Best Climbing Tree Stand for Big Guys – 350 Lb Capacity Tree Stands

How many times have you been outdoors in the wild and wished you had a better view of the surroundings? It's a problem that all hunters face out there in the natural environment. As a big guy myself, and a lover of nature, I've faced this predicament more often than I'd like to admit since I'm overweight. Fortunately, I found the ultimate solution - climbing tree stands for big guys. 

The best climbing tree stands for big guys offer reliability, stability, safety, and accessibility to the best views of your surroundings.

As a heavy guy, I had long given up the idea of climbing trees on my own. But with these handy climbing tree stands, I get a fair shot at an experience that I've missed out on for a long time. And if you're like me, this handy piece of equipment will change the way you experience the wild outdoors. You save a ton of energy, get a more wholesome experience, and reach new heights (literally!).

Throughout the last few years, I've been trying out different climbing tree stands that work well (regardless of what those ads say). It meant spending some money and planning many outdoor trips, but it was worth the effort. I narrowed down the best climbing tree stands for big guys like me. So, if you're on the heavier side like me, I know they'll help you too.

Best Climbing Tree Stand for Big Guys:

  1. Summit Treestand SU81119 Goliath SD Mossy Oak
  2. Lone Wolf Wide Sit & Climb Combo II Climbing Tree stand
  3. XOP Ambush Climbing Tree Stand
  4. Summit Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand for Big Guys

Summit Treestand SU81119 Goliath SD Mossy Oak - Best for Extra Moving space

climbing tree stand for big guys
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This Summit Tree stand is unquestionably one of the best climbing treestands for big guys like me who want that extra room to maneuver around. If you've ever seen a climbing tree stand work, you know it takes some effort to get it set up and ready. Some of the earlier stands I tried were not made for larger guys, so the straps and buckles often got in the way of my movements. The Summit Treestands SU8119 fixed this immediately with the 21.75" wide top that accommodates even fat guys like me. 

In addition to the wide size, the Summit Tree stand SU8119 comes with a comfortable padded seat, and it even has a backrest that makes it even better. It does come with some weight of its own at 25lbs. But that's what makes it strong and sturdy too. As a result, the Summit Tree stands for heavy people can hold up a 350lbs man with ease. 

Summit's very own exclusive features combine to make it an incredibly convenient, comfortable, and safe tree stand for any purpose. 

I've used it for most of my outdoor trips, and it hasn't disappointed me once. Plus, with a 5-year warranty, I had no qualms about putting the product to the test in every climbable tree I could find. And it's truly a Goliath SD not just in size, but in reliability too. 

Lone Wolf Wide Sit & Climb Combo II - Most Comfortable Climbing Tree Stand Option

best big man tree stand
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Lone Wolf has been in the tree climbing industry for over two decades now. And their expertise is summarized in this climbing tree stand for big guys. The Lone Wolf Wide Sit & Climb Combo II gives you most of those great features Lone Wolf is reputed to offer. My recommendation for this one would be to use it in long hunting or when you need to stay in the tree and wait hours. The seating comfort is just way better than the other products.

One of the main features of this climbing tree stand is the sit & climb design. It allows you to sit on the bar as you pull up the stand with your legs. So, you spend less energy getting up the tree, which means you'll have more stamina to keep going higher. For big guys, this feature is a huge advantage in a treestand because it helps prevent fatigue and conserves energy. 

It weighs 21 lbs and can easily support my weight with the 350lbs capacity. Moreover, it can fit tree sizes between 6 – 19 inches in diameter, but I suggest that you don't go beyond 9-10 inches as a precaution if you're heavy like me. 

If there's one reason why I'll keep coming back to the Lone Wolf Wide Sit & Climb Combo II, it's the superior comfort they provide in every way. From the climb till the moment you're up there scanning the surroundings, it's just easier and less stressful with this stand.

XOP Ambush Climbing Tree Stand - Best Lightweight Climbing Tree Stand

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This is the first XOP product I've ever tried, but I've come across the brand other times when looking for hunting gear. They're known for high-quality products across the shelves. And as far as the XOP Ambush Climbing Tree Stand goes, I fully agree! 

It's a climbing tree stand that gives you most of what you'd expect in terms of features. And it's been a favorite for the hunting trips I've been on.

The XOP Ambush Climbing Tree Stand also features the sit & climb structure. So, it doesn't compromise on convenience just because the hardware is good. 

With a 30 x 19.5 inches of platform space, it's no pushover in terms of accommodating big guys like me either. The Sure-Lock Pin system is a nice addition that offers additional safety. The Arch Technology gives you an extra 5 inches of reach to skip or maneuver over loose barks and cut limbs in trees.

While the XOP Ambush Climbing Tree Stand is rich in features, the thing that impressed me most was the weight. It's only 18lbs, which means it's one of the lightest climbing tree stands around that's still safe for bigger guys. This one's my go-to choice for safety, and it should be for you too, if that's the number one priority.

Summit Viper SD Tree Stand - Best for Stealth & Ambush Hunting

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The Summit Viper SD Tree Stand is surely a deer-hunting, climbing tree stand. And if you're ever experienced spooking away game because of excess noise, this one's the best bet here. Also, it still comes with signature Summit technology like RapidClimb, DeadMetal, and the works.

The Summit Viper SD Tree Stand is pretty reliable on all counts – safety, lightweight, ease-of-use, and convenience. The harnesses have four-points with safety straps, while the seat comes with foam-padding and a backrest. At 20lbs, it's not as heavy as other bigger tree stands. And with a platform of 20 x 20.75 inches, you get enough space even if you're a bigger guy.

My size is a big drawback when it comes to hunting. It's hard to maintain stealth and still stay alert. But the Summit Viper SD Tree Stand takes care of that with Sound Deadening Technology, camo straps for the backpack, and green utility straps. It's the ultimate concealer as far as the natural environment goes.


I've spent a lot of time using and trying out climbing treestands for big guys over the years, and it's been both an enjoyable and educational experience. I realized it wouldn't be fair to keep these insights to myself. So, I gladly share these brief reviews and experiences with you. This way, you don't have to go through the trouble that I did, but you still get the benefits and lessons.

So, I hope you try out at least one of these climbing treestands to make your outdoor life easier, better, and more comfortable. For more camping and outdoor gear you can check out some of my other articles here