Best Cosplay Ideas for Big Guys

Best Cosplay Ideas for Big Guys – The Perfect Fat Man Halloween Costumes

Looking for the best cosplay ideas for big guys? You’re in luck. I’ll be sharing a few of the top cosplay ideas that will help you find your next favorite character to dress up as. Whether you wish to be an anime character, superhero, or even a video game villain, you’ll find something by the end of this article!

I’m not sure about you guys, but I found it hard to come up with great cosplay ideas for big guys. Some of the ideas I saw completely wrecked the original character’s image whenever a big guy tries to wear it. So, I decided to list all the best cosplay ideas for fat people and chubby guys like me.

These characters are also big and tall, so you’ll look completely natural when you dress up like them. 

Best Cosplay Ideas for Big Guys:

Penguin from Batman Returns

It’s your favorite villain from the Tim Burton Batman movie, only this time he’s not frozen. This Penguin cosplay at Phoenix Comic-Con is certainly one of a kind, and you should own it right now! This cosplay costume would be a great fit for big guys since the penguin himself is a big guy. So wearing this costume, you’ll fit right in as the character. 

Fat Clown from Batman Returns

The Fat Clown is an unusual costume in that you’ll get very few direct compliments for it. And it’s perfect if you want to be a recognizable character at any party or event where most people dress as established characters such as Batman and Robin. 

With this costume for big guys, you won’t need to worry about looking like everyone in the crowd, and you’ll be one of the most memorable characters.

John Snow from Game of Thrones Cosplay

John Snow from Game of Thrones is a very important character in the series. With his signature raggedy clothes, ostentatious sword, and down-trodden persona, this captain of the Night’s Watch will give you the perfect opportunity to show off your skill in solving problems with politeness and diplomacy. Don’t let getting asked “Who are you cosplaying for?” eat away at your confidence; this costume is sure to make whoever asks about it reconsider their judgments.”

This character is perfect for big guys since Jon is typically seen in a huge coat. With this coat, you’ll perfectly hide your fat figure so people will hardly notice that you’re a big guy. 


The Baymax costume is the perfect Halloween outfit for big guys looking to disguise their large frames. It has a snug, flattering fit that doesn’t have any loose threads, and it also includes an inflatable belly so you can feel like a huggable icon while being part of your neighborhood’s festivities. 

There’s no costume more perfect for big guys than Baymax from big hero six. It is the perfect disguise for your large frame. So if you want to be a hero, you should definitely consider wearing the Baymax costume.  

Mario Cosplay

What’s a party or convention without the most famous plumber in all of video game history? You’ll be sure to get a few laughs and feel like you’re in the spotlight while wearing this iconic Mario costume. It’s perfect for celebrating special occasions with family, friends, and anyone who loves video games. Don’t settle on any other costume – be Mario instead!

Gragas from League of Legends

Gragas, the Rabble Rouser of League of Legends, is a popular character among cosplayers. The outfit is easy to assemble with just a few clothes and props from around your house. If you’re feeling shy about being half-naked in public, you can consider wearing the purple suit version of this costume!

Dr.Robotnik from The Sonic Series

One of the most iconic characters from The Sonic Series, the Dr.Robotnik costume will certainly make you stand out in a crowd. The bright colors and playful design are sure to put forth a bold personality while keeping an amicable presence, though it’s likely that as Robotnik, all your guests may be petrified at first glance by the weird mustache and red nose! 

Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph

Who would think that Ralph’s simple fat version is better than the slim one that most cosplayers normally try to dress as at shows? Here, Ralph has been chosen to be bigger, and this amazing costume on its own is best for those who want something congruent with their measures. 

This costume is very easy to put together, and it fits perfectly with overweight guys. You just need a jumpsuit, a nice orange V-neck shirt, and you’re set. No need for shoes or any other clothes. 

Big Bird from Sesame Street

“Why would I wear this costume,” you’re probably thinking! Well, the Big Bird Costume from Sesame Street is a hilarious way to make your presence known at any event. What’s more, it makes for an eye-catching appearance – as one of the world’s largest costumes ever sold by the Sesame Workshop (keepin’ it real), this costume has actually been crowned as one of the largest and most comical mascots. 

Wearing this costume, you’ll stand out and get noticed with laughter or surprise on Halloween day or the Thanksgiving Day parade? Your choice!

Peter Griffin Cosplay

Nothing impresses quite like a smile and style! And the Peter Griffin character does both. Like Peter Griffin, you have the ability to be super dry one moment and then light up with laughter in seconds that leaves everyone around you cracking up too? As long as you master the smile and his signature genuine laugh while wearing this costume, you will get great reception while wearing this costume. 

So get ready for everyone to love your cosplay because, just like his character, you show off your natural charm through this fabulous outfit.

Kool-Aid Man

Make a splash among the thirsty masses and strike down thirst with this Kool-Aid Man cosplay costume! This costume is extremely simple to put together on your own, or you can buy it here. It’s very suitable for big guys since you’ll be dressed like a big red ball or juice jug. So get ready to stand out from the crowd when you come to your next event as everyone’s favorite thirst quencher.

Dennis Nedry Costume

Dennis is a lazy programmer who hates his job. His problem is that he also happens to be selfish and somewhat of a manipulator. He’s not the biggest fan of his job, but when the dinosaurs start escaping from the park, it turns out he might have been better off staying in programming than trying to change things on his own.

The Dennis Nedry costume is a head-to-toe is a unique cosplay idea for a big guy that doesn’t require much. You can easily put this look together by having a yellow raincoat, a bluish-grey racer jacket, a blue polo shirt, grey classic-fit pants, and a fake ID with Dennis Nedry Jurassic Park. This suit is cheap and easy for any big guy. 

Professor Shelly Oberon Costume

Ok, so let’s be honest, Professor Shelly Oberon is one of the funniest characters in this movie. If you want to be his hilarious version in real life, then all you need is a green bow tie, yellow bucket hat, circle framed glasses, plaid shirt with brown pants, and rain boots. Alongside these pieces, we recommend a utility belt that will make for more authenticity!

Rubeus Hagrid Costume

Hagrid is a character who exemplifies what it means to be unafraid of the unknown, and in this day and age, it’s important not to neglect or be afraid of one’s differences(your larger frame). The Hagrid Costume is perfect for all wand-wielding wizards lovers out there wanting to make their mark without having traditional wizard robes.

The Hagrid costume favors the strong, confident, and fearless. Just put on your Hagrid wig and beard set, pink umbrella, brown canvas pants, faux-fur overcoat, and harness boots. You’ll be ready to take on any cosplay convention or Halloween!

Russell Costume

The story of Up is so touching, and it’s not only because of the heart-wrenching scenes. Watching the bond grow between this lovable chubby kid, Russell, and that grumpy old man Carl Fredricksen is really sweet to see throughout the movie. I’m sure that lots of people remember this character, so if you decide to dress up like him, you’ll be sure to get a few compliments. 

To complete the Russell Costume all, you’ll need a badge, a wilderness explorer patch, a plain yellow cap, an orange camping bag, an orange neckerchief, a boy scout shirt with badges sash, and shoulder patches of 3 different colors for your camp troop. 

You’ll also need a red rope for tying knots, toy binoculars, and brown shorts with an army-style flashlight hanging off one side that will have everyone think you’re an explorer ready to explore uncharted territory. 

And finally, get yourself some hiking boots, so your feet are comfy while you’re out there exploring wilderness areas waiting for new species

Brutus Costume

Brutus is a big guy, and it’s only natural that if you dress up like him, you’ll fit right in! You just need some gnarly teeth, a fake short boxed beard, and yellow chino pants! Along with that, you should wear a muscle shirt costume, web belt, navy blue yacht captain hat, and brown boots.” 

Homer Simpson

Homer is one of the most recognizable and iconic characters in American animation. This Homer Simpson costume from The Simpsons is very easy to put together as all you need is a white polo T and blue jeans. The key thing you’ll need to pay attention to is darkening the area around your beard and getting large eyes. 

Uncle Fester Costume

Uncle Fester is a favorite character among cosplayers because of his unique appearance. He’s bald, heavy, and has an evil smile that makes him easy to replicate when it comes to playing as the big guy in your costume.

To master this look, you only need a bald cap, dark makeup, and a brown or black medieval priest robe. 

Patrick Star Costume

Everybody knows about Spongebob and might want to dress like him at the large comic con events. However, his sidekick Patrick Star is equally popular and would make for a great cosplay character for fat guys. If you dress as Patrick, you’ll be sure to get lots of attention and requests for photos. 

Genie Costume

A genie’s power to grant wishes is a great thing, but Genie from Aladdin knew how to get everyone laughing no matter the situation with his large frame. That’s why this costume is perfect for larger people because of its natural size and timeless design.

It’s also very easy to put together. 

Peter Griffin Costume

How would you like to have celebrity status at your next event? Well, get ready because the Peter Griffin Costume from the show “Family Guy” will make sure that people remember seeing you at every single event in town. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Halloween party or Comic-Con; as soon as people spot this hilarious outfit, they’ll be thrilled to come up to meet you. 

All you need is to get a white long-sleeve button-down and some chinos that are green to get this look. Next, you need to find the glasses; They should be round metal clear glasses as those will work best for this costume, but if all you can find is large plastic ones, then grab those. Next, grab a pair of dark brown shoes or boots just like Peter wears in most Family Guy episodes. To perfect the look, pick up a black belt with a golden buckle to make sure your outfit looks exactly as it does on TV!

Wrapping Up 

For men looking for a perfect costume, this list of cosplay costumes for big guys will help you! No matter what height and the weight you have, there is a costume on this list just waiting for you. Get inspired by browsing through our list of plus-size costumes and find the perfect one for your next event.