Best Big and Tall Backpacks for Big guys

9 Best Big and Tall Backpacks for Big guys – Suitable Long Torso Backpacks for Travel, Hiking, Work

Being a big and tall guy at 6' 5" with love for hiking is often a very good thing, but it does come with its fair share of negatives—one of them being that it's next to impossible to find Big and Tall backpacks for your size. I've often found myself ordering bags that are too small and look goofy. Or ones that aren't suitable and don't take advantage of my long torso.

Let's face it...

You don't want to look like you're wearing a kid's backpack, and I'm also sure you don't want to spend your money on an expensive but useless bag. 

Neither do I. 

Luckily for you, I've been having this problem for years, and just last summer, I made it my duty to solve it by testing over 30 long torso backpacks. I've identified the Best Big and Tall Backpacks for guys with a long torso (anyone over 6 feet) after months of trial. 

These bags have all the right features you'll need, from easy to access pockets, perfect length, comfy adjustable shoulder straps, and most of all, affordability. 

I've also sorted them by the type of activity they suit, from hiking to everyday use. So you can keep reading as I'm sure I've already found the perfect big and tall backpack you'll need so you don't have to go through the hassle yourself. Here's a quick rundown.

Best Big and Tall Backpacks for Big guys:

  1. TUMI Alpha Bravo Long Torso Backpacks
  2. Oakley Men's Kitchen Sink Backpack for Tall Guys
  3. TIMBUK2 Authority Laptop Backpack
  4. NIXON Landlock Backpack for Big Guys
  5. Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack
  6. Osprey Rook 65 Backpacking Backpack for Big Guys
  7. TETON Sports Scout 3400 Hiking Backpack for Big and Tall
  8. Esup Hiking Big and Tall Backpack 
  9. ALPS Mountaineering Baja Day Backpack

You can use the quick links from the items above to jump to the reviews for each bag. Or keep reading so you don't miss an option that might be perfect for you! 

Best Everyday Carry Backpacks Reviews - Great for Travelling

We'll kick off the reviews by looking at the best backpacks I found for everyday carry or traveling. These bags are large, comfortable, and have lots of room inside to hold all your daily necessities and gear. Most importantly, they are the best quality bags for tall guys I've found through my search. 

TUMI Alpha Bravo Davis Review - Best Long Torso Backpack Overall

best big and tall backpacks
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The TUMI Alpha Bravo is the best backpack to own for persons with a long torso. It has dimensions of 19" x 14" x 6" and comfy adjustable straps, so it fits just right for big guys and won't look awkwardly small. On the contrary, it might be a little too big for some men with long legs and a shorter torso. 

So only consider it if you've had issues with bags that claim to be big but fit small on your back. Or you can easily do a torso measurement to see if you truly have a long torso before getting it. However, once you're over 6' 2", this bag should sit perfectly on your back. 

The Tumi Bravo roll-top backpack features a very premium build quality that makes it an excellent choice to use as your daily carry bag. As such, you won't have to worry about your bag throwing off your look regardless of your attire. Furthermore, it is an excellent travel partner, thanks to the Add-a-Bag sleeve that lets you slide it over your suitcase's handle. 

In terms of features and space, you'll have nothing to worry about if you decide to get the Tumi Alpha Bravo . It has plenty of compartments, including two card pockets, three open pockets, and a key leash. Moreover, it even has a compartment towards the backrest to let you store and protect a 15-inch laptop, an iPad, and a phone. Plus, there's a lot more space inside to store other items and plenty of clothes to last a weekend. 

The Tumi London backpack for big guys even has a waterproof pocket that is built to store wet items like an umbrella or sweaty gym clothes. 

One feature that stands out the most for me and one of the main reasons I prefer to wear this backpack daily is the Tumi Tracer's inclusion! The Tumi Tracer is a unique 20-digit product number on all their bags and helps with the recovery if it's lost or misplaced, and someone finds it. With this, I have some level of security in knowing that if I lose the bag, I'll have some assurance in the recovery since it has a unique tracer. Just keep in mind that you'll have to register it on their site once you purchase the bag.


  • It is built with High-Quality Ballistic Nylon, which will last for years.
  • This long torso backpack has plenty of internal storage compartments for holding everything. 
  • It comes with a tracer.
  • The roll-top design protects the items inside from getting wet.


  • Since it's a premium quality bag, it will cost a bit more(but it's worth every cent).

Oakley Men's Kitchen Sink Backpack for Tall Guys

oakleys backpacks for big guys
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Oakley's brand is a US-based company that has been around since 1975. They've made lots of high-quality items that customers love, and this backpack for large persons is no exception, as can be seen from the thousands of positive reviews.

Truthfully, this Oakley Kitchensink backpack is a genuine kitchen sink, as its name implies, and will be the best purchase decision you'll ever make if you buy one. It has a large 34L storage capacity that will fit everything you need for travel, work, or normal daily commuting. It is even large enough to feature a padded side access panel that can hold 17-inch laptops easily. 

Moreover, it has plenty of compartments inside to organize your gear and smaller items neatly. The Oakley kitchen sink even has a dedicated bottom compartment with drainage ports to store your wet items. And it is also equipped with durable cable zippers that will allow you to secure items inside with a lock. 

One of the most important perks that I love about owning this heavy-duty backpack is the Hook Tie downs that allow you to use the bag as a cargo carrier on a bike. The bag also has a compression-molded compartment that enables you to store your glasses safely. 

There are hardly any other bags that outclass the comfort provided by the heavy-duty Oakley Kitchen sink. I say this because it comes with an adequately padded back panel that protects your laptop and offers cushioning for your back. Moreover, it also has mesh shoulder straps and a thick sternum strap, which will provide maximum comfort for extended use.


  • It's a very large capacity bag. 
  • The large compartments allow easy and organized storage. 
  • It has a bottom compartment for you to use to store shoes or wet items.
  • You can fit a 17-inch laptop inside plus a phone and tablet. 
  • You'll get a 90-day warranty against defects caused by the manufacturer. 


  • Sometimes there might be mix-ups where they send the wrong bag. (Rare)

TIMBUK2 Authority Laptop Backpack

backpack for big guys
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The TIMBUK2 Authority backpack for tall guys is another excellent choice to consider. It's gotten lots of really positive reviews from hundreds of customers for being the best backpack for your daily commutes. And it is available in 10 distinct color schemes that will look great on your back. 

The TIMBUK2 Authority backpack is built using 400D polyester. As such, you can expect that it will be durable enough to last a few years. It has sizeable internal compartments to hold all your necessities such as pens, phones, books, and other items. Moreover, it has a dedicated rear access compartment that fits nearly any 15 or 17-inch laptops. 

This bag also offers impressive comfort thanks to the compression straps and removable sternum strap. It also has an air mesh ventilated back panel, so your back won't sweat as much while wearing it. 

Overall, this is a very good long torso backpack with a professional look that will allow versatility in taking it anywhere. 


  • It is very durable so it will last you for years.
  • TIMBUK2 is a great brand and offers a good warranty to protect your purchase. 
  • The 28L internal size and compartments are excellent.
  • You can wear this bag anywhere without feeling that you'll look awkward. 


  • The straps might be a little short for extremely tall guys.

NIXON Landlock Review

Nixon big and tall mens backpack
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The Nixon Landlock Backpack features a 30L internal storage capacity along with a heavy-duty build that makes it a great back for any purpose. It has plenty of interior compartments and even features a detachable pouch that you can use to store smaller items. Best of all, it perfectly suits the torso size of the average big and tall person. 

With the Nixon Landlock, you'll have a large volume main compartment to store clothes and many other items. You'll have a laptop/tablet compartment that will fit a 15-inch laptop to the side and back of the Landlock backpack. And it has a secure cinch and dual snap buckle closure for securing your items inside the bag. 

Moreover, it has a mesh back panel and shoulder straps that provide great comfort, which will allow you to wear it for hours. 


  • The size is perfect for big guys. 
  • It is a very inexpensive bag.
  • It has a large internal storage compacity.
  • You won't feel like it's uncomfortable to wear this bag. 


  • It's not exactly the best looking bag. 

Everki Beacon Review - Best Gaming Laptop Backpack

Everki Beacon
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If you're a gamer, the Everki Beacon would be the best backpack for your long torso. It looks and fits amazing too, so you won't feel like a nerd walking around with a massive bag. The best thing about it is the internal storage capacity and compartments.

The Everki Beacon is large enough to hold an 18" laptop with padding all around it. And it also has a dedicated gaming console sleeve that allows you to easily load your gear in addition to the many other compartments. This is further enhanced because the main compartment can have a partial or full 180-degree opening. 

One particularly interesting feature that I found very useful while wearing this bag is the hip pockets that allow you to hold items like keys, phones, and other small items. This feature made it easy to reach important things without having to take the bag off your back. 


  • It has lots of compartments for neatly storing all your tech.
  • This bag is large and fits neatly on your back. 
  • It has meshed shoulder straps and a back panel with ample padding. 
  • The side pockets make it easy to reach items. 
  • It has meshed shoulder straps and a back panel with ample padding. 
  • You can carry an 18-inch laptop.


  • The sleeves aren't padded enough for the amount of gear you'd typically haul. 

Best Hiking Packs For Big Guys

If you're looking for a hiking backpack for big and tall persons, t then these four options are the only ones you need to consider. They all offer great weather protection, feel comfortable to wear, and have a large storage capacity to hold a sleeping bag for big guys in addition to your other gear. With that in mind, I'm sure you'll find a good backpack that will be great for your next hike. 

Osprey Rook 65 Review Backpacking Backpack for Big Guys 

Osprey Rook 65 backpack
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If you're looking to go hiking, then you'll want to be wearing the Osprey Rook 65 backpack. With its massive 65-liter storage capacity, you'll be able to store all the items you need to go backpacking. Moreover, it even has an internal hydration sleeve that will let you put a 3-liter reservoir in the bag. 

There truly aren't many hiking backpacks for big guys to compete with it for your weekend backpacking trips. 


  • It is extremely comfortable to carry loads of items for long walks. 
  • The Osprey 65 comes with a ventilated back panel and a torso adjustment system that lets the bag provide excellent comfort.
  • It has dual upper and side compression straps that secure the bag to your body. 
  • It has removable sleeping bag straps that allow you to carry a sleeping bag for big guys easily. 
  • There are convenient hip belt pockets included that will allow you to access snacks and other small items easily. 
  • Osprey includes a removable rain cover that turns the bag waterproof in case of the inevitable bad weather. 


  • It is a little heavy, but that means it's built to last. 

TETON Sports Scout 3400 Hiking Backpack for Big and Tall

teton backpacks for big men
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While there aren't many hiking backpacks for tall guys that can compete with the Osprey 65, the Teton Scout 3400 is one of the few. The Scout 3400 is a heavy-duty backpack for big guys that is perfectly designed to withstand the roughest adventures. As such, you can be sure that it will last you a very long time. Moreover, it does so at a slightly lower price than you'd expect such a high-quality bag to cost you. 

What makes this bag slightly less impressive than the Osprey model before it is that it only has a 55-liter internal storage capacity. However, I found this space to be more than enough to pack all the necessities needed for a four-day long backpacking trip. 

The best thing about this hiking backpack for people with a long torso is its versatility. It comes in multiple color options, has plentiful straps, and even includes a rain cover. Plus, the large internal storage capacity allows you to add a 3L reservoir inside; you can be sure that you are getting a good deal with this bag. 


  • It is a heavy-duty backpack.
  • It a large 55L capacity total space to load all your hiking essentials. 
  • You can add a 3L reservoir to it.
  • It comes with a rain cover.


  • The shoulder straps aren't that comfortable when the bag is extremely loaded. 

Esup Hiking Big and Tall Backpack - Best Budget Option

budget hiking backpack for tall guys
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If you're shopping for a budget hiking backpack for tall guys, then the Esup Mountaineering backpack is the option to get. It features 50 liters of internal storage capacity, plenty of compartments, and it has all the functionality you'd want a hiking backpack to offer. As long as you don't mind the slightly reduced lifespan that you'll get from it, then I can honestly say that it'd be a great budget pick. 


  • It's made with Polyester+ Nylon fabric, which makes it anti-scratch and tear-resistant. 
  • It has meshed straps and back padding that provides good comfort.
  • They've included a sternum strap and a waist strap with pockets.
  • It has a large enough capacity to store items needed for a 2-4 day trip. 


  • Not being gentle with it will limit the lifespan if you aren't very careful. 

ALPS Mountaineering Baja Day Backpack

ALPS Mountaineering Baja
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The ALPS Mountaineering Baja is another excellent backpack for persons with a long torso. It's the perfect size for shorter trips, and it felt comfortable when I wore it with 40lbs of items inside. Moreover, I loved the full access feature that allowed me to reach exactly what I needed inside without taking everything out. 

This bag's storage capacity is 20L, but that was just enough to load all the necessities I use within a day or 2. For longer trips, I wouldn't recommend this bag for the job due to limited space. Thankfully, it had a single large internal pocket that allowed me to load most of my gear neatly. 

The comfort of this bag is also pretty good, as I mentioned earlier. It has wide shoulder straps and distributes the weight across a broader area, so you don't feel like wires are digging into your skin when it's loaded. And it also has a waist strap that allows you to secure it to your body. 

For both men and women with a long torso, this bag will be a great one to consider IF you're doing short hikes. 


  • It is large enough to hold most items for a casual hike. 
  • It doesn't cost as much as some other bags and offers good durability. 
  • The bag has a removable sternum strap.
  • It is very lightweight on its own, which allows you to load more items without affecting the overall weight as much as other bags.
  • There are two color options available. 


  • The zippers aren't that great. 
  • It only has a single section for loading a reservoir. 

Wrapping Up

Before buying a backpack for persons with a long torso or big guys, I always recommend doing a torso measurement. By doing this, you'll be able to find the perfect sized backpack to suit your body. This way, you'll inevitably feel more comfortable throughout your trips. 

Once you've measured and matched your torso length, you should be able to find the best backpack from the list I shared. I've handpicked each selection, so I know that you'll be getting a high-quality product.