7 Best Heavy Duty Scales for Obese – Accurate Scales that Weigh over 400 Lbs

As an obese person measuring your body weight should be an integral part of your life. But weighing your body is often difficult as most scales don't accommodate people of our size! The worse part is that you'll most places like Walmart, or your local shops won't even have a scale that will work for heavy people. Thankfully, we've got plenty of options to find the best heavy duty bathroom scales that weigh over 400 lbs online!


I fully understand this dilemma as I've been close to death due to my weight and had to monitor my progress back to a healthy weight closely. Through my journey of losing weight, I've used many scales with mixed results. That is until I found the seven best heavy duty scales for fat people through personal use and hours of research!

The options I've found will save you plenty of time going through hundreds of scales. Getting one of the models I recommend will also save you from needlessly wasting money on a product that's not accurate or breaks as soon as you stand on it. Furthermore, you'll be able to find the perfect solution for you even if you weigh 700 Lbs! 

At a glance...

Best Heavy Duty Scales for Obese:

  1. My Weigh SCMXL700T Scales for Obese People 
  2. EatSmart Precision 550 Lb High Capacity Bathroom Scale
  3. FitTrack Dara Smart BMI Digital Scale 400Lb Capacity
  4. iDOO Digital Bathroom Weight Scale 400 Pound Capacity
  5. INEVIFIT Heavy Duty Bathroom Scale
  6. Taylor Electronic Glass Talking Bathroom Scale for Heavy People
  7. Health O Meter 594KL Digital Chair Scale

I've reviewed each option individually so that you can easily identify the pros and cons and why each one might be the perfect scale for you.

My Weigh SCMXL700T Scales for Obese People 

scales for heavy people
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The first scale for heavy people on the list is the My Weigh XL 700 that is highly recommended by other obese users. It's my personal favorite and currently takes the #1 spot in my home. This scale truly offers the best in quality and reads out weight accurately. I've verified this by taking it to my GP on multiple occasions. 

With the My Weigh SCMXL700T, you get a heavy-duty bathroom scale that can measure persons weighing up to 700 pounds. The weight measurements can be displayed in KGs, ST., and Lbs. So if you're used to KG or stones instead of pounds, you'll have this option. 

Plus, it is a talking scale that can tell you English, French, German, and Spanish weight readings. So you'll be able to measure yourself without having to look down to check the number on display. The talking feature is a huge plus for any big and heavy person, if you know what I mean. 

The scale doesn't have any glass and is sturdy enough to last you many years without you needing to worry about it breaking. It has a weighing platform of 20" x 12", which I found more than enough for my big feet and heavy body. 

The most important reason I highly recommend getting this scale for heavy people is the 30-year manufacturer's warranty. I've had the scale for two years and haven't needed to use it, but knowing that I can claim it anytime is always great news. 

Why I liked It:

  • It has a large standing platform.
  • The scale can read out the weight measurements in multiple languages.
  • You can change the weight settings to display different metrics. 
  • It isn't made from glass. 
  • It is a high capacity bathroom scale for persons weighing up to 700 lbs or 320 kgs. 

EatSmart Precision 550 Lb High Capacity Bathroom Scale

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If you require a scale that weighs over 500 lbs, you'll find that this product is a good option. Before I got this scale, I did extensive research on it and found that it had very high ratings, so I quickly ordered and tested it myself. And I wasn't disappointed in its performance even after months of use. 

It is one of the few scales with a capacity over 500 lbs; to be more precise, it will accurately measure up to 550lbs. So if you weigh less than 550 pounds, this would be a great heavyweight scale to use. Moreover, the EatSmart Precision scale can display the weight reading in Kgs or Lbs through a simple switch at the back. 

The EatSmart Precision has a decent standing platform for heavy people with a measurement of 15" x 13". The standing platform is built with stainless steel with black gloss borders that make it look rather good. Another nice feature of this heavy-duty bathroom scale is the sizable LCD that outputs the weight reading with a blue backlight.

Why I liked It:

  • This scale can accommodate heavy people up to 500 lbs. 
  • It has a brightly lit LCD that is easy to read. 
  • The standing platform uses stainless steel.
  • You can get accurate weight measurements in Kilograms or Pounds. 

RENPHO Body Fat Digital Scale 400Lb Capacity

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If you're very serious about losing weight fast and want to get more precise details on things such as your BMI, then this is the scale to consider. The Renpho is the perfect scale for fat people that need weight readings up to 400 lbs. It is very accurate and can be used even for babies.

Apart from the very precise weight measurements, I liked that it can do 17 different body measurements. The main ones I've used are the BMI, muscle mass, and obesity levels. However, you'll be able to use it to check your BMR, Muscle Rate, Body Water %, Bone Mass, Weight without Fat, Muscle weight, body weight, and a few other things. 

Renpho's Body fat scale can track all of this data using their intuitive digital app to help manage your weight. The app works with both iOS and Android devices, and it's free to use. I want to point out that I did have an issue with the app on two occasions, but you can still use the scale without the app. 

Why I liked It:

  • It allows you to track your weight accurately.
  • The design of the scale is very sleek and modern.
  • It offers an intuitive app that allows up to 8 users per device. 
  • It is one of the most reliable glass scales for fat people.  

iDOO Digital Bathroom Weight Scale 400 Pound Capacity

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If you've got marble floors in your bathroom, this scale is the one I'd recommend getting for that extra style factor. It is also among the best scales that weigh over 400 lbs. However, the standing platform only measures 12.8" x 11. 6", so if you're a big and tall person with huge feet, you might have some issues. But if you don't have big feet, you'll be fine with this size standing platform as the scale itself is very robust. 

The iDOO scale features four high precision sensors that read your weight accurately all the time. You can change the weight metrics from lbs to kgs at any time. Furthermore, it has a large digital LCD with a blue backlit that outputs easy to read numbers. 

Why I liked It:

  • The marbled design adds a nice appeal, and that will look great in a bathroom. 
  • It has 8mm thick glass, making it a heavy-duty scale that can weigh over 400 lbs. 
  • You can change the metric readings from Kgs to Lbs to Stones. 
  • It has a large LCD backlit display.

INEVIFIT Heavy Duty Bathroom Scale

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The INEVIFIT is an excellent scale for obese to weigh up to 400 lbs. This scale features a very modern design and will blend well into any bathroom, thanks to its ultra-thin design. The scale uses an 11.8" x 11.8" grey tempered glass standing platform that makes it look almost identical to tiles. 

It has auto-calibrating sensors and reads your weight accurately with a readout accuracy of 0.1 kg or 0.2lb. The scale displays readings elegantly with a digital LED display that measures 3.6". Moreover, it can display the readings in Kgs or lbs. 

Why I liked It:

  • The platform is large enough for an obese person to stand on it. 
  • It looks very elegant and has a slimmer profile than the others. 
  • You get five years manufacturer's warranty. 
  • It has an auto-on and auto-off feature that allows you to use it for longer without changing batteries easily. 

Taylor Electronic Glass Talking Bathroom Scale for Heavy People

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This scale from Taylor brand is the best talking bathroom scale for fat people I've come across to date. Most other talking scales tend to have errors within a few months, but this one seems to keep going even after a year of using it. The readout is clear and crisp, so you won't ever have to bend to see what you weigh after standing on it.

This model is also among the few scales that weigh over 400 lbs as it can accurately take readings up to 440 pounds. The readouts that the scale will talk to you can be read in English, Spanish, German, Greek, or Croatian. Moreover, the Taylor scale can do the English readout in either lbs or stones. 

The Taylor Electronic Glass Talking scale features a large 12.2" tempered glass platform with stainless steel accents. It also has a 1.1" LCD; however, the screen doesn't have a backlight. So you will have to resort to listing to the female voice's readout of your weight when it's dark. 

Why I liked It:

  • It's one of the best scales for fat people over 440 lbs.
  • The talking feature is among the best I've seen on a scale. 
  • It can read out your weight in multiple languages. 
  • The platform size is very good, and the thick tempered glass will easily manage your weight. 

Health O Meter 594KL Digital Chair Scale

scales that weigh over 500 lbs
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If you're looking for a high capacity bathroom scale for obese persons with difficulty moving, this is the option I recommend. This scale is great if you find it hard to balance on the standing scales. However, if you're strapped for space in your bathroom, then you might want to reconsider. 

But you can always store it in another room or your bedroom so you can check your weight at any time. The readings are very accurate, and it can read your weight in KGs or Lbs. 

Why I liked It:

  • It's the best alternative to a conventional bathroom scale for fat people. 
  • You can sit comfortably in it to check your weight. 
  • It is easy to move to whichever location you want, thanks to transportation wheels at the back.
  • The armrest and footrest are moveable. 

Wrapping Up

Checking your bodyweight often is a great start to motivate yourself to lose weight. While we advocate that you can live like normal while being fat, this is only true up to a certain weight. Once you start treading into the morbidly obese territory, you will need to start taking steps to lose weight fast. 

And the best way I can recommend starting this journey is by getting a high capacity bathroom scale that supports your weight. With the options I've listed, you'll have plenty of choices to tell you everything you need to know. 

I recommend the My Weigh XL 700 if you want one of the best heavy-duty weight scales. If you want functionality, go with the FastTrack scale that will tell you everything about your body mass. And if you want a scale that you don't need to look at for your weight readings, the best option is the Taylor Electronic scale for heavy people. 

Start checking your weight today!