Best Heavy Duty Hammock for Big Guys – Top Rated 500 Lb Capacity Hammock

As a heavy person, when was the last time you got a good rest in a place that isn’t your bed? If you’re like me, the chances are slim. That was until I stumbled on to some of the best heavy-duty hammocks for big guys. Now, heavy-duty hammocks have allowed me to really relax, regardless of where I am or what I’m doing even better than an outdoor camping chair.

Why not just stick to your bed, you ask? Well, for one, your bed is confined to your house. So, you can’t really set it up like a hammock wherever you like. Secondly, the right hammocks can provide a comfort-level that’s just different from lying down on a flat mattress. Furthermore, you don’t have to invest a huge amount to get a reliable, heavy-duty hammock.

I first started buying hammocks for my outdoor adventures. But I soon realized they work equally well anywhere else too. So, I started using different products and ended up with a diverse collection. I've wanted to share some of the products that have helped me the most as a fat guy. And I'm pretty sure they'll make your life easier and more comfortable.

Best Heavy duty Hammock for Big Guys:

  1. MalloMe Double & Single Portable Camping Hammock for Big Guys
  2. ENO Eagles’ Nest Outfitter’s Heavy Duty Hammock
  3. Jumbo Caribbean Heavy Duty Hammock
  4. Wise Owl Outfitter’s Hammock
  5. TNH Double and Single Camping Hammock for Heavy People
  6. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock

MalloMe Double & Single Portable Camping Hammock - Best Double Hammock

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As a big guy, one of the most common limitations in hammocks is the size. Most of the time, I find that it can barely cover me, let alone have a second person. Even the most comfortable hammock gets lonely if you’re the only one in it, all the time. The MalloMe Double & Single Hammock fixed this problem for me. It's wider than most other products and gives ample space for two people to sit together comfortably.

This hammock measures 118 inches long, but what caught my attention first was the width. It measures a whopping 79 inches, which is more than enough for two adults. The material is a premium nylon fabric 210T. And the straps are strong enough to hold up to 1000lbs.

The packing sack is attached to the hammock so you don't lose it outdoors. Even the rope is made of premium material. And did I mention? You get two high-quality carabiners free with this hammock.

The wide size, strong parachute nylon, and extra-strong straps make this one the best option for double occupancy. Other hammocks may have similar attributes, but the parts don’t work together when there are two people in them. So, if you want some company in your hammock, the MalloMe Camping Hammock is the best bet!

ENO Eagles’ Nest Outfitter’s Hammock - Best Lightweight Hammock

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Most modern hammocks are made of durable materials. But the trade-off is that it can bring extra weight to the package. The Eagles' Nest Outfitters Heavy Duty Hammock by ENO is a model that unites both durability and lightweight materials in a single hammock. It's an ideal hammock-choice if you want to take your hammock with you wherever you go. As far as portability goes, this one’s been my go-to hammock for most of my daily routine.

This hammock fits into a convenient 5 x 5-inch bag that's easy to carry. But the best part is that it weighs a measly 19 ounces. So, it doesn't add any huge weight to your luggage. The 70D Nylon Taffeta is easy-frying and is breathable. The line is made of nautical-grade material with links of stainless-steel. It can support up to 400lbs, so it's ideal for big guys like me. The aluminum wire gate carabiners make it easy to snap on and set up wherever you go.

The Eno Eagles' Nest Outfitter's Hammock comes with enough style choices for any taste. You get to choose from 37 different colors, and each one is more striking than the last. If you want a lightweight but heavy-duty hammock that supports heavyweights, this is one of the best choices available today.

Jumbo Caribbean Hammock - Best Sunbathing Hammock

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I learned very early on that not all hammocks are made with the same design. Different hammock designs work better in different situations.  The Jumbo Caribbean Hammock is especially great when you want to relax on your lawn and get some good old fashioned 'sunshine vitamin.' The reason it works so well is that it doesn't cover you up in a cocoon. So, you can easily lie down and get all the sunbathing or tanning you want.

The Jumbo Caribbean Hammock measures 156 x 55 inches, which is really wide. The larger size also adds to comfort because it can accommodate bigger bodies like mine. It has a weight capacity of 600lbs. These hammocks are made with the most skillful weavers. So, you know you're getting the best of craftsmanship and design.

The materials consist of 100% polyester, which can work both outdoors and indoors. Each of the 26 three-ply cords helps in holding up your weight. Furthermore, they ensure durability and balance even if you move around.

Most hammocks have sides that lean in to close your body. Although this can be comfortable, it covers your body from sunlight or fresh air. The Jumbo Caribbean Hammock cuts straight through the problem by providing a wide and open ‘bed.’ Hence, it’s the ideal choice for sunbathing outdoors.

Wise Owl Outfitter’s Hammock - Best for Single Occupancy

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While some hammocks are designed for two people, there are times when you just want the space for yourself. The Wise Owl Outfitter's Hammock is one of the best options if you don't have company. Also, by a single person, I mean someone who's on the heavier side. So, you can still fit two average-sized people. Otherwise, the weight limit still goes up to 500lbs.

This hammock is made from the most reliable 210T parachute nylon. So, it's both soft for comfort as well as sturdy for rough use. The hammock is 9 feet long and about 4 ½ feet wide. This means there's more than enough space for a big and heavy person. You get both carabiners and tree straps, which make it really easy to set up. Also, the straps come with five loops that let you choose the preferred height when setting up.

Since it's designed for single occupancy, this hammock is also really compact and portable when packed. So, you're getting both comfort and convenience from a single product. Wise Owl also enjoys great reviews for most of its products, and they have a great return policy. So, it's straightforward to get replacements or repairs if you ever run into such a need.

Covacure Camping Hammock - Best Outdoor/Adventure Hammock

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One of the most common uses of hammocks is when you’re in the great outdoors. It's where the air is fresh, the sun is shining, and you're braving the elements. So, you need a hammock that's comfortable, portable, and durable for exposure to climate. The Covacure Outdoor Hammock is a great choice when you consider all of those factors. Plus, it has a 772lb weight capacity. 

As a heavy guy, camping, and backpacking is a crucial element in my health and lifestyle. And the Covacure  Hammock has been my constant companion in every adventure trip.

This hammock comes with a thick taffeta finish over a sturdy nylon material. So, you get both relaxation and durability in the wild. The compression straps make it really portable and easy to pack. And it’s a lightweight hammock that doesn’t add too much weight to your backpack. The packed hammock measures only 8 x 6 x 5 inches. So, it saves a lot of space in your bag.

Covacure designs enjoy some of the best reviews for their products. And this is no accident. It’s a brand that has excelled in outdoor equipment and carved out a niche in the industry. Their great reviews were one of the reasons why I bought this hammock to start with. And so far, it’s been worth every penny spent.

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock - Best Hammock for Indoor Use

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Hammocks have traditionally been for outdoor use. But the Vivere Double Cotton Hammock cut through convention by making a hammock that works great for indoors too. This is not to say you can’t use it outdoors. But having the option to set this up in your porch, living room, bedroom, or garage is simply a luxury. The design does not rely on trees or posts. So, you can set it up anywhere without eating up so much space in the room.

The main structure comes from the heavy-duty steel stand. You can easily set the hammock up without any tools or expertise. Furthermore, it takes just a few minutes to get it ready.

Also, the adjustable stand allows you to decide how high or low you want it to be. The bed (87 inches) is long enough for taller and heavier people like me. In addition to this, the hammock is carefully woven from high-quality cotton. Therefore, you can be sure that it's as durable as it is comfortable.

The Vivere Double Cotton Hammock comes in over 40 colors to choose from. So, you can get the color that matches your drapes or carpets. I’ve had this one in almost every room of the house. And each time, it sits like it was designed for that particular room. I'm planning on getting a second one soon. And I really suggest you get your first if you don't already have one.

Legit Camping Hammock - Best Budget Option

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I understand that hammocks can sometimes be a luxury everyone cannot afford. And the cheapest products can compromise the quality or comfort in some ways. If you’re still on the fence, you’ll be glad to know there’s a budget option that still delivers the best – Legit's heavy duty camping solution. It provides comfort, portability, and durability, while still keeping the price extremely affordable and pocket-friendly.

The Legit Hammock's straps are straightforward to set up. All you have to do is wrap it around the tree or post and hook it in place. The 210T Nylon Taffeta ensures that you get a comfortable experience without worrying about durability. Also, it has a weight capacity of 607lbs. So, there are no worries about the hammock holding up your weight.

Moreover, it gives you enough lounging space with dimensions measuring 105 x 56 inches. The seams all come with a heavy-duty triple stitch. Furthermore, the ten attachment loops ensure that you get substantial leverage from any tree.

The Legit Multifunctional Lightweight Hammock is undoubtedly one of the best choices in the budget category. You get most of the advantages that are available in higher-end models. However, you don’t have to part with a fortune. It’s the best of both worlds – comfort and affordability. Also, it’s always my recommendation to anyone who’s undecided on how much to spend for a hammock.


Having a variety of hammocks has changed the way I rest and relax. Also, it doesn’t matter whether I’m in the comfort of my home or trekking in the backcountry. These hammocks have given me an option for any occasion.

It has taken several years to build up my collection. And I’ve had to spend some money trying out other models that don’t work really well. But the bright side is that I get to give you the best of the market so that you don’t have to go through the same trouble.

As a heavy guy, these hammocks have given me a convenient alternative to my bed. And there are subtle health benefits that have come along the way. If you're thinking of getting a hammock for yourself, trust me and go for one of these. You'll not regret it.