Best Sleeping Bag for Big Guys

Best Sleeping Bag for Big Guys – Perfect Backpacking Sleeping Bags for Big guys

Backpacking and camping outdoors overnight is always a thrilling experience. However, it comes with the issue of sleeping in a less than ideal spot through weather that most likely sucks. And if you're a big and tall guy like I am, you'd already know that size doesn't block the cold or cushion the floor. As such, owning the best sleeping bag for big guys is a necessity if you want to make your outdoor adventure memorable.

Sadly, finding a good sleeping bag for big guys isn't easy to do as most of the products you'll see online won't live up to your expectations. They'll either not offer a bag that fits your size or fall far short of the temperature rating they claim to offer. 

But I've got good news for you nonetheless since I have tested tens of sleeping bags throughout my outdoor adventures! So you can trust that I'll be recommending only the best. 

Out of all the sleepers I've used in the past, here are the seven best backpacking sleeping bags for fat guys that you should consider.

Best Sleeping Bag for Big Guys:

  1. Coleman Big Basin 15 Backpacking Sleeping Bag
  2. TETON Sports Celsius Sleeping Bag for Fat Guys
  3. Nemo Disco Insulated Down Sleeping Bag
  4. Hyke & Byke Katahdin Lightweight Sleeping Bags
  5. TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag
  6. Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bag for Big and Tall Guys
  7. Kelty Cosmic

Coleman Big Basin 15 Review

lightweight sleeping bags for big guys
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You won't find any sleeping bags that are much better for big and tall guys than the Coleman Big Basin 15. I've used it primarily on my camping adventures and have only good things to say about it. Even if I get a new sleeping bag to test, I always make sure that I have this one with me!

The main reason I love the Coleman Big Basin 15 is the size and the mummy-shaped design. It's truly the ideal bag for anyone over 6' 3" with enough weight to fill it out. If you aren't a true big guy, you won't appreciate the comfort of this sleeping bag. But if you are, you'll love how comfortable it feels to sleep in one. 

Another great thing about the Coleman Big Basin is the 15-degree temperature rating. With this sleeping bag, you can rest assured that it'll keep you warm. However, please read my ending comments on temperature rating at the bottom of the page. 

Before you get this bag, you must keep in mind that it is very big, so it might not be the ideal sleeping bag for big tall guys to go backpacking. It has a size measurement of 39" x 92" and weighs 3.62 Kgs, which means you won't have a great time on extremely long backpacking trips.  

Overall, I think it makes up for the size and weight downfall in comfort, thermal rating, and retention.

TETON Sports Celsius Review

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The Teton Sports XXL sleeping bag is another great bag that I've recently tested and highly recommend. It features comfy poly-flannel lining and has a half-circle mummy-style hood. This design will ensure that you stay warm, and your pillow will remain clean if you decide to use one. 

The Teton Sports Celsius bag has a 0F rating that, in my experience, did a good job considering that I wore the correct attire for camping in the winter. So as long as you do the same and wear proper clothing, you should be fine in extremely cold weather. Moreover, this sleeping bag doesn't unzip at the foot area, so you won't have to worry about any leaks in that area. 

Teton's Celsius sleeping bag for bigger guys is also pretty impressive in how well it fits big and tall people. Even if you are a heavy person weighing over 300 lbs, you'll sleep and fit comfortably inside this bag. Plus, it comes with a compression sack that will allow you to easily stuff the sleeping bag inside and take it with you.

Nemo Disco Insulated Down Sleeping oversized sleeping bag

best oversized sleeping bag
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If you're a side sleeper, you will love the Nemo Disco Sleeping bag. It is one of the more premium options, but it offers all the right features to make it worth its price. Best of all is that it is very lightweight and perfectly fits big and heavy people from 6' to 6' 6". Moreover, you can get it in two options rated at 15 F and 30 F.

With the Nemo Disco sleeping bag for large guys, you get maximum comfort from the classic spoon-shaped design. I generally prefer this design over the standard mummy bags as it offers a more generous room at the elbows and knees, which lets the sleeping bag feel more comfortable. And at the same time allows you to sleep on your side. 

The Nemo Disco even has its Blanket Fold trademark design that allows further comfort and boots the bag's ability to maintain temperature.  

Hyke & Byke Katahdin

best backpacking sleeping bags for big guys
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If you want a lightweight mummy styled sleeping bag for backpacking, the Hyke & Byke Katahdin might be the best option to get. It has a 0 degree Fahrenheit rating, which I found to be pretty accurate as I've slept in 10 F weather and felt more comfortable inside than with some other brand bags. Moreover, it uses hydrophobic insulation and waterproof fabrics, so you'll have no issues sleeping in this bag during the winter or thick snow.

As mentioned earlier, the Hyke & Byke Katahdin is very lightweight at just 3.91 lbs. And it is offered in three size options, so if you're just fat and short, you can get the right size. However, the one we linked is for big and tall guys up to 6' 6".

TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag Review

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The Teton Deer Hunter sleeping bag is another excellent option that you should consider if you want a great bag for camping. This bag allows you to attach it to another sleeping bag of its kind so you can huddle with a partner or friends. Moreover, if you hate the mummy and spoon-shaped sleeping bags and would rather the freedom offered by a square-shaped one, then you'll love the Deer hunter bag.

The temperature retention of this sleeping bag, from my experience, is very good, and you'll likely forget that you're outdoors in extreme weather by the comfort it provides. It comfortably fits any big and tall person, but this comes with a downside as it weighs over 10 lbs. On the plus side, it'll roll up compactly so you can strap it onto your backpack and haul it along. 

Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag Review

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This Coleman Mummy sleeping bag is almost perfect for big and tall adults except for the size, which lets it have a tighter leg area. It allows you to stay warm in 0 F weather and the soft inner lining offers maximum comfort for sleeping anywhere. So, out of all the mummy-shaped sleeping bags for big and tall adults, only Coleman Big Basin and the H&B Katahdin comes close to this bag's quality. 

The heat retention of this sleeping bag is one of the things you'll love most about it. It features a quilting construction and an insulated foot box that allows all the heat to stay inside the bag. Moreover, it has a unique zip that ensures that it doesn't snag like cheaper options when you're ready to seal it up. There's also a semi-sculpted hood and a drawstring to seal up the sleeping bag's top. 

With those impressive features, you'll warmly go through 10 F weather like it's nothing. Another significant perk of getting this bag is the inclusion of a carrying bag that will easily carry it along. And the bag only weighs 5.8 lbs, so it isn't too heavy to take backpacking.  

Kelty Cosmic Review

big and tall backpacking sleeping bag
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The Kelty Cosmic mummy sleeping bag for big guys is the perfect bag to take backpacking. It has a 20 F rating that is true to what they claim and lets you sleep comfortably. However, it costs a bit more than the others, so I saved it for last. 

This sleeping bag weighs just below 3 lbs, which means you won't have any issues taking it backpacking or camping. And it will fit anyone up to 6' 6" adequately. Furthermore, it is water-resistant and insulated with a 600-fill drawdown that provides the best warmth to the weight of any bag I've used. 

One thing to note is that since it is a mummy-shaped sleeping bag, it might be a little tighter around the chest and leg area for some bigger guys. But it is still one of the best sleeping bags for big guys that you'll find right now. 



How should you choose the best size sleeping bag for big and heavy people?

When selecting a sleeping bag for a big and tall person, you always want to go for an XL or XXL sleeping bag. Sometimes the manufacturers won't mention the size; however, they'll often offer dimensions, so look out for size measurements around 39" x 92" and a little smaller. If you opt to get one of the outdoor sleeping bags I recommended above, you won't need to consider this issue as they will all fit persons up to 6'6."

What is the best weight of a sleeping bag to go backpacking?

I found that bags between 5 - 10 lbs are the best to take backpacking in lower temperatures as they provide the best heat retention thanks to more paddings, which increase the weight. You can get away with lightweight sleeping bags between 2 - 4 lbs and still be warm through the night for camping in mildly cold temperatures.

A Word of Caution on Temperature Rating

You'll often see bags saying that they are 0 F rated or 10 F, but when you put them to the test, they might not feel that way. However, the rating manufacturers list is based on the assumption that you are properly attired for camping weather in addition to the insulation offered by the bags. So always go with a sleeping bag take the temperature rating with a pinch of salt. 

Wrapping Up

As a big guy, I understand the struggles of not having a good sleeping bag to go camping. Luckily with the sleeping bags I've listed above, you can get something that will take advantage of your size and keep you warm through the night. Just take note of the bag's temperature ratings that you liked and wear the right attire throughout your trip.