Best Wakesurfboard for Big Guys

Best Wakesurfboard for Big Guys – Perfect Boards for Heavy Riders

Last year, I fell in love with wake surfing. It's fun and will get you some good exercise, so it's a win-win. The only problem is that most boards are not designed for big guys like me. I'll share with you all the best wake surfboards for big guys that I've found suitable in this article. 

But before I share the best ones with you, I'd like to tell you a little about myself and how my search started.

I'm a huge, 6'5", 350 lb guy. And I'm not talking about muscle weight either--just size-wise, because that's all you need to know for this story. After seeing my first video online of the sport, I decided to try it out myself at my local lake with some of my slimmer friends who were also doing it. 

It was so cool, like snowboarding on water or something! But then we got back up to shore and realized our boards weren't cut out for guys like me: they were short, only around 3 feet long. As such, they weren't riding the surfs the same way. 

This dilemma led to my obsession with finding the right wakesurf boards that suit fat guys like myself. I've spent the last months going through all the boards online and settled with the three options you'll see below. These boards allowed me to enjoy wake surfing as a big guy truly, so I'm sure they'll be perfect for you too!

Best Wakesurf Boards for Big Guys:

  1. Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer
  2. Connelly Heavy-Duty Surf Board
  3. Hyperlite Time Machine Wakesurfer

Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer

wakesurf boards for big guys
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The Landlock wakesurf board is Hyperlite's latest speed board. It is made to go fast and easy to maneuver waves, so it's perfect for beginners and even for weathered riders who want a little more excitement from an everyday surfboard. This wakeboard is 5'9" and has been designed to handle up to 300 pounds of weight.

Hyperlite's Landlock wakesurfer is an industry innovation in design and construction. It's the ride of choice for pro athletes and big guys because it has a lightweight, sturdy construction that can handle any water experience, no matter your skill level. The high-performance deck is made using a layered glass concept, meaning you'll be able to enjoy limitless durability for years to come since they've integrated the top glass with the bottom glass. 

After considering everything about this board, I had to recommend it as the best wakesurf board for big guys. The landlock wakesurfer is a tough, long-lasting surfboard. It's made in the USA from high-quality materials and available in lots of different sizes. There aren't many others out there that can beat what this board offers, so you should consider it. 

Why I liked It:

  •  This board is very durable.
  • It has a great shape that makes it easy to use for beginners
  • You can use this board in any water condition. 

Connelly Heavy-Duty WakeSurf Board

wake surfboard for large guys
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The Connelly Solid 5-Foot-2-Inch Customizable Ride Surf Board is a diamond in the rough for overweight beginners and intermediate surfers. The oversized craftsmanship offers the perfect safety measure, with an extra grip on the edge for confidence when you're riding those waves.

This wake surfboard for big guys is the perfect way to show off your surfing skills. And even if you are like me with no skills, it'll allow you to perform just as well as some more experienced surfers. It features an excellent compression construction that contains a polyurethane resin core. This design makes it extremely easy to ride the waves ease while also giving this board excellent performance and durability.

The best way to make the most of your time out on the water is with this slick, stylish, heavy-duty surfboard for big guys that has three 1.75 tail fins and an EVA pad for comfort. If you're a beginner surfer, use the three fins tail to pump water out and create drive. If you're an experienced surfer, try using two side fins or a single center fin for an added challenge. 

Why I liked It:

  • Great for beginners and experienced surfers. 
  • The build quality is excellent, so it'll last you for years. 
  • It is beautifully designed so you'll be the envy of your friends. 


The CHAOS Bamboo Series Ringer is the best surfboard for big guys looking to go fast. This board features two side fins or one center fin and double edge rails for increased grip on the wave's crest. The bamboo deck and inlays enhance this wakesurf board's durability so that it will last you a long time compared to a normal wooden surfboard that will disintegrate over years of crashing into waves.

The CHAOS Bamboo Series Ringer wakeboard is offered in two sizes. The longer 5'4" option is best suited for riders weighing up to 365 lbs, while the smaller 5' option suits a maximum weight of 320 lbs. Both come with fins and traction pads, making this an exceptional value package deal.

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly wakeboard, look no further, as this is an excellent option to consider. It works great for advanced riders, too, so you'll have no issues if you've already master wake surfing. 

Why I liked It:

  • It comes with fins.
  • Big guys weighing up to 365lbs can ride this wakeboard.
  • If you're looking for speed, this is the best board to consider.  

How big should my Wakesurf board be?

As a beginner, I would highly recommend starting with something in the 5' range.

There are many size options for wakeboards, but in general, they are measured by feet and inches like surfboards. The weight, wake size, the shape of the board, rocker, and nose & tail shapes all influence which size you need. The below information will help you decide between sizes.

1) Size: Wakesurfers come in various lengths that measure from 3' to 9 ft. Some specialty boards measure as long as 10-11ft. 

2) Length Recommendations: There is no set rule for length recommendations because it depends on rider weight and wakes size, so we recommend starting at the middle range (5ft.) and then moving up or down depending on what feels most comfortable to you or

Can you Wakesurf with a normal surfboard?

Those big guys interested in wake surfing but don't have the time or money to invest in a dedicated board can still enjoy wake surfing with a regular surfboard. 

The issue that arises is that surfboards will be slower and less responsive than a wakeboard due to size, material and fin style. Moreover, you'll need a relatively smaller surfboard for the best results. 

How to get up on a wakesurf board as a beginner?

The answer to this question might seem obvious, but I assure you, there are many ways to enjoy and master your wakeboard experience. The most common and popular technique includes balancing the surfboard in front of you. As the boat starts moving, push the board down while pulling yourself up onto it with your arms while still maintaining control of what direction the surfer's going. 

Once you've got enough pressure on the board, you can tell the boat driver to start going faster. Your job is to try to keep your balance and rise with the board naturally. Try to stay back as far as possible into a sitting position until the board comes flat; then, you ride the wave.

Wrapping Up

Your search for the best wakesurf board for fat guys has ended! I've thoroughly tested dozens of different brands and finally settled on these three as the best options to go with as an overweight guy. 

My favorite option is the Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer. However, I also loved the speed capabilities of the CHAOS BAMBOO SERIES RINGER Wakeboard

Depending on what you are looking for, you can go with any one of these options. Both are top-quality wake surfboards that you are sure to enjoy taking out on any lake.