Best Shoes for Morbidly Obese Persons

Best Shoes for Morbidly Obese Persons – Perfect Shoes for Fat People Over 400 Lbs

Have you ever come back from work or the gym and found yourself especially tired and strained? If you're a heavier person like me, it could very well be your shoes. Now, good footwear is crucial and essential for anyone. But it's even more important for obese people. I learned this the harder way when I had to deal with a lot of joint problems and fatigue because of the wrong shoes. So, I began trying to find the best shoes for morbidly obese people. After years of trying different footwear, I've settled on a few products that are clearly better than the rest.

Why pay any attention to your footwear? For starters, a lot of your physical well-being gets indirectly affected by your posture and movement. And no other body part takes as much load as your feet. So, keeping your feet comfortable and secure is critical for heavy people. It also means less fatigue. So, you get the time and energy to do more in less time.

I first started trying out different shoes when I started having joint problems because of my weight. It took several years of using different brands and designs before landing on these models. Thanks to these shoes, I've outgrown the aches and fatigue that often prevented me from leaving the house. So, I'm sure they'll add value to your life and routine too.

Best Shoes for Morbidly Obese Persons:

  1. ALTRA Men’s ALM1953G
  2. New Balance MW928 Walking Shoe
  3. Dr. Comfort Men’s William-x Double Depth Casual Shoes
  4. Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-foam Lace-up Sneaker
  5. Dr. Comfort Winner-x Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe

ALTRA Men’s ALM1953G Superior 4 Shoe - Best Running Shoe for obese

running shoes for big guys
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One of the first distinctions I learned here was between running shoes and walking shoes for heavy people. The ALTRA Men’s ALM1953G Superior 4 is undoubtedly the best for running. As a morbidly obese guy, I couldn’t do a lot of running anyway. But with this shoe, you get the comfort and cushioning to go for a few minutes at the very least. Also, it helps me avoid the dreaded exhaustion after every run.

The best part of this shoe is probably the rubber soles. The stiff but sensible cushioning allows you to run a trail or park without too much stress on your feet. Also, the cushioning is low so that you don't have to bend your feet too much to take off. It weighs only 7.9 oz, which means you don't need a lot of effort to run. Moreover, the toe box is foot-shaped. This feature gives you more control and comfort.

The ALTRA Men's ALM1953G is the ideal combination of durability, grip, and traction. For any heavyweight that wants to get into running, I'd personally recommend this one. It's helped me for so many years. And it has really changed the way I go on runs.

New Balance MW928 Walking Shoe - Best Walking Shoes

walking shoes for fat men
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As a heavy guy, learning the mechanics of walking/running has really changed how I pick shoes. When we walk, it's the heel that usually hits the ground first. So, our weight rolls forward first towards the ball and, after that, the toes. So, walking shoes need more arch support. The flex and bend on the MW928 make it one of the best for walking. And it comes from one of the most reliable brands – New Balance.

The MW928 may not look like it, but it's made of 100% leather. One of the best features of the MW928 is the Rollbar technology. It prevents your foot from rolling inward, which for a heavy guy, is heaven sent! The mid-foot cushions also help you walk comfortably and at an easy pace. Also, the phantom liner is seamless and odor-resistant. Furthermore, the outsole guides and stabilizes your walking to make it safer.

The New Balance MW928 comes in white, black, grey, and brown. So, you have a few options to choose from. If you ask me, it’s the ultimate walking shoe for heavy guys. The features all work together beautifully to allow you a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable walk on any terrain. As an obese person, most of my exercise is walking, not running. So, this one’s been my go-to shoe for the longest time now.

Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-foam Lace-up Sneaker - Best Outdoor/Sports Shoes

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This one’s easily the best sports/training sneaker for heavyweights like me. And it’s partly because it comes from an award-winning shoe brand – Skechers. They’re industry leaders in designing and developing footwear. And the Men’s Afterburn Memory-foam Lace-up Sneaker is among their best work. You can use this one for adventure outings or at the local gym. It’s a versatile shoe that’s ideal for physical activity.

The Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-foam Sneaker has both synthetic and leather elements. The sole is entirely rubber. So, it can bend and stretch just the right amount for most sporty or outdoor activities. The thick 2'' heel-wedge makes it great for running too. The insole is made of memory foam.

So, even though you may be heavy, it comfortably accommodates your weight. Moreover, the mesh tongue provides additional comfort on top. The fabric lining and metal eyelet ensure that you have a sneaker that’s built to last.

This shoe is available in ten colors. And it’s really affordable if you consider the make and quality. If you don't want to invest in a dedicated running shoe or walking shoe, this one's a good compromise. It has decent features that make it workable in both situations. Plus, it's really comfortable. So, it's a great choice for any physical activity for heavier people.

Dr. Comfort Men’s William-x Double Depth Casual Shoes (6100) - Best Casual Shoe for heavy guys

casual shoes for big guys
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This 100% leather casual shoe has the best elements of both style and comfort. You can’t just wear sneakers and trainers all the time. And there are certain occasions and events where you need not be so formally dressed. Dr. Comfort Men’s William-x Double Depth Shoes are the ideal choice for those times. Also, it’s a diabetic shoe. So, you get the health benefits of minimizing foot problems even if you’re obese and diabetic.

Dr. Comfort Men’s William-x Double Depth Shoes are also 100% leather with rubber soles. So, they provide most of the comfort you’ll get from a heavyweight running shoe. One of the main features of this shoe is the double depth. The extra depth provides additional accommodation if you have foot diseases or conditions.

The single strap/hook makes it convenient to put on or take off. Also, it makes a better fit compared to casual shoes with laces. The leather uppers control heat and help keep your feet cool. The front part is designed as a protective toe-box. This feature prevents you from injuring your toe by stubbing.

This one's an ideal choice for those casual events where you want to be presentable yet comfortable. It has elements that ensure that your feet are protected throughout. And the material makes it soft enough for long use. The inserts also provide shock-absorption and protection. This one’s my number one choice for any place or event where a sports shoe may be inappropriate.

Dr. Comfort Winner-x Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe - Best Therapeutic Shoe for Obese Person

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If there’s one shoe for big guys that works better than others as a therapeutic pair, it's this one. The Dr. Comfort Winner-x Men's Therapeutic Shoe is ideal if you have existing foot conditions. One of the problems with heavyweights/obesity is that you can develop diabetes, which results in problems in your feet. This means you can't just wear any ordinary shoe. This one by Dr. Comfort lets you avoid those problems and still look good doing it.

Dr. Comfort's winner-x Men's Therapeutic Extra Depth shoe is a full-grain leather shoe. It comes with about a fourth of an inch deeper. So, you get extra depth and support for your feet. Furthermore, the two-loop fasteners on top make sure your feet are snugly held in.

Also, you get additional support and comfort from the hooks. The 100% leather is also made as a breathable material for better heat regulation. The insoles for this shoe are easily removable, so you can fit in your required orthoses. The protective toe-box also provides hard protection for the front of your foot.

I struggled with ulcers and bunions because of my poor blood sugar over the years. And this shoe was what kept me going the whole time. The comfort and relief is just something I can’t do without even today. If you ever need a reliable therapeutic pair of shoes, this one’s definitely the one to get.


I’ve spent a lot of years experimenting and trying out different shoes. Over time, I’ve found that it’s a crucial part of your getup. And each product mentioned here has proved to be a great buy for me. Today, I can’t imagine letting go of any one of these. Each shoe is incredibly useful in its own situation.

Being overweight usually means facing a lot of discomfort and problems when it comes to clothing and footwear. But these products have really worked well for me throughout different phases of obesity. And I'm confident that if they helped me through those times, they'd work for you too.