Downey Obesity Report Acquisition & Merger – Find out the Latest

ObviouslyFat always strives to strengthen its digital presence by providing informative in-depth content about obesity and living comfortably while being overweight. You’ll find plenty of information on our site that aims to improve the quality of items you need while also providing useful advice for living easier.

We try to make it easier for our readers to find more useful information by acquiring other digital assets and merging our team to create better information. Over the past months, we’ve been in the process of merging with to centralize all of our content, so it is easier for you to find and gain the information you need.

What is DowneyObesityReport?

The Downey Obesity Report was an independent, non-partisan website that sought to bridge the public and policymakers’ gap between what people believe about obesity, what research and clinicians observe, and what policy-makers decide. With a goal of informing all parties about the state of obesity in America today—and how it has evolved—the site features articles from leading experts on topics ranging from childhood obesity to weight bias.

Its main goal was to help people understand obesity and the many issues involved with it.

Now that we’ve completed the acquisition and merger of both companies, we’ll continue making our best effort to share the best information you need to know about Obesity! The current site intends to be a portal for all things related to obesity, whether you are looking for information on dieting, exercise, mobility aids for obese, clothing, outdoor gear for heavy people, researching the topic of obesity, or just want more knowledge about the issue in general.

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