Best Toilets for Fat People

Best Toilets for Fat People – Top Rated Heavy Duty Toilets For Heavy People

Let's face it, we all use a toilet everyday, and for most of us, it's multiple times a day. In my case, on the toilet is where I spend a good portion of my mornings reading the news and scrolling through social media. With this behavior came the realization that a standard toilet isn't enough for my size.


I'm 6'4 inches tall and weigh over 340 lbs, and my wife weighs 260 lbs, so we found going to the bathroom uncomfortable until we invested in some of the best oversized toilets. For obese persons, one of the most common issues we face is with our mobility, so a toilet that is too low is awful to use. Whenever we used them, we always had led cramps, lower back pain, and difficulty standing up after. But with these heavy-duty toilets for fat people that I'll share with you, we never had those issues again. 

So if you're looking for good oversized toilets for obese people, make sure you check out these options. 

Best Toilets for Fat People:

  1. Convenient Height Toilet
  2. American Standard 2961A104SC.020
  3. Kohler K-3999-0 Highline
  5. TOTO MS854114EL Toilet

Convenient Height Toilet - Best for mobility Issues

heavy duty toilet
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This heavy duty toilet is the one that I currently use in our master bathroom and the one that I consider the best toilet for fat people. I've paired mine with a bidet and a Big john oversized toilet seat cover, and the result is perfect. With this toilet setup, I can use this toilet for hours and never experience any pain or issues when I'm ready to get off. As such, I'm sure that most overweight persons will find it comfortable to use regardless of their size. 

With this convenient height toilet, you get a product that is the same height as a chair, so it lets you sit 20 inches high instead of 15 inches on the standard toilets. It also comes with a slow closing toilet seat that gets rid of the banging noise you often hear because you're too lazy to put the seat down softly. 

Moreover, it has a high elevation gravity flush and a dual flush actuator, so it is well equipped to flush away anything you left behind! With the dual flush system, you can lift the flush lever, which will release .8 gallons per flush, or push it down to release a full 1.28 gallons. This allows you to conserve water or release the entire tank when you need to clear the bowl. 

The best thing about it is that it doesn't look cheap and is sturdy enough to handle any heavy person. 

American Standard 2961A104SC.020

American Standard toilet
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This American Standard toilet is the second option I highly recommend getting as it sits at 16.6 inches. This height is just enough that you won't have any back pain or leg cramps. Moreover, it has a stunning design that allows it to fit well with any bathroom design.

This big and tall toilet also features a slow close seat lid and an elongated design that provides more sitting area. And unlike the other toilets that use a separate tank and toilet design, this one features a one-piece design that will allow you to avoid dirt and bacteria build up in that little crack under the bowl. Plus, you can easily install a bidet with this toilet, too, so it's a great option. 

Kohler K-3999-0 Highline

Kohler K-3999-0
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The Kohler K-3999-0 is another excellent high-seat heavy-duty toilet that would be great for fat people. It features an elongated toilet bowl shape instead of the oval design, which is great for our obese bodies. Moreover, thanks to the comfort height design, the bowl is equivalent to a chair's height, making it easy to stand up after using it. 

This toilet comes with two flush functions that will allow you to perform a light flush to conserve water if there isn't much to get rid of in the bowl. And the heavy flush that I found powerful enough to clear anything. The bowl design is classy, and it fits well even in small bathroom spaces, so most of you would be able to use it. 


oversized toilet for obese people
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If you want something fancy, this Woodbridge toilet is the one to get. This oversized toilet for obese people packs many impressive features that will make it a great option. However, it doesn't sit as high as the others with the comfort height design. But I think the features you get with it greatly make up for this downside, and if you are on the shorter side, I'm sure you won't mind the height. 

This toilet features a smart bidet seat that offers a surprising spray of water when you first use it. Thankfully, you can adjust the water pressure so you can quickly get used to it. Moreover, it is heated just enough before spraying, so you won't experience any discomfort. 

This toilet is so impressive that it even has a heated seat with six adjustable seat temperatures. And it has a built-in air purification system that deodorizes the air around the toilet so no one will be able to smell what you ate yesterday. 

This toilet's best feature is the auto open and close lid that senses when you are close by and opens. With this feature, you won't have to worry about bending over to open the toilet every time. 

And in case you were worried about the tech used in this extra-large toilet, you don't need to as it complies with all the necessary certifications. 

TOTO MS854114EL Toilet

TOTO elongated toilet
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The last option is this TOTO elongated toilet that would also make your life easier when you go. It features a sleek one-piece design that makes it easy to clean. Moreover, the Toto toilet is offered in 4 colors that will allow you to match it well with your bathroom decor. 

The Toto toilet for big and tall people also features a high seat design that is convenient for obese people. And it has one of the most powerful flushing setups that I've come across. Plus, it has a soft close hinge installed in the seat to prevent that dreaded toilet seat slam sound that tells you that your seat is close to breaking. 

The Bottom Line

With any of these heavy duty toilets, you'll have a much better time using your bathroom for hours. They all are compatible with bidets and feature various cool things that might appeal to your situation. But at the end of the day, I found the first option the most comfortable for my case. 

If you aren't as tall as I am, I'm sure you could get away with using a more high-tech toilet like the one from Woodbridge. That toilet was truly impressive, and I regret that they don't have a taller option. So if the height is good for you, and you want the fanciest option, check it out and let me know how you liked it.