7 Best Heavy Duty Air Mattress for Heavy People – Up to 800 Lbs Capacity

Our body weight is an important factor which we should consider while selecting a new mattress. As a heavier individual who weighs more than the average person, I tend to prefer the kind of mattress that will provide me extra cushioning. I want the kind of mattress, which will give me more support around the hips and the abdomen area.

If you are the same as I am, then I’m sure that your desired choice will be a heavy duty air mattress with a thicker width. I prefer thicker mattresses because it allows me to get in and out of bed easier. While the firmness of the mattress keeps my body alleviated and in proportion.

Mattresses are specifically made to accommodate a specific weight, and we can now find a lot of options in the market, which are firm and thick enough to provide the support we want. The basic guide to choosing the best heavy-duty mattresses over 300 lbs for heavy people like me is to know what to look for.

While choosing a mattress, I always check for suitability in terms of firmness and overall construction quality. This article will review some of the top heavy-duty air mattresses, which I consider to be the best you should consider getting.

Best Heavy Duty Air Mattress for Heavy Person:

These choices are collected after thorough reviews from verified customers and from my own experience too. Some of my top selections are:

  1. Englander First-Ever Microfiber California King Air Mattress
  2. Coleman All-Terrain Single High Airbed- Queen
  3. King Koil California King Luxury Raised Air Mattress
  4. Fox Airbeds Plush High Rise Air Mattress in King
  5. Coleman Air Mattress | Double-High Support Rest Air Bed
  6. Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress with Comfort Coil
  7. Serta Raised Queen Pillow Top Air Mattress

Englander First-Ever Microfiber Air Mattress – Best Heavy Duty Air Mattress Overall 

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This heavy duty air mattress features reinforced coil beams and can support up to 300 pounds of weight. It is highly durable and provides your body with the best level of stability, as well as the support for letting you experience a great sleep. You can toss and turn throughout the night, but this air mattress will not sink.

The manufacturing of Englander air mattresses assures flawless comfort, making it the best choice amongst other air mattresses. The air mattress material does not become stretchy or deform and holds air consistently even after multiple uses.


  • The air mattress doesn’t release any foul chemical odor.
  • It comes with a built-in pump with a full microfiber exterior.
  • It has a convenient size and weight for travel.


  • The microfiber material will stretch if you do not fill the mattress after 24 hours.

Coleman All-Terrain Single High Airbed – best air mattress for heavy person

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Coleman air mattress is built for comfort, featuring a strong coil construction that contours your body with firm support and reduces bulges for giving you an even sleeping surface. The double lock valve prevents any air leaks by locking and sealing the air gap. The best part about this air mattress is that you can easily wrap and roll it in your storage.

The air mattress is factory-tested for a leak-free guarantee and offers a limited warranty of 1 year.


  • The fabric surface is bonded with a puncture guard to ensure persistence.
  • This mattress is puncture-resistant, stretch-resistant, and lighter than air mattresses of the same size.
  • Its strong material quality allows this air mattress to support up to 800 pounds of weight.


  • The air mattress does not come with a pump in its package.

King Koil California King Luxury Raised Air Mattress

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The air-filled coil of King Koil airbed and its internal layering uses technology that supports your body by keeping your spine aligned while sleeping. The coil also helps in maintaining the shape of the mattress and the firmness. Many factors can sink a normal air mattress, but this air mattress utilizes high-quality materials that provide puncture resistance and prevent tearing.

The durable PVC of the mattress makes it waterproof and an extremely durable air mattress that can defy the test of time. The top and the side parts are flocked with soft velvet materials, while the King California mattress has the strength to hold up to 600 pounds of weight.


  • The fully flocked PVC material used in the mattress is made from eco-friendly materials.
  • The comfort quilt top is extra thick and waterproofed.
  • The package contains a patch kit for repairing any accidental tear or puncture.


  • The product is quite heavy and not well suited for outdoor camping.

Fox Airbeds Plush High Rise Air Mattress in King

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If you are looking to buy a comfortable mattress within the mid-price range, then this is the perfect fit for your budget. The Fox Airbeds Plush High Rise Air Mattress is built for strength and comfort using advanced technology, which will ensure that you experience even support on all sides.

This heavy duty air mattress is crafted in such a way that you will feel like you are sleeping on the clouds, and it can accommodate a weight of about 750 pounds easily. It is perfect for using while you are out camping or having guests stay over for the night.


  • Fox Airbeds come with a 1-year warranty.
  • The powerful built-in pump allows you to blow the bed up and inflate in minutes.
  • The thick vinyl material provides better support and great resistance to punctures.


  • You will need to use covers over the surface for better comfort.

Airmattress.com heavy duty air mattress 600 lbs

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Let’s get acquainted with an air mattress that does not look like an air mattress at all. This air bed is made from laminated vinyl, with the capacity of accommodating up to 700 pounds weight. The best part about this air mattress is that it won’t sag or stretch over time.

The design of this air mattress for heavy person features a washable bed cover and a skirt trimming on the sides. A built-in pump allows you to set up the bed within minutes. It also comes along with a carry bag for making storage and transportation easy.


  • The firmness of the air mattress makes it perfect for people with back pains.
  • The stylish design of the mattress enhances the look of your room.
  • The seams are fused with a heavy-duty gluing procedure to prevent air leaks.


  • The air pump can be quite loud, so it is best to inflate it during the day time.

Coleman Air Mattress | Double-High Support Rest Air Bed

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In the past, if you had experienced problems with air mattresses that deflates quickly, then Coleman air mattress for heavy person is the solution you have been searching for. This product can hold up to 600 pounds of weight, which is an impressive strength for a queen size model.

You must plug in the power cord for the inflating process and turn the knob, which will take only about three minutes. In order to provide extra strength, the mattress is reinforced around the edges, while the velvet-like feel of the plush top will give you all the comfort in the world.


  • The height of the mattress makes it ideal for those with health issues.
  • Once you inflate the mattress, the air will hold very well.
  • Its portable size makes it very convenient for storing and transport.


  • A mattress cover is necessary for extra comfort, and the size isn’t enough to accommodate two sleepers.

Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress with Comfort Coil

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Sound Asleep Dream Series high weight capacity air mattress offers firm support for your body throughout the night. It uses a sure grip technology that prevents the mattress from sliding out of its place. This product facilitates puncture resistance features, made using eco-friendly materials. You can count on the longevity as the synthetic material of this mattress guarantees durability.

With a built-in pump, you can easily transform the bed into its functional shape in minutes. The 19 inches thickness of this mattress can hold a weight of up to 500 pounds, and you can adjust the firmness by either adding or removing the air.


  • It uses technologies like Comfort Coil and Sure-Grip bottom that ensures firmness and stability.
  • A total of 40 internal air coils holds your bed flat and firm.
  • The waterproof flocked top is multi-layered and very thick, which ensures a wonderful sleeping experience.


  • This air mattress is ideal only for outdoor camping.

Serta Raised Queen Pillow Top Air Mattress

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The Serta Air Mattress is a handy, customizable mattress that gives you a comfortable place to sleep. The PVC mattress offers the authentic feel and coziness of a regular mattress. It also comes featuring a pillow with a top cover, which is removable. With its built-in sensors, you can monitor the air pressure while the secondary pump will allow you to maintain the firmness factor.

The Serta high weight capacity air mattress comprises over 35 circular coils as well as horizontal and vertical reinforcements, which provide maximum support of accommodating up to 500 pounds of weight.


  • The primary pump can automatically inflate and deflate the air mattress in minutes, while the secondary pump silently maintains the air pressure.
  • An auto-shutoff feature turns off the pump system automatically once the mattress is fully inflated or deflated.
  • The top cover of the pillow is washable.


  • The depression of the mattress can be too deep for some people.



How much weight can air mattresses take?

A twin-size air mattress can support up to 200 pounds, while larger queen size models can accommodate between 300 to 400 pounds. Most air mattresses are designed and manufactured to accommodate a certain weight.

Heavy-duty air mattresses can hold a weight capacity of 500 to 600 pounds, which is perfect for accommodating two sleepers at a time.

How do I inflate my air mattress?

The days of manually filling up your air mattresses are long gone. These days, most air mattresses come with an electric air pump, allowing you to experience automatic air filling within minutes. You just need to attach the pump to the air bed’s valve and watch it inflate automatically.

How frequently should I fill up my air mattress?

The air mattress should only be pumped when you are going to use it and don’t need to stay inflated all the time. In case of any air leakage, you can top it off by filling in more air. If you want more firmness on the surface of the bed, then you can fill more air into it.

How will I repair leaks on my air mattress?

If you notice that your air mattress is leaking, locate the source and patch it up. You can utilize duct tape for temporarily patching up the leak too. But if you cannot locate the source of the leak, then put your mattress in a bath of water, and you will spot bubbles around the area where the leak will be. However, while doing so, make sure that you do not ruin the fabric.

What sizes do air mattresses come in?

Air mattresses come in different sizes. A twin mattress comes with a 75 inches length and 39 inches width. The size of a queen mattress is generally 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length. King size air mattresses are 80 inches in length and 76 inches in width.


Having tested a lot of heavy duty air mattress, I would recommend that you inflate the mattress the moment your package is delivered and leave it like this for 24 hours. During these 24 hours, the mattress might get a little soft, which is when I usually top it off with more air to expand the stretch as much as possible.

This process will help in maintaining the firmness of the mattress. If you are a heavier person like me, then laying on it for the first night will further stretch the material and enhance the firmness.

Your heavy-duty air mattress should be thicker and deeper for you to enjoy a cozy experience throughout the night. Buying a good heavy-duty mattress will surely transform your sleep for the better.