots. And if you prefer the ankle-length, this one's a great choice. I've paired this boot with a whole lot of clothing items, and it's been great so far. Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a shorter boot that still fits you and keeps the water out. This one’s perfect for those times.

These rain boots by Jileon are specially made to fit curvy and plus size women. The ankle-length makes it easy to slip on or take off even if you're in a hurry. That's something the taller boots don't offer. The elastic sides make it easier for your feet to get into. Once in, they close back in for maximum comfort. They have padded insoles that line the insides for additional comfort. The material is natural rubber that's made to last. Also, it's 100% waterproof, so you don't have to worry about any water getting to your feet. The rubbery grip in the sole also ensures that you don't slide while on slippery terrain.

My favorite thing about Jileon’s Ankle Boots is the ease of use. It’s super simple to put on or slip off once you’re indoors. I use this one for quick trips outside when I don’t want to dress up too much. But it’s cute enough to be used almost anywhere.

Jileon Mid Calf Rain Boots - Best Mid-Calf Option

Mid-Calf Rain Boots
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Ankle boots are super convenient, but sometimes we need slightly taller boots. These Mid-Calf Rain Boots by Jileon are one of the most useful pairs I have at the moment. One of the reasons I like these boots is that they’re really wide at the top. So, it’s similar to the ankle boots as far as easy slip-ons are concerned. But they provide more protection from the rain and spillage.

Similar to other products by Jileon, these boots are also made for wide calves and ankles. So, you don't actually have to concern yourself with fitting and size. Also, the wide top ensures a loose but comfortable fit whenever you put them on. The wide shape also goes down further. This means even your foot and ankle get enough space for comfort. The padded insoles give extra arch support to your feet. Furthermore, the mid-calf opening allows more air circulation inside the boots, keeping them fresh and cool. The rubber is of the most sturdy and durable quality. So, you can walk carefree in the rain without the risk of getting water in the boots.

The Jileon Mid Calf Rain Boots are a great pair to have along with the ankle boots. This is because both the boots are really useful in different circumstances. The company is also pretty confident in their make and material. They offer an attractive 30-day money-back guarantee (No Questions Asked!) if the product is not satisfactory.

Kamik Women’s Miranda Rain Boot - Most Versatile

Kamik Women's Miranda Rain Boot
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Regardless of your taste and preference, you need a rain boot that works in most situations. For me, the Kamik Women’s Miranda Rain Boot does exactly that. It’s the perfect blend of size, shape, material, and flexibility. If there’s ever a time when I can’t choose a rain boot, I pick this one. That’s how much trust I have in this wide calf rain boot.

The Kamik Women's Miranda Rain Boot is made of high-quality rubber from head to toe. Whether it's the opening or the sole, there's durable rubber in every inch of these boots. The shaft of the boot goes up about 12 inches if you measure it from the arch. The platform is 0.75 inches, which is good enough to spread your weight across the sole. The opening is really wide too, measuring about 16'' around. It has the signature Kamik insole that is conveniently removable. The outsole is also made of Wintergarden synthetic rubber.

These wide-calf 100% waterproof boots have served me long and well. And even today, they're my go-to boots for most rainy situations. If you can't pick one product on this list, I'd suggest you go for this one. It repels water really well, and it's stylish enough to blend in with most outfits.

Extra Touch Wide Calf Rubber Rain Boots - Best Rain Boots for Style

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I got this pair of rain boots much later in my collection. But it's easily the prettiest pair of rain boots I own. I have a grey floral pair, but the other colors are also really pretty. They have all the benefits of a reliable pair of rain boots. However, they have the added advantage of being both stylish and playful. It's a combination I really like, and I think you guys will really like it too.

The printed design comes in seven really pretty colors (except the black one). So, you can splash and splatter away but still look great doing it. Some of the colors are funky patterns, but most of them have safe-neutral colors. This makes them go really well with any clothing you throw together. The material is 100% resistant to water.

Furthermore, they're made of really durable rubber that should last you decades, if not a lifetime. The soles have good traction. Furthermore, the inner lining creates a soft and comfortable area around your foot. The mouth is really wide, measuring about 20" around. Also, the heel is about an inch high.

If you want to stay dry in style, these boots are the way to go. Even if you have rain boots, I recommend getting this pair, even if just for appearance. They're adorable, and they throw off a fun vibe that's usually missing in the rain.

Sloggers Women Waterproof Rain and Garden Boot - Best for Comfort

Sloggers Women Waterproof Boots
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One of the most crucial bits for rain boots is comfort. If they're not comfortable, no amount of style or utility makes up for it. You usually end up wearing these boots for hours on end. And it's not worth it if it means aches and blisters at the end of the day. The Sloggers Women Waterproof Rain and Garden Boot is the ultimate choice for comfort and relief. You can wear this one the whole day and still won’t feel like taking it off by evening.

The main source of comfort comes from Sloggers' All-day Comfort insole. The bottom consists of heavy-duty treads that give you excellent grip and traction even on the wettest surfaces. The height is about 10.5," and the mouth measures about 15" across. I suggest you order one size up because the opening is slightly smaller than the other boots here. Cleaning and maintenance are also super easy with these boots. You can simply hose the boots or wipe them with a cloth. The material is non-latex and recyclable too.

You can’t beat the Sloggers Women Waterproof Boots when it comes to comfort. It’s just on another level. If you have aches in your feet because of weight issues, this one may just be the perfect choice for you. Either way, it’s a great addition to have in your collection when the rainy time of the year starts.


My affair with rain boots started years back when I first bought the ankle boots. Today, I have a collection that gives me enough options regardless of the weather. I've compiled this list with the hope that it reaches out to like-minded women who're looking for similar products. I understand it can be hard to find plus-sized rain boots that are reliable. So, this is my small way of passing on whatever I've learned to you guys.

My routine life has become so much easier with these wide calf rain boots in my wardrobe. And if it helped someone like me, I have no doubt they'll help you too!