Best Heavy Duty Trampoline with High Weight Limits

Best Heavy Duty Trampoline with High Weight Limits – 350 lbs – 500 lbs Weight Capacity

With summer just a few weeks away, it's the perfect time to upgrade or get your family a heavy-duty trampoline with a high weight limit. Owning one is a direct way to improve the enjoyment your family will experience this summer. And since it's not safe to be outdoors in the park or socializing with others, investing in a heavy-duty trampoline is a great idea. 

However, finding heavy duty adult trampolines that allow the entire family to frolic isn't as easy as finding kids trampolines. And if you have a few fat people in your family, the standard trampolines just won't cut it. Luckily you've clicked this article as I'll share the best trampolines with a high weight limit that I got for my family of 5 overweight people. 

These options allow adults to get on and play with kids on the trampolines. Moreover, thanks to their higher weight capacity, you'll be able to let more kids play simultaneously. So if you've been on the hunt for some good trampolines with high weight limits, look no further.

Best Heavy Duty Trampoline with High Weight Limits:

  1. Zupapa Trampoline 425lb Weight Limit
  2. Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Trampoline 500 lb Weight Limit
  3. Upper Bounce 500lb Capacity Trampoline
  4. LUKDOF 14FT Trampoline with a High Weight Capacity
  5. ORCC 15 14 12 10FT Trampoline 400 LBS Weight Capacity
  6. CalmMax Jump Recreational Trampolines

Zupapa Trampoline With a 425 Lb Weight Limit

Zupapa trampoline
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This trampoline is the crowd favorite among all the options out there. It has a solid track record for being the highest quality option, and I highly recommend considering it first. It has a weight capacity of 425 lbs which enough for adults and children to use it. 

Moreover, this trampoline has the highest safety protection that you'll find as it meets and exceeds all ASTM and TUV safety standards. Firstly, it has a patented no-gap spring pad which is unlike any of the others. This patented design ensures that your feet don't end up under the springs, resulting in injuries. The Zupapa trampoline also has a longer safety net pole, which improves its sturdiness, so no matter how your kids push on it, you won't have to worry. 

The frame of this trampoline uses 1.5mm hot-dip galvanized steel that takes on a U-shape design. It also comes with six wind stakes that you can put over the frames to ensure that the tramp doesn't move and the wind doesn't blow it away when the time gets windy. 

Zupapa's trampolines also come with 108 springs that improve the bounce quality. Moreover, you'll even get a rain cover that helps protect the materials and increase their durability. Plus, there are three sizes options available. 


  • This trampoline is the safest to use.
  • It has a 425-pound capacity. 
  • The frame is sturdy, and it has wind stakes that make sure it doesn't move. 
  • The safety net and spring pads offer good protection from injuries. 
  • There are multiple sizes available. 


  • None. 

Happy Trampoline - Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Trampoline 500 lb Weight Limit

high weight limit trampoline
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This high weight limit trampoline is good enough to handle 550 lbs of jumping capacity. It's a great option for people with lots of yard space who want to allow multiple persons to use it at the same time. 

With this heavy duty trampoline, you get a large rectangular jumping area protected by a net enclosure. This design will add to the safety of the trampoline and let you be worry-free that your kids might injure themselves. Moreover, the safety enclosure is tough enough to hold even adults inside, thanks to the high-grade polyester mesh and steel frames. 

What I loved the most about this trampoline with a 550 lb weight limit is that the frame is extremely well made and sturdy. The frame is built with 3.0mm thick commercial-grade steel tubing that is galvanized internally and externally. So no matter how hard you jump in it, you won't feel any instability.

Additionally, this trampoline uses some of the longest springs of all the options you'll find available online, measuring 9 inches long. These allow this trampoline to give you one of the best bounces out there. It also has an extra-wide spring pad cover that will prevent your legs from going through, pinching, or accidental injuries if one of the spring snaps. 

Moreover, it comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and springs, so you can rest assured that you'll be covered in case anything goes bad over time. 


  • It has a high weight limit of over 500 lbs. 
  • The springs are 33% longer than the competition, so it makes jumping much more fun. 
  • The large jumping surface makes it perfect for gymnasts or multiple users. 
  • The net enclosure is strong enough to keep anyone inside.


  • It is a little costly. 

Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline

trampoline that supports up to 500 lbs
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This is another excellent trampoline for adults or kids with a high weight limit. It is offered in multiple color styles and features a really impressive design quality that will make you feel your money is well spent. With this trampoline, you get a product that supports up to 500 lbs of weight at a time. 

The design of this trampoline features four heavy-duty leg frames that utilize heavy gouged galvanized steel. This build quality ensures that the trampoline can withstand the weight and endure the harsh outdoor weather conditions over the years. 

The trampoline also has a PP mesh surrounding the jumping surface that does a good job preventing anyone from falling out. The mesh is supported by the same heavy-duty steel frames used in the frame, so it is incredibly sturdy. 

It also comes with a spring cover padding that is ASTM certified, so it is completely safe to use. Moreover, it comes with easy-to-follow directions, so you'll have no difficulty setting it up. 


  • This is a trampoline with a 500 lb weight limit.
  • It has a rectangular design that provides more jumping surfaces. 
  • It comes with a 1-year limited warranty. 
  • The spring pad and safety net offer enough protection to prevent injury. 
  • The frame is very sturdy. 


  • The quality control could've been better, as we got two bad screws. 

LUKDOF 14FT 1000Lb Weight Capacity Trampoline

high weight limit trampoline
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This next option is an excellent high weight limit trampoline as it can handle 800 lbs at a time. Moreover, it can handle a single person's weight of 330 lbs. This weight capacity makes it a good trampoline for fat people and still allows others to be on it simultaneously. 

It has a fully galvanized steel frame that is very rust-resistant, and it features four U-shaped legs with a thickness of 1.3mm. This design allows the trampoline to withstand weight better while being more durable than others for the same price. Also, it has 80 7 inch springs that are well protected with a thick PE spring pad.

And for safety, they've implemented a safety net enclosure supported by steel tubes so you won't have to worry about the kids falling out. And it also comes with a 2-year warranty that protects your investment. 


  • This trampoline has an advertised weight limit of 1000 lbs. 
  • It is safe to use thanks to the spring pads, safety net, and spring pads. 
  • You get a basketball hoop included. 
  • This trampoline can handle heavy adults weighing up to 330 lbs. 


  • There is only one size available that measures 14 feet.

ORCC 15 14 12 10FT Trampoline 400 LBS Weight Capacity

heavy duty trampoline for adults
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This high weight limit trampoline is very similar to the previous brand; however, this one is cheaper. It also has a slightly lower weight limit being able to accommodate up to 400 lbs. However, it has the same frame design as it is made from 1.5mm heavy duty steel and utilizes the same U-shaped design. 

This frame design makes it one of the better trampolines with high weight limits. And thanks to the springs, you'll get a similar bouncing experience. 

This trampoline also features a safety net design, but it's slightly different from Zupapa's in that the net surrounds the bounce pad instead of the springs. This design makes up for the lower safety standard by ensuring that you have no way of getting injured by the springs. Plus, you can get it in a wider variety of sizes than the Zupapa. 


  • It has wind stakes that help keep the frame in place. 
  • This trampoline can handle adults and kids. 
  • It is very safe to use.
  • The frame is durable and sturdy. 
  • It comes with a rain cover and ladder. 


CalmMax Trampolines 12FT 10FT Jump Recreational Trampolines

CalmMax heavy duty trampolines
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If you're on a budget and want the cheapest option, you can find this is it. While it's cheaper than the others, it doesn't skimp on the quality. Moreover, it has a high weight capacity of 398 lbs, so even adults will be able to use it. 

The CalmMax heavy duty trampolines are ASTM approved as safe to use. It features a reliable safety net and a nice spring pad that prevents you from injuring your feet. It also has a thick galvanized steel frame that makes it better able to withstand the weight and impact of a few people jumping on it at once. Plus, it comes with a step ladder that makes it easy to get in and out of it. 

They also offer it in 2 colors and sizes to offer further savings in price and space if you don't need the 12 feet option. 


  • This trampoline can handle up to 398 lbs of weight. 
  • It has a nice heavy-duty design that you can rely on. 
  • It is much cheaper than any of the other options. 
  • The U shape frame offers impressive stability. 
  • They offer a 24-month warranty. 


  • Since it's cheaper, the weight limit is lower. 

Is a rectangle-shaped trampoline better than a circular trampoline?

The best shape design depends mostly on your preference and the space you have available to install it. Rectangular trampolines are usually larger than circular ones and provide longer jumping distances. As such, you'll mostly find these being used by gymnasts or in cases where you want more persons to be on it. 

I also find that they do a better job at distributing the weight across the trampoline. However, circular trampolines are just as good and are easier to get at a lower price.  

Are Trampolines Safe for Adults?

High-weight limit trampolines are safe for adults to use along with other people as they are more durable than others. For adults, any trampoline with a weight capacity of over 300 lbs will be safe to use. 

However, you'll want to ensure that you don't exceed the trampoline's weight capacity by having multiple heavy adults at once. If you want to use the trampoline with multiple persons, always check the weight rating and add up the weight of the adults that will use it before getting on, so you don't end up injuring yourself.

Which is the Best Trampoline for Adults?

The best trampoline for adults is the Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Trampoline with a high weight limit of 500 lbs. If you want to have multiple persons on the trampoline at the same time, go with the LUKDOF 14FT Trampoline. And for the best trampoline for heavy adults and kids, go with the Zupapa Trampoline. 

Can you go over the weight limit on a trampoline?

Yes, you can go over the weight limit on a trampoline, but it isn't recommended as you put yourself at risk. Most heavy duty trampolines do offer some leeway for exceeding the weight limit. However, they advise against it for your safety. 

Wrapping Up

If you're looking for the best trampolines with a high weight limit for adults or kids, these six options are the ones to consider. They all have a higher than normal weight capacity and feature a durable design that can handle multiple persons simultaneously. Moreover, they are available in different sizes and shapes that'll allow you to find the one that's just right for your backyard. If you're looking for something to let you workout inside check out the best mini trampolines here