Best Oversized Zero Gravity Chair – The Top Rated XL Zero Gravity Chairs for Outdoors & Indoor

Any big and tall person knows how great it is to own a good zero gravity chair. However, most aren't aware of oversized zero gravity chairs and often stick with the typical size that doesn't provide maximum comfort for large people. Such chairs often end up breaking within a short period and are so uncomfortable that you can't use them for extended periods. 

As a big guy weighing over 340 lbs with a height of 6'4," this had been my reality when I bought my first zero gravity chair. But after almost injuring, bruising my waist, and then almost injuring myself when the chair broke, I was fed up with those smaller chairs. And that's where my hunt for a good xl zero gravity chair begun!

I spent the last four (4) months reviewing, testing, and replacing more than a dozen oversized zero gravity chairs and finally ended up with five (5) great options. The models I found are perfect for heavy people looking for a sturdy xl zero gravity chair that will provide good comfort for our size. 

So if you've been getting tired of the typical chairs and are now ready for the best heavy-duty oversized zero gravity chairs, then keep reading.  

Best Oversized Zero Gravity Chair:

  1. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized 
  2. Goplus Zero Gravity Chair
  3. Coastrail Outdoor Oversized Zero Gravity Chair
  4. Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair
  5. EVER ADVANCED Oversized XL Zero Gravity Chair

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Review - Best Oversized Chair Overall 

Timber Ridge XL zero gravity chair
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Timber Ridge zero gravity chairs are among the most well known for their quality and durability. As such, I knew from the start that if they offered an oversized zero gravity chair that it'll be the best option for big and tall people. And after getting my hands on this chair, I was not disappointed in the quality that it offers. And if it's good for me, I'm sure it will satisfy all your needs too. 

The Timber Ridge XL zero gravity chair for heavy people can support up to 600 lbs of weight. This durability comes from the sturdy steel tube frame, the 600D polyester, and its premium quality elastic cord. With this setup, any heavy person weighing up to 500 lbs will be able to use this chair. 

The chair has a seating dimension of 42.5x26.7x22 inches, so even the most obese person will have plenty of wiggle room on the chair. Moreover, it even comes with a side table that has a cup holder that'll add to your comfort. And it even has a large padded pillow that you can slide up or down so you can use the pillow for lumbar support or as a headrest.

The best thing about the timber ridge oversized zero gravity chair is that it folds up in a compact size that'll allow you to transport it wherever you desire easily. So if you are a big and heavy person, this chair will be well worth checking out.

Things to Love:

  • It has a high weight limit that can support any heavy person.
  • The seat is large enough for any wide body. 
  • It offers great durability to handle big and tall people. 
  • The full length of this zero gravity chair is 72 inches. 
  • It comes with a cup holder and a side table. 

Goplus Zero Gravity Chair

extra wide zero gravity chair
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The Goplus chair is another premium quality extra wide zero gravity chair that is suitable for obese persons. It has a high weight capacity of 500 lbs and has a dimension of 39.5x28x7 inches. Moreover, it has a fully reclined length of 75 inches. So it is perfect for big and tall persons to use anywhere. 

With the GoPlus Oversized zero gravity chair, you get a lightweight but durable chair that features breathable fabrics that make it suitable for outdoor use. It has a removable headrest, a nice side table with two cup holders, and slots to store a book or tablet and your phone. And best of all is that this chair only weighs 20.5 lbs, so you can easily move it around. 

If you want a big and tall zero gravity chair that can be used by the pool, beach, patio, or in your backyard, then you need to consider getting this one. 

Things to Love:

  • It has a light, breathable material that is perfect for outdoor usage. 
  • The cup holder is convenient as it allows you to store more. 
  • It can handle heavy people. 
  • You can remove the headrest. 

Coastrail Oversized Zero Gravity Chair 400 lb capacity

Coastrail Oversized heavy duty zero gravity chair
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The Coastrail Oversized heavy duty zero gravity chair has everything you would expect a premium quality chair to offer. It has a max weight limit of 400 lbs and has a sitting width of 33.5 inches. This size makes it one of the widest zero gravity chairs you'll come across. As such, I know it'll be a great solution for the widest persons. 

The chair features a 600D polyester material that provides impressive durability and comfort. And it is held together by powder-coated steel tubes and thick bungee cords. These materials ensure that you won't ever have to worry that the chair will give way under your weight. Furthermore, the chair also comes with a cup holder and a removable pillow that you can use for head or lumbar support. 

If you want the most comfortable XL zero gravity chair for heavy people, then go with this option.

Things to Love:

  • It is fully padded and has a comfy handrest and pillow. 
  • It can support heavy people up to 400 lbs. 
  • You can easily adjust the reclining position. 
  • The materials are durable, so they'll last a very long time. 
  • There are four colors available.  

EVER ADVANCED Oversized XL Zero Gravity Chair

heavy duty zero gravity
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This oversize zero gravity chair is a good option for heavy persons up to 350 lbs. It offers good comfort thanks to the padded fabric and removable pillow. However, it only has a seat width of 21 inches which might not be enough for very large people. But if you don't need more width than that, it'll be a great chair to consider. 

It comes with a durable steel frame that is easy to fold up so you can transport it wherever you need to take it. Moreover, it has a side table with a cup holder for your convenience. This chair's best feature is that it can allow a heavy person to lay almost completely flat as you would on a heavy-duty futon thanks to a 0 - 170 degree recline.

So if you don't weigh over 350 lbs, you can easily get on this chair without worries. 

Things to Love:

  • This chair doesn't require any assembly.
  • It can support heavy people. 
  • There are three design styles. 
  • The seat is fully padded for added comfort. 

Adako Oversized Folding Zero Gravity Chair with Canopy 

Adako big and tall zero gravity chair with canopy
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The final oversized zero gravity that I highly recommend checking out is a great option from Adako. This chair supports a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs and has a 32-inch seat width. This seat is well built and can handle any heavy person, and allows you to experience the full benefits of a zero gravity chair. 

The Adako big and tall zero gravity chair has a 0-170 degree recline that is easy and safe to set up thanks to the locking latch under the armrests. It features a fully padded sitting area and a removable pillow that can be used for lumbar support or a headrest. Moreover, it comes with one of the best side tables you will find on a zero gravity chair as it offers two cup holders and slots for a book and phone. 

If you want a great heavy-duty zero gravity chair for overweight people, you'll never be disappointed with this option.

Things to Love:

  • It has a canopy that makes it the perfect chair to use outdoors. 
  • The padding makes it very comfortable to sit on for long hours. 
  • You can adjust the pillow up and down. 
  • The chair is durable enough to handle up to 500 lbs. 
  • It comes with a warranty that protects your purchase.  

Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair 350 Lbs 

Caravan chairs
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The Caravan chair is one of the more premium quality options in its overall build. It features a mesh fabric design with thick bungee cords to handle up to 330 lbs. Moreover, it has a seat width of 25.8 inches is just enough for the average heavy person. 

Unlike the other zero gravity chairs, this one doesn't come with a cup holder. But it makes up for this downfall in price. So if you want a cheap oversized zero gravity chair, then you should consider this one. 

Things to Consider when Buying Oversized Zero Gravity Chairs

If you don't see a chair that suits your taste or want something different, here are a few things you should consider:

Durability & Weight Capacity

The first thing you will always need to be mindful of is the weight capacity of the chair. Anyone looking for an oversized gravity chair will most likely be on the heavy side; thus, it is crucial to go with a chair above your weight or one that will accommodate your weight. So when selecting your chair, make sure that it is at least 10-20 lbs above your weight. 

You'll also want to verify that the chair uses a steel frame or heavy-duty aluminum materials. 


You should also ensure that the seat width can accommodate your body size by measuring your hips and then matching the measurement with that of the chairs'. This will assure you that you will be comfortable sitting in it once you get your hands on it. 


The Zero Gravity chairs come in different styles and sizes, which affects how much they recline. You will always want to verify that the chair offers just the right amount of recline angle to suit your needs. I always recommend going for chairs that offer at least a 150-degree recline. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are zero gravity chairs worth it?

A zero gravity chair is worth every dollar you spend on them as they are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture. They are portable so that you can take them anywhere with you. And best of all, they allow you to sit in a variety of ways so you can experience the comfort of a couch, bed, or chair in one. 

Can you lay on your stomach on a zero gravity lounge chair?

No, but if the zero gravity chair offers a 180-degree recline angle, then you'll be able to lay on it on your stomach. However, most of them only offer a 0-170 degree recline that isn't flat enough to allow you to lay flat on them. 

The Bottom Line

The best oversized zero gravity chair is the Timber Ridge XL chair; it offers support for up to 500 lbs. and has a very wide seat width that is suitable for heavy people. With this chair, you won't ever have to worry about comfort, portability, nor the durability of your zero gravity chair.