4 Best Toilet Seat For A Heavy Person – Heavy Duty & Extra Large 1200 lbs

best toilet seat for heavy persons

What makes a great heavy duty toilet seat? 

One that you don’t notice or one that when you use it, you forget you are in the bathroom and not on your couch. 

The truth is… 

Comfort in the bathroom is just as important as comfort on your couch or bed, especially for a bigger or heavier person. Many toilet seats for heavy persons offer more handy features than initially meet the eye. What’s more, these features may even be things you never knew you needed. 

No one enjoys sliding around on the toilet seat because the screws are always loosening. Nor do we want to feel it slip off to one side and having our butt touch the underside.

It’s just as uncomfortable to have your butt hanging off the sides or feeling parts of you brushing against the seat in really unpleasant ways. The good news is that with the toilet seats on this list, you won’t have to experience the same thing. 

There are more comfortable toilet seats for overweight persons out there that can make going to the bathroom a more relaxed, if not downright pleasant experience, and we have just the recommendations for you. 

Best Toilet Seat for Heavy Person – Up to 1200 Lbs Capacity

  1. Big John 1-W Heavy Duty Oversized Toilet Seat
  2. Big John 3-W Toilet Seat for Obese
  3. BEMIS 1000CPT OVERSIZED Closed Front Toilet Seat for Obese
  4. Bath Royale BR237-02 MasterSuite Elongated Toilet Seat for Large People

Big John 1-W Oversized Toilet Seat With Cover And Stainless Steel Hinges

The Big John 1-W Oversized toilet seat has a 19 inch wide sitting surface that is durable, easily installed, comfortable, and accommodating to the widest of hips and up to 1200 pounds.

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This is excellent news for those of us with big butts and wide hips. It is injection molded and designed with high-impact, stain, and chemically resistant ABS plastic that secured with solid stainless steel hinges — making for a comfortable and classy appearance in the bathroom. 

There’s no need to be worried about slipping around with this one because it includes stabilizing synthetic rubber bumpers that grip the bowl and minimizes shifting. Also, you won’t have to worry about any of your body parts touching areas inside the toilet unexpectedly as it stands a good 2-inches higher than standard toilet seats. These two features alone make this our number one recommendation for a new toilet seat for overweight persons. 

Best of all, you can easily install this toilet seat yourself. All you’ll need is a wrench or pliers and a solid half an hour. While this is an excellent product for everyone, it is especially ideal for plus-sized consumers as well as the elderly and physically challenged, making it the perfect choice for your home. 


  • Best toilet seat ever for an obese person. 
  • It doesn’t move or shift. 
  • Won’t break easily. 
  • Can sit on the lid sit without fear of it cracking.

Big John 3-W Oversized Open Front Toilet Seat With Cover And Stainless Steel Hinges

This Big John 3-W toilet seat comes with an open front toilet seat. It features a 2 and 1/2 inch rise above the toilet and supports up to 1200 pounds. It is 19 inches wide from side to side and uses heavy-duty plastic materials. This sounds like a sturdy option that should last a while.

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This heavy-duty toilet seat for heavy persons is injection-molded for high impact and uses chemically resistant ABS, all with sturdy stainless steel hinges to keep it in place. It also has stabilizing rubbers to keep it in place. The split in front may make hygiene much easier for those with mobility or other physical challenges. Users with physical challenges have found this feature alone makes this toilet seat an excellent option for their needs and limitations. This seat is definitely worth the money as the comfort is pretty high. 


  • Ideal for full hips/large butts.
  • Injection-molded for high impact
  • Sturdy stainless steel hinges
  • Stability bumpers
  • Open front for more natural personal hygiene

BEMIS 1000CPT Paramount Heavy Duty OVERSIZED Closed Front Toilet Seat

“If you are big, this seat is definitely for you,” is what most people say of this next option. The Bemis toilet seat supports up to 500 pounds of weight. It is recommended for use in commercial spaces and resists chips, wears, and stains. This commercial rating means you can confidently assume that this one will be a durable choice in your home. 

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The Bemis Heavy Duty Toilet Seat is adjustable to fit both round and elongated toilet bowls. So you don’t have to worry if you aren’t sure which is ideal for your toilet. It adjusts with a snap using technology that the manufacturers promise will keep it secure. It is non-corrosive and uses stainless steel posts and pintles. This one can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth and some mild detergent. This product is the toilet seat for heavy persons since it has little tabs built-in to prevent it from sliding around for extra stability. 


  • Snap technology for easy removal and cleaning
  • Will not slide around, break, or pinch
  • Extra space
  • Built-in tabs for stability
  • Solid plastic hardware

Bath Royale BR237-02 MasterSuite Elongated Toilet Seat

The Bath Royale heavy duty toilet seat fits a variety of toilet brands, including Kohler, Toto, American Standard, etc. which makes it very likely that you will be able to trust that it will fit in your house. It can also fit on toilets with non-standard mounting hole spacings. These toilet seats are built to last, so you won’t need to worry about changing it out anytime soon.

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 It is made with advanced technology material that is heavier, harder, and stiffer than most plastics and has better scratch resistance, which means you can say goodbye to unsightly chips, scratches, and stains as it is very durable. It has been tested to support up to 400 pounds. It is also rubberized and slip-resistant, making it ideal for heavy people and people who like to sit on the closed lid. You won’t have to be afraid of it cracking from your weight.

The slow-close cover prevents loud slamming, cracked toilets, or pinched fingers, and if you don’t like how slowly it closes, you can push it shut. The slow close feature makes it ideal for people with back problems as you won’t have to bend or stoop to lower down the seat. Interestingly, this toilet seat comes with a 2-button quick release for easy removal and cleaning so you can keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. Definitely a plus in our books. 


  • Slow-close lid 
  • Rubberized and slip-resistant
  • Quick-release seats or easy removal.

What to consider when buying oversized toilet seats for obese?

toilet seats for obese

Determine the shape of the toilet you have.

Before you buy any obese toilet seat, you must know its shape. Toilet seats come in two configurations, either round or elongated. Each of these corresponds to different bowl shapes. Most homes use a standard round toilet seat, but elongated seats are becoming more popular. Make sure which you have before you begin your shopping. 

Choose your preferred build material.

Decide if you want plastic, wood, or a cushioned seat. Most toilet seats use plastic coating over composite wood, but these toilet seats can be very cold in the winter, or they can split easily or show marks from cleaning and over time. Natural wood is easily stained by the chemicals used for cleaning, so they may not be ideal for long-term use. While cushioned seats are sweet, they tend to crack over time, so if those are chosen, make sure the padding material is designed to last. It is also possible for you to buy heated toilet seats, which may be ideal for you if your home is prone to becoming extremely cold in the winter.

Think about padding.

Comfort is one of the most desired features for a toilet seat. Padding may be ideal if you are overweight or recovering from surgery. It reduces soreness as you use the toilet and reduces the strain on your back and butt muscles. You should be aware that padded seats can present some challenges if you use mobility aids as they don’t provide enough firmness to support the transfer. However, they are more comfortable and warmer than regular toilet seats. 

Decide on a closing system.

Do you hate it when toilet seats close with a loud slam? Are you worried that the continuous slamming will reduce their longevity? It is always advisable to buy a seat that features a slow-close ability. This kind of toilet will be silent when closing, minimizing annoying slamming noises. The material it uses will not easily break since there is such minimal impact upon closing. It is also ideal for people who may have a hard time bending and stooping. 

Look for strong hinges.

The fit and strength of a heavy duty toilet seat usually depend on the quality of the hinges. Good hinges mean the difference between sturdy seats and those that slip around too much. High-quality hinges guarantee comfortable operation and perfect fit.

Larger people should look for:

  • Wider/oversized seats
  • Padding
  • Stainless steel and heavy-duty hinges 
  • Rubber stability bumpers

Final Word

We believe that comfort is the #1 feature when choosing the ideal toilet seat and should be the deciding factor as you decide where to spend your money. With that in mind, we know you will be pleased with these options that we have presented here for you. These toilet seats are all robust, durable, comfortable, and high performing with excellent reviews from people with special needs. Happy dumping!