Best Treadmill for Heavy Person

Best Treadmill for Heavy Person – Top Rated High Weight Capacity Treadmills Up to 450 lbs

Have you ever wanted to go for a run without ever leaving the house? As a heavyweight guy, the need for exercise is always looming. But you don't always have the time to go out to the parks or around the block. Also, ordinary treadmills at the gym sometimes don't support your weight. I've put together this list where you can pick the best treadmill for big guys for easy indoor running.

Getting these treadmills has benefitted me in more ways than one. You can invest in the best treadmills for big guys and save money on gym memberships. Also, the convenience of doing your walking or running at home is simply incomparable. You can immediately hit the showers or hydrate in the kitchen. Moreover, you get features on these machines which you just can't carry with you on the run.

I started researching treadmills for big guys because the gym was just not cutting it for me. It’s taken a lot of running and trying out to finalize this list. But I’m glad I did because I get to share these awesome insights and products with you too.

Best Treadmill for Heavy People:

  1. Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra High Weight Capacity Treadmill
  2. Exerpeutic TF900 High Capacity Walking Treadmill
  3. NordicTrack Commercial Series 1750 Treadmill
  4. OMA Treadmills for Obese
  5. 3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Incline Treadmill

Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra High Capacity Electric Treadmill - Best for Wide Walking Space

Exerpeutic TF1000
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As a heavy-set guy, I always found that the treadmills at the gym were too narrow for me. That’s when I began looking for one that could easily accommodate me. That’s when I found the Exerpeutic TF1000. I immediately went for this one because it was much wider and spacious compared to ordinary treadmills. Additionally, it also has a higher weight capacity.

The Exerpeutic TF1000 runs on a high-torque motor that supports 1.5 horsepower. It’s primarily a walking treadmill with a maximum speed of 4mph. You can set the speed increments at 0.1mph per level.

The treadmill belt measures about 20’’ across and 40’’ in length. That was ample space for me even at my fattest size. It supports weights up to 400lbs. Furthermore, it has an LCD display that can monitor calories burned, time, speed, distance, and even pulse.

The wide walking area is the number one reason why this treadmill is superior. If you’re still on the heavier side, I would suggest this one for starters. The makers also offer a 5-year warranty on the electric motor and a 1–year warranty on the treadmill’s frame. All in all, it’s a great machine that gives you the extra space to walk comfortably.

Exerpeutic TF900 High Capacity Walking Treadmill - Best Budget Option

Exerpeutic TF900
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I’ve included this treadmill on the list as a budget option. But that’s not to say it’s inferior. It has most of the handy features available in the TF1000. Not everyone has the immediate money to invest in expensive machines. But exercise should still be a daily activity for heavy people. The Exerpeutic TF900 gives you all the basic features of a great treadmill but at a fraction of the expense. I bought this one as a gift for a friend, who is still using it to this day.

Similar to the TF1000, this treadmill also has a maximum walking speed of 4mph. The 1.5 horsepower motor easily runs the machine with high efficiency. Also, you get wide handrails and a low-profile on the walking surface.

The LCD will display all the required values and parameters (speed, distance, time, calories burned, etc.). Furthermore, the unit can be folded and wheeled away after use. It weighs about 110lbs, so it's not too heavy. The maximum weight is 350lbs.

The Exerpeutic TF900 has most of the features you’ll get in the more expensive TF1000. The walking area isn’t as wide as the previous option. However, you still get a reliable treadmill that doesn't burn a hole in your wallet. It also comes with Exerpeutic’s standard warranty on the motor and the treadmill frame.

NordicTrack Commercial Series 1750 Treadmill - Best Smart Treadmill

NordicTrack Commercial Series 1750
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With the internet of things present in most technology today, there's no reason why treadmills should miss out on the fun. So, if you're looking for a reliable treadmill that adds smart technology to exercise, the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is the way to go. The unit comes with a year’s membership of iFit Interactive Personal Training. If there’s a treadmill for the future, this is it!

The iFit membership comes with a studio, live, and global workouts. You can access them by creating up to 5 individual profiles. The iFit trainer automatically adjusts speeds and inclines to imitate real terrain.

Also, the One Touch control can change the incline from 3% to 15%. The Smart control for speed can go up to 12mph. The EasyLift Assist ensures that you don’t waste energy manually folding the treadmill. Finally, you can view and control all these elements on a 10-inch interactive screen.

The NordicTrack Commercial Series 1750 is as smart as a treadmill can get. Moreover, it comes with a 300lbs capacity and a 10-year warranty on the frame. Additionally, you also get a 1-year labor warranty and 2-year parts warranty. This is about as good as a treadmill can get on today's technology.

OMA Treadmills for Obese - Best Features

OMA Treadmill
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Sometimes you need your treadmill to do more than just walk or track your speed. If you want the extra set of features to make a difference, go for the OMA Treadmill for Home. I’ve been using this one for some months now, and I'm still discovering new things. This treadmill is loaded with great features that offer a comprehensive exercise regime to your home. As far as treadmill features go, this is the model to beat.

The DA performance motor runs on 2.25 horsepower. It runs without excessive noise and supports running for over an hour indoors. The commercial steel supports up to 300lbs of weight. My favorite feature is the preset program. It has 36 presets and three custom sets. These programs, if used well, can replace an average trainer at the gym.

The handle buttons allow you to control the speeds which go up to 13kmph. So, that's enough to go from walking, through jogging to running. The cushioning belt has six layers for shock-absorption and extra grip.

As if the physical features were not enough, the manufacturers provide lifetime support and customer service. So, once you buy this unit, it’s like you have a trainer for life. Although it doesn’t have the kind of interactive services like the NordicTrack, this one’s still no pushover. I’d suggest this if you want a more budget-friendly but feature-rich treadmill.

3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Incline Treadmill - Best Space-Saving Option

3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Treadmill
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If you live in smaller accommodation, you can't have a giant treadmill in the middle of the house. The 3G Cardio 80i Treadmill is the best in terms of space-saving, in my opinion. The Fold Flat Incline feature allows you to store and conceal the machine in more ways than one. If space is a recurring issue in your home, this is your best bet.

The 3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Treadmill inclines from 0-15%. With custom training for runners, it’s ideal for most users. You can fold it to a minimal height of about 9.7 inches. So, it goes under the bed in one clean sweep. Also, the vertical fold gives you more options for storage around the house.

The dimensions measure 74’’ x 33’’ x 9.7’’ when laid flat. And it measures around 39’’ x 33’’ x 70’’ when folded vertically. This treadmill also comes with built-in speakers. So, you can easily connect your phone/music player for some tunes while using it.

There's really no comparison with the 3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Treadmill when it comes to storage. You can lay it flat or hoist it up depending on where you want it to go. In the end, it can almost disappear under furniture or against a wall for the maximum saving of space. So, I'd really recommend this one for users who need extra space at home.


Treadmills are a must if you want any exercise done at home. But many models don’t support heavier joggers. It’s taken me some years to find these models that offer something for everyone. To be honest, I can’t really get rid of any of these models that are in my home. Each of them offers something unique and practical to my exercise regime.

Finding the right treadmill can be a tough task for heavy runners. However, I hope you’ll find an item you can use on this list. They’ve made my exercising and running much easier and convenient. And if you decide to try out even one from here, I know you’ll really like it too. The right treadmill can save you time, energy, and money in the long run.

 With that in mind, I’ve shared the insights and products that have helped me over the years. And today, I’m sure they’ll make your life easier too. Whether your priority is on budget, features, technology, space, or size, there’s a model here for every heavy runner.