best heels for plus size women

6 Best Heels for Plus Size Women – Comfortable Heels for Heavy Ladies

How many times have you overheard that you’re just ‘too fat’ for heels? If you’re a plus-size woman like me, it’s probably much more often than you like. Of course, the general assumption is that heels aren’t really made for heavier women. But if my fashion industry experience has taught me anything, there are ideal heels for every size. The best heels for plus size women come with comfort, style, and quality. And when you have the right information, you can get the heel that fits you the best.

Heels are obviously not the most comfortable footwear for bigger women. But that doesn’t mean they’re not for us. It’s all about knowing the right products and designs to get hold of. With the correct pair of heels, you can look both graceful and comfortable on any occasion.

Having spent decades in the clothing industry, I’ve always challenged the notion that heels are for skinny women. As a plus-size woman, I’ve worn them myself. Moreover, I’ve made recommendations that have changed the way my clients see and wear heels. And today, I want to share the best of these products with you.

Best Heels for Plus Size Women:

  1. Lifestride Women’s Carla Dress Pump
  2. Easy Street Women’s Vibrant Dress Pump
  3. Naturalizer Hoda Pump Shoes
  4. Naturalizer Women’s Joy Heeled Sandal
  5. Trotters Women’s Candace Dress Pump
  6. Rockport Women’s Total Salima Pump Shoes

Lifestride Women’s Carla Dress Pump – Best Peep-toe Heel

Lifestride Women’s Carla Dress Pump heels for plus size womenClick Image to View More on Amazon

I personally really like peep-toe heels. They have a great combination of fun and sophistication. And they go well with almost any type of clothing. This versatility is exactly what makes them so classy and lively at the same time. The Lifestride Women’s Carla Dress Pump also gives a cleaner look to most plus size women.

These heels are 100% made of synthetic material. Even the sole is synthetic. The 2.5-inch heels are an ideal height because they can add the style without taking away the comfort. Also, the comfort is really enhanced on this pump. The foam is breathable and cushy enough to handle your weight.

Furthermore, the heel support gives you a much better balance than taller heels. And the outsole is made of unique flexible material. With these heels for plus-size women, you can easily walk on different materials like concrete, carpet, wooden floors, etc., without any trouble.

Lifestride is famous for its smooth linings, soft insoles, and flexible outsoles. And each of these features is a beautiful part of the Women’s Carla Dress Pump. The feet-hugging design also ensures that your toes and heel do not carry all your weight the whole day. It’s a great overall shoe and easily the best peep-toe heel around.

Easy Street Women’s Vibrant Dress Pump – Best Lightweight Heel

Easy Street Women's Vibrant Dress PumpClick Image to View More on Amazon

If you’re planning to be on your heels for longer hours, you need a lightweight product. The more material you find on the heel, the heavier it gets. You don’t want to be bogged down by extra weight on your feet at the end of the day. So, if convenience and lightweight are your top priorities, this one’s definitely a great choice. It weighs a negligible 6.8 ounces, which is among the lightest footwear in the market.

The Easy Street Women’s Vibrant Dress Pump is an imported product that screams quality. Made of 100% synthetic parts, you don’t have to worry about the material’s quality. The heel is also short enough for easy stability and comfort. It measures about 2 inches in height. The outsole has easy-flex properties that make walking much more comfortable. The mouth has a convenient stretch-to-fit design that fits any foot type.

I’ve used this one in many events that have lasted the whole day. And because it’s so light, there’s really not much weight added to your stride. If you’re a heavy woman like me, your body weight is already a load on your feet. So, you don’t want any extra stress on your feet. The Easy Street Women’s Vibrant Dress Pump is easily the best choice for these situations.

Naturalizer Hoda Pump Shoes – Best-Fitting Heel

Naturalizer Hoda Pump Shoes for overweight womenClick Image to View More on Amazon

One of the most decisive parts of picking the right heel is getting the correct fit. With a lot of heels, this can take a lot of time. Especially when you’re out shopping, it’s difficult to get a full feel of the heel in the store. With the Naturalizer Hoda Pump Shoe, you don’t have to worry about that at all. It’s aptly named too because the material naturally fits any type of feet.

The Naturalizer Hoda Pump Shoes comes in a pleasing alabaster color that complements any clothing. I’ve tried wearing it with both light and darker shades of dresses. And both times, it has blended well. This heel is imported, so you can bet that it’s high-quality make. The heel is a sturdy block that measures about 3.15 inches in height. So, it’s tall enough to bring the glamour but short enough to guarantee comfort. The heel also has a 0.2-inch platform that distributes your weight evenly. This allows your feet to fit into the shoe easily.

This heel has been a favorite because of the ease with which it fits my feet. The open-cell cushions also help by tracing and hugging your feet for full comfort. To add to this, the perfect fit also allows you to wear it more comfortably and conveniently. If wrongly-fitted heels have kept you away so far, you have got to try the Naturalizer Hoda Pump Shoes. Trust me. They’ll change the way you see and wear your heels.

Naturalizer Women’s Joy Heeled Sandal – Best Ankle-strap Heel

plus size ankle-strap heelsClick Image to View More on Amazon

The thing I like best about ankle-strap heels is the feminine and romantic look they give. But as a plus-size woman, they bring an added advantage. The strap holds your ankles against the heel, making it easier for you to wear them and walk around. With other heels, you feel too much pressure on your toes, and eventually, they start to hurt. The Naturalizer Women’s Joy Heeled Sandal uses the ankle-strap to cover both style and practical use.

This heel is made from 100% leather parts, along with synthetic soles. So, you don’t need to worry a lot about durability. The heels also measure a healthy 3.5 inches. Personally, I feel that 3.5-inches is an ideal length for me. It also has a platform that measures about 0.5 inches. So, your weight is distributed better across the surface of the sole. It comes with a cushioned insole thanks to Naturalizer’s N5 Contour Plus. The linings are also made of breathable material, which regulates the temperature and keeps your feet cooler.

The Naturalizer Women’s Joy Heeled Sandal is really a little bit of everything. You get durability, style, and comfort all in one piece (which is hard to find). It’s both sexy and strong, which are qualities I really like in fashion and clothing. If you want a stable heel that holds up your weight evenly, this one’s a great choice for any event.

Trotters Women’s Candace Dress Pump – Best Kitten Heel

comfortable heels for heavy womenClick Image to View More on Amazon

While high heels are generally associated with glamour, the right kitten heel can work really well too. The main advantage here is that you get a comfortable length of heel without trading off the style element. I’ve worn this one to a lot of events, and it has really boosted my confidence every time. The Trotters Women’s Candace Dress Pump looks simple at first glance. But it embodies both style and grace when worn with the right clothing.

The heel on this one measures 2.25 inches. So, it’s slightly lower than most other heels you may already want. But it’s a good length because the mid-heel cushioning supports this length. The cushion ensures that your feet stay comfortable even if you wear them the whole day. The synthetic sole adds more versatility to the main material, which is 100% leather.

Trotters is a brand that’s been designing women’s footwear since 1935. And with this model, they got everything right. It’s a heel that gives decent height, more stability, and goes well with any outfit. The heel has that rare combination of being both cute and sexy.

Rockport Women’s Total Salima Pump Shoes – Best for maximum comfort

heels for plus size womenClick Image to View More on Amazon

Every heel on this list has style and makes a statement. But no other model compares to the Rockport Women’s Total Salima in terms of comfort. If you’re a plus-size woman, your weight can eventually take a toll on your feet. Additionally, wearing heels and concentrate too much stress on the balls or toes of your feet. The Rockport Women’s Total Salima Shoes provides an alternative through the extra foam and cushioning.

This one’s also leather and synthetic combo that brings the best of both materials. However, the comfort comes from several other features. One is the footbed cover and the textile lining. Second, the foam back provides more support for your feet. Furthermore, the footbed comes with retention foam that brings more comfort for the wearer. The shoe weighs about 9 oz, which is not the lightest but is still good enough.

If you plan to wear heels to a whole-day event, this one’s an ideal choice. I’ve mostly used this at weddings and galas because it has an allure to it. But what won me over has always been the comfort. The linings, foam, and footbed all work together to make it a really comfortable heel.


I’ve helped dress countless women (including a few celebrities). And over the years, I’ve learned what shoes work with women of different sizes. Being a plus-size myself, I’ve focussed on heels that fit heavier women.

It was partly because I wanted to break traditional notions of size and keep my wardrobe up to date. Today, whatever information and products I’ve shared come from a lot of research, study, designing, and helping women be their best selves. So, if you’ve ever believed the myth that heels aren’t for bigger women, it’s time to change your mind. Try any of these products to know the difference and let me know how it feels.